It may seem strange, but every top-tier online betting operator has at least a couple of bonuses for new clients. In some cases, gambling platforms also have special deals for existing customers that provide them with interesting options. That said, the Efbet promo code offered to Bulgarian users will give them access to both because this is one of the platforms that have both kinds of options.

Regardless of the promo that you want to use, you have to read more information about each reward. The bad news is that this takes time, which means that some people prefer to focus on other things. If you don’t fall into this category, here are several important rules that Bulgarians and gamblers from other parts of the world should know.

Most online betting operators do not allow their clients to have more than one active promotion

Every inexperienced online bettor will be blown away by the number of bonuses offered by the best online bookmakers and casinos in the business. Some sites have numerous options, and all of them are straightforward to use. Sadly, Bulgarians who want to use Efbet or another betting operator have to remember that they won’t be able to experience several bonuses simultaneously.

Due to things such as the wagering requirement, online bookies and casinos only allow their customers to have one active promotion at a given time. People who start using a given bonus and decide to try something else later on need to forfeit the first offer. Alternatively, they must complete the rollover conditions before allowing users to start using another proposal.

In some cases, people can’t make any withdrawals while having an active promotion


As mentioned, most of the Efbet bonuses and the offers available on other sites have rollover requirements. This thing requires online bettors to use the extra funds numerous times before withdrawing it. Speaking of the devil, there are many cases where punters might have to wait before they can make a transaction.

Since bookies and casinos want to keep track of those who’ve completed the playthrough conditions, they do not allow people to make withdrawals while having an active promotion. In other words, you can’t pull out your winnings even if you want to, assuming you’ve already started using a specific proposition.

The good news is that there are numerous exceptions out there because some gambling sites know that withdrawals are essential to most online bettors. These sites will let their customers pull out their winnings right away, but this will automatically cancel their bonus. In other words, users must decide whether they want to get their winnings now or wait until they’re done with the promo.

The majority of the free bet amounts have to be used in one bet

Although online casinos have many fans worldwide, some people like using sports betting operators because they provide an impressive selection of options. Speaking of the devil, one of the standards and go-to offers for sports bettors is called a free bet, and as its name implies, it lets users punt on something without using their real money.

There are different variations of a free bet because some are available for specific sports. However, most of the top operators that allow Bulgarians to bet on sports will offer them FBs that can be used for everything. Brands like Efbet have these offers for football and other sports.


Speaking of offers for something, one of the things users have to know about free bets is that the gambling sites will require them to use the entire amount. In other words, a $10 free bet can’t be divided into 2x $5 bets because users have to use the entire amount while betting.

The sports betting operator can change the rules at any time

The next thing that is important to mention is more general than the rest, but it is important to know, especially if you reside in a country where there are only a couple of sites to choose from. Regardless of the gambling operator that you pick, once you go to the T&C, you will see that it reserves the right to change its promos’ T&C at any time. In other words, you have to keep an eye on the rules and make sure there are no changes.

Speaking of rules and changes, some of the top sports bookies will inform their clients if there is something new by sending them an email. This is good news for people who use those places because they don’t need to read everything. The bad news is that not all Bulgarians have access to this thing, so they may have to keep an eye on T&C.

People who work with the given gambling operator are not allowed to use any of the bonuses

The last important rule that Bulgarians and other bettors have to know that is related to bonuses is about who is allowed to use the promos. Generally speaking, every registered user who is at least 18 years of age can try out Efbet’s bonuses, as well as the offers from other gambling operators. However, there are some exceptions, especially when it comes down to the operator’s employees.


Although gambling at work is not allowed, there are people whose job requires them to be involved in such things. Sadly, those who work with the given sites and their families are usually not allowed to use any of the bonuses. It doesn’t matter if they want to sign up and get a welcome offer or want to use a promo for registered users. The given betting site will not give them any bonus.


The things we’ve mentioned above are just some of the more common rules online bettors must consider before they start playing. Unsurprisingly, some bookies have way more conditions than others, so there might be tons of other limitations. To avoid them, make sure you read everything before you start betting. Don’t forget that some of the top-tier bonuses have specific conditions just for them that you also must adhere to.