With the fast-paced lifestyle, modern people have today, business texting has become a practical solution to catch a target audience’s attention. Millions of people send and receive texts directly using their smartphones, a more straightforward and personalized way to connect with both the consumer and business markets.

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What Is Business Texting?


This business communication tool utilizes a short messaging service (SMS), delivering your message across a wide audience scope using a dedicated program to their mobile phones.

SMS marketing or text message marketing refers to a method in which businesses can send out alerts, confirmations, specials, shipping status, coupons, and promotions through highly targeted and permission-based text messages. Business text messages are usually limited to a maximum of 160 characters.

What Is Toll-Free Business Texting?


A toll-free number is text enabled communication tool, allowing unlimited text conversations between businesses and clients. Activate and forward 800 numbers, view calls, check text messages and analyze the online ad campaigns instantly with the help of a reputable toll service company such as Kall8.

Check the following features and benefits of toll-free texting:

  • Instantly create a more straightforward and new communication channel for any business
  • Quickly connect with prospects and leads
  • Customers can easily reach you
  • Quickly converts to a live phone call (better than live chat)
  • Be able to view and reply to text messages right from your email inbox
  • Be able to manage with online account management
  • Permanent text message storage

Benefits Of Business Texting


Business texting offers tons of benefits to businesses nowadays. Due to social distancing and other safety and health protocols during this pandemic, business texting is a practical way to reach more people without costing that much money.

About 95% of Americans own a cellphone, and with the digital age, it’s rare to see anybody without a mobile phone in their hands. With business texting, you don’t have to wait for customers to check their emails or visit your social media site because a text message automatically pops up on phones.

Here are the benefits of business texting:

  • Convenient To Use: Nothing can beat the convenience business texting offers. People would rather text than having to call someone else. Hence, texting is an efficient way to give your clients the experience they demand.
  • Creates a Personalized Experience: It’s easy to personalize SMS communication based on certain factors like age, location, shopping preferences, platforms used, and so on. Business texting doesn’t necessarily mean sending general texts to all customers. Make your text more personalized to promote your clients’ heightened reading interest for the greater benefit of your business.
  • Exclusivity: Make your target customers feel special by offering them insider information through text messages. Before your product launching or corporate event, you can send sales racks photos. Get to share your future plans and provide promo codes for their next purchase in your online store. Providing exclusive information will stimulate your clients’ curiosity, keeping them excited waiting for your following text messages.
  • Enhances Business Communication: Employing text messaging helps improve business communication processes and resources. It’s a plausible way for brands to connect with a big population of leads. Because almost everything can be controlled by computer technology, business texting provides quick assistance, often appreciated by customers.

Important Tips When Using Business Texting


Don’t flood your target audience with spammy text messages. It will be a major turnoff, steering away from your loyal customers. Check the following tips when using business texting:

  • Encourage Opt-Ins: It’s crucial to encourage people to provide you their phone numbers. They should first opt-in to receive your text messages, which is crucial in SMS marketing. If you want your target audience to give their active phone numbers to you for SMS marketing purposes, offering a reward is a good idea, such as a special promotion, a free product, or an exclusive discount. Don’t forget to explain the benefits people can expect from your SMS or text messages—like being the first one to hear about your new products and discounted sales.
  • Follow the Law: The government is stringent in enforcing the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. This consumer act obliges businesses to disclose clear and conspicuous plans to text customers once they provide their mobile phone numbers. The Federal Communications Commission or FCC enforces this law. Add a disclosure clause such as: ‘By providing your phone number, you are authorizing us to send text messages to you using an automated telephone dialing system.’ Also, it’s a good idea to provide unsubscribe or opt-out option, giving customers peace of mind that they can opt-out anytime they want.
  • Boost Your Bulk Messaging Campaign: You can boost your bulk messaging marketing strategy by segmenting your audience, identifying the right group of people the message is intended for.

How To Kickstart Business Texting


Now more than ever, more and more people want to send and receive text messages because of its cost-efficiency, accessibility, and flexibility. So, how do you kickstart business texting?

Embrace business texting by choosing a trusted SMS or text message provider. The company will provide you everything you need to kickstart your SMS marketing campaign, including an account management app to view, send, receive, and manage text messages.

When choosing a business texting platform, make sure to check their services, features, and promised benefits. Also, compare rates from one platform to another, including exclusive and inclusive services. In this way, you can decide if the SMS marketing platform is suitable for your business needs or not.


Business texting is a great communication tool used in delivering your sales and marketing message to your intended audience. This tool can provide many business opportunities and benefits. Texting is quick and easy- just what modern consumers want. Avoid hold times and wondering if your customers have received your email.

Make your clients feel more special by sending personalized messages and providing insider information about your upcoming business events, product launches, and promotions. Follow the important tips shared in this article when implementing business texting so you can fully benefit from this sales and marketing communication tool.