It doesn’t require rocket science knowledge to understand that smoking is not food for your health. Gradual deterioration of your breathing abilities and affecting your overall immunity as well that is what smoking does to you. 

Many individuals try to quit smoking, and the first mistake they do is go cold turkey. This kind of habit induces signs of withdrawal and makes the cravings even worse. This is the reason why it is always better to go slow with the process. 

Here, we are going to talk about some of the effective ways that can help you quit smoking for good.

Try alternatives


Instead of going cold turkey with smoking, take things slow. This is one of those habits that you have acquired over time, so getting rid of the same immediately is going to do no good for you. You can try a good alternative for your smoking habit, you can click here to learn more about it.

One good alternative is to try out vaping or nicotine replacement therapy, which does take some time. It takes time to be effective, so you need to be patient with the process. In case you want to get genuine vaping equipment, has some amazing products.

Set up a plan


If you are planning on quitting smoking, it is important that you set up a plan first. Make a promise to yourself and set up a date you want to quit smoking from. The most important part is to stick to the promise. 

Cravings are going to come and go, but you mustn’t give in to your desires. If you having some events coming up that could further deteriorate your plan or make you give up, avoid going to such events.

Avoid the triggers


You must avoid the spots and the places around that could trigger your craving for smoking. It could be anything, even a minuscule moment that you have no recollection of or it could be something related to a party with friends.

Since you are on the path to quitting this habit, you must avoid giving in to the cravings that you have. Instead of taking up the bait and smoking just once, avoid going to the party altogether.

Consider your diet


Quitting smoking is a long and tedious process. And, if you want to get rid of the habit, you need to pay attention to your diet as well. If you have a plan of action for quitting this habit, you need to switch and swap your diet.

Several studies had found that individuals who are trying to quit smoking had a better success rate when they switched to a vegetarian diet from a non-vegetarian meat-based diet. Instead of eating fast food and deep-fried food, stick to healthier alternatives like salads and juices that can further promote detoxification of the blood too.

Chew gums


Not many people believe in this, but chewing nicotine gums have been proven extremely useful in handling the cravings for a quick smoke. Aside from these nicotine gums, you can also chew on the sugar-free gums available in the market.

Fresh fruits and vegetables also work amazingly in helping curb your cravings and keeping your mouth busy, so you have lesser cravings.

Switch your drinks


If you have a bad habit of sticking to unhealthy drinks while smoking, you need to give up that habit for good. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, but the results are amazing in the long term. Several studies have found that drinking soda, alcohol, coffee, etc. make the cigarettes taste a lot better, thus making people give more into their habit.

Instead of doing that, you need to switch to healthier drink alternatives, including water, infused water, and fresh fruit juices.

Try exercising


Another common way that can help aid your process of quitting smoking is when you become more physically active. It doesn’t have to be a lot of things. You can start small by doing yoga and meditation and then work your way up from there.

Several studies have found the indulging in exercising helps improve one’s overall health and keeps the risks of alcohol cravings in check. Try indulging in some less-intensity workout programs in the beginning and then work your way up from there.

Identify when your cravings hit in


If you are new into the whole quitting phase, be assured that you will experience a lot of cravings. A craving can last for five or even 10 minutes and sometimes more than that. So, whenever you feel those urges seeping in, you need to take a moment, collect your thoughts, and look at the brighter side to this.

Instead of giving in to those cravings by saying that you’ll have just one drag, try concentrating on something else to divert your attention from it.

Try breathing and relaxation techniques


This, again, is a hit or miss. It might work for some individuals, and it might not for some others. Deep breathing exercises help calm down your nerves and prevent you from having unprecedented cravings that you have no control over.

Muscle relaxation techniques and yoga also work pretty amazingly and helps calm you down when you have no other way to divert your mind.

Join support groups


You are not the only person in the world, trying to quit smoking. There are a few thousand and millions of others who are currently floating on the same boat as you, trying to find a way to get rid of this habit once and for all.

Support groups are an amazing way to connect with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. Exchange of thoughts helps nurture a healthy relationship and helps you work your way around this habit positively.

Getting rid of smoking is never easy. It is also not a linear process, and some people even succumb to their cravings. These tips can help tide you through those cravings and successfully steer through the constant struggles that you are experiencing.