Let’s begin by clarifying that there is no “best” form of bet to make on a football game. You only need to identify what works best for you out of the several football bets offered at all the different bookmaker websites.

Let’s go through the most common football bets football betting Online, some intriguing perspectives, and a hint on identifying these profitable bets.

Match Result

Okay, let’s start with a simple question. A match result bet is just a wager on the side you feel will win the game. For every bet of this type, you have three options. Winning at home, winning away, or a tie.

Depending on the game, the odds change. For instance, a league match between Liverpool and Manchester United will have what is known as an “odds-on” price, such as 10 to 1 on (1/10), meaning that for every £10 you place a bet, you will profit by £1 on a win at home. In contrast, a win away will have longer odds, such as £10 profit for every £1 you place a bet on a win away.

Double Chance

The odds for double chances and match outcomes are very close. The main distinction is that you can guard against two possibilities. Let’s continue using the Liverpool vs. Manchester United comparison. Place a wager that Manchester United would win or draw if you wanted to double your chances of winning. However, doing so would have worse odds because your chances of losing have dropped.

You might also choose to cover a “home” or “away” bet with the option to go for “draw” or “away” if you don’t think there will be a draw.

Draw No Bet


Again, the draw-no-bet is similar to the match result bet, except that the draw is no longer a factor. You pick the team you think will win, and if they can only manage a draw, your money is returned, making your wager invalid.

It’s great for teams who shouldn’t lose but might also draw because you’ll still earn reasonable odds. This betting type is inappropriate for singles since you will receive bad odds on a strong favorite.

(HT/FT) Half-Time/Full-Time

Once again, a half-time/full-time bet is quite similar to a match result wager, but this time, instead of trying to predict the outcome after 90 minutes, you will be attempting to do so for both half-time and the game’s conclusion.

This is a good bet if you know one team should prevail, and they often do it by scoring early in the game. You will have superior odds if that side wins by half-time and then at the end of the game.

Of course, there are a variety of combinations you might choose from, such as draw half-time/away Win full-time. This bet contains nine possibilities instead of three, making it slightly more difficult to win.

Asian Handicap

You can place an Asian Handicap bet on either the side you feel will win the match or the team you believe has a greater chance of scoring more goals than their total. It would be best if you compared the normal factors, such as the number of goals each player has scored and the number of games each player has won, before placing this wager.

Overs (Unders)


The most common form of overs wager is Over 2.5 Goals since it is straightforward and doesn’t matter which side scores or where the first half of the goals are scored as long as there are at least 3 goals scored by the end of the game.

The chances for this may be terrible in high-scoring leagues, but you can frequently locate good matches that, according to statistics, should have three goals for reasonable pricing.

Nowadays, you may place Overs Goal Bets on anything from Over 0.5 to Over 6.5, 7.5, and even considerably higher depending on the teams and the score if it is “in-play,” so you are no longer limited to 2.5.

Overs and Unders bets on corners, bookings, free kicks, throw-ins, shots on target, and many other events are now available.

A powerful, diverse betting strategy can deliver consistent results.

BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

A big hit with the punters. This wager is as straightforward as it sounds, but it is sometimes more complicated to win.

For the bet to win, both teams must score. It doesn’t matter when they score or how many goals they score as long as they each have at least one goal before the end of the game.

With this form of betting, great statistics or personal knowledge of clubs and leagues is a major advantage. Alternatively, utilizing a specialized program to discover BTTS games is the quickest and most convenient option.

(CS) Correct Score


The art of predicting the final score of a game. This is an incredibly tough bet to win, as seen by the bookmakers’ high odds. Some punters specialize in this type of betting, although they frequently cover many score lines they like.

Is it common for the favorite to score more than one goal? Do their opponents allow numerous goals? Will both teams most likely score? There are so many questions and perspectives to examine and nail that many individuals will avoid this bet like the plague.

Goal Scorer

Who will score first? Is there a player on a high-scoring squad who consistently finds the back of the net? This is a wager that can pay off under certain conditions.

Bookmakers will frequently offer “Score Anytime,” “Score First,” or “Score Last.” The Score anytime market will have the highest success but has the lowest odds!


A blend of the Correct Score and First Goal Scorer bets. Predict the final score and who will score the game’s opening goal.

Does that seem difficult? Looking at the odds, you can tell that the bookies believe this is an incredibly difficult bet to win. Best wishes!



Betbuilder is one of the most popular methods to bet right now; alternatives on all bookmaker sites have increased in recent years, and everyone provides them.

Combine Goal bet lines, Corners, Cards, and many other factors.

You can construct these bets with a high success rate in very little time and with no real understanding of the league or clubs if you have the correct expertise or, even better, access to a strong stat tool.

These are fantastic.

Accumulator (ACCA)

Anyone who has ever wagered on football has placed an Acca! That opportunity to strike it rich with a massive multi-match wager. We’ve all heard about the huge one that nearly hit the ground!

Combine only a few options or go all out and play deep into the double digits.

Because most people create ridiculous accumulators with no realistic chance of winning, all bookmakers offer them. Bookmakers begin to rub their hands together!

The more picks you to add, the better the odds, but the greater the possibility they will lose.

These should always be low-stakes bets. But don’t we all like an Acca?

These are fantastic!



Football has been around for centuries and it is one of the most widely played sports on the planet.

Investing in UK football betting might be tricky because there are so many distinct options, but after reading this article, you might be a better-informed bettor when you place your next wager. Good luck, and most importantly, bet wisely.