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Regulated production of hemp is now legal in the United States. Legalization means thousands of CBD businesses can now open their doors and sell a variety of products to consumers who may get some benefit from them.

There’s every reason to believe that the next CBD website you buy products from is legitimate, responsible, and safe. However, it’s not a guarantee, and there will always unfortunately be opportunists among the general population who put profit before consumer safety. As a result, care must be taken to ensure you’re only buying from CBD suppliers that you can trust.

It’s only natural that you may not know what a trustworthy and responsible CBD product supplier looks like, so here are some of the most common ways to tell before you make your first CBD purchase.

Lab Results

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According to Joy Organics, consumers can enjoy much-needed confidence that they are buying from a responsible supplier when they see products advertised with lab results. Remember, only regulated hemp production is now legal, which means manufacturers and suppliers must make sure their products are safe for use.

Lab results for specific products typically include the manufacturing date, attributes like color and consistency, and information on pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, terpenes, and potencies. The results tend to be laid out in an easy-to-read format and consist of both in-house and third-party data to give consumers even more peace of mind.

Regulatory Licenses and Certificates

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Most illegitimate and illegal CBD product businesses won’t go through the effort of obtaining regulatory licenses and certificates. After all, these licenses are only presented to companies and manufacturers that pass government regulations and inspections, and illegitimate businesses rarely will.

There are a few different licenses and certificates to look out for when you begin browsing the different CBD product websites to buy products for yourself or your pets. These include Governance and Professional Practice (GPP), Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

ISO, GMP, and GPP essentially mean that the business’s equipment is in excellent condition and the business practices have met statutory and regulatory requirements. COAs are more specific to products, ensuring that every CBD product for sale contains exactly what it claims to have.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the highest-quality CBD products, there are a handful of medically certified products available on the market. For example, Cannacares offer the world’s only medically certified vaporisation device intended for cannabis derivatives. Their world-leading vape pen also comes with 2 different CBD vape oils, one specifically formulated for pain relief and calming, while the other is designed to enhance sleep. Cannacares’ medically certified CBD vape oil is available on their website.

Transparent Processing Information

If you can’t find any details on a CBD product supplier’s website relating to where their CBD comes from and how it’s processed, consider finding one where this information is available. Having such information readily available on a website can give you some confidence that you’re purchasing from a responsible supplier.

Most manufacturers have different processes, but they should be easy to understand and follow, with information relating to what you will find in the products you’re purchasing from them.

For example, there should be mention of where the hemp comes from, such as nutrient-rich soil on USDA certified organic farms. You may even learn about how the hemp flowers are processed and dried and what happens during the extraction process to make full-spectrum oil and tinctures.

The more information you can learn from a supplier’s website, the more confidence you can have that they are a safe, responsible, and trustworthy supplier.

Significant Online Presence

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CBD product suppliers are not going to make sure they’re as present on the internet as possible unless they have a reputable, legal business that abides by all laws or regulations. If they didn’t, they would be drawing attention to the fact that they weren’t legitimate and get themselves into trouble.

Therefore, you can deduce that if you see CBD businesses with websites, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and other digital platforms, they are a business you can trust.

However, you may notice that you don’t see many forms of advertising by such businesses. This isn’t due to not being legitimate, but because digital platforms aren’t permitting them to advertise.

Search engines like Google don’t allow you to promote a range of products, such as recreational drugs, weapons, tobacco, and explosives. Many social media platforms follow in their footsteps with similar restrictions. Typically, online suppliers of CBD products gain authority in the market through organic web growth.


CBD products are not for everyone. Some people’s health conditions may restrict them from trying any new supplements or medication types without doctor approval, while some potential buyers are simply not of the legal purchasing age.

If the supplier you choose to purchase from is legitimate, they will most likely have disclaimers about ensuring you’re of the legal purchasing age. These disclaimers can also include warnings about not using CBD products if you’re pregnant or nursing and that doctors’ advice should be sought.

Contact Information

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One thing that many scam and illegitimate websites tend to have in common is a lack of legitimate contact information. Even though the site might be well-designed and authentic-looking, you may not be able to find an address, email address, or phone number to get the assistance you need. Sometimes, if there is contact information present for you to use, phone calls go unanswered, and emails bounce back.
You’re unlikely to have such problems with websites you can trust. Typically, if you have any questions, queries, or concerns, there’s a phone number, email address, live chat, business texting, and sometimes even a media center to get the help you require.

Professional Products

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Most people do at least a small amount of research before purchasing products from the internet that they’re going to put in their bodies. Rather than simply listing products for sale with minimal information, reputable sales websites go into great detail to list ingredients, FAQs, reviews, and professional photos.

As you can read through genuine customer reviews, you can also gain insight into other people’s experiences with particular products before you decide if it’s right for you. The best CBD product suppliers try to be as transparent as possible to ensure they are doing right by all current and future customers.

It’s never easy deciding who to trust with something that may affect or benefit your health. However, when the time comes to select a new supplier of CBD products, the information above may be helpful. The more research you do, the more satisfied you might be with your choice.