Proposing to the one you love or getting engaged is one of the most memorable milestones in life. Hence, getting the perfect engagement ring will make the moment more unforgettable and sentimental. But how can you pick the perfect ring to buy?

Good thing there are many engagement rings Melbourne has to offer. You can have a variety of rings to pick from, and you can guarantee they are high-quality. But to lessen your stress, here are some essential tips before heading to your local jeweler and buying that perfect engagement ring for your fiance-to-be.

1. Set Your Budget


Avoid the mindset that the more expensive the ring, the more romantic the engagement will be. Setting up a budget will keep you on track with your expenses when shopping for an engagement ring. Of course, you do not want to go into debt just to impress the love of your life.

On average, an engagement ring costs around $6,000. You may need to spend more if you prefer the ring customized. The price will also depend on the following factors:

  • Stone type
  • Size
  • Stone cut
  • Material used

Considering all the factors, you should thoroughly decide which ring to pick. If you cannot afford the current average price of engagement rings, there are still more options that are less expensive but still made of high-quality craftsmanship.

Buying more affordable rings does not mean you are settling for less. You still need to live within your means. And you know your partner well, so there’s no need to opt for an extravagant ring just to express your love and affection for them.

2. Choose Trusted Jewelers

Do not go or decide alone when searching for a jeweler who makes or sells the engagement ring you or your partner desires. Probably, it is your first time handling engagement stuff, so it’s understandable not to know where to find the best and most trusted jeweler in town.

You can search the web to see if a jeweler in your area sells or makes high-quality rings at affordable prices. If they have an online store, check if there are available reviews. You can also seek advice from your family and married friends for better reference. For sure, the people around you know a thing or two about where you can get the ideal engagement ring you are looking for.

3. Ensure You Get the Right Ring Size and Style


Most people plan their engagement in surprise. So it is a challenge to find your partner’s exact ring size without them getting suspicious. And more so, the style your partner prefers.

When it comes to style and design, it is quite easier to figure out. You just need to pay attention to the usual jewelry your partner wears and use it as a reference for picking the engagement ring. For the size, you can compare your fingers’ size to your partner’s whenever you hold hands.

But, nowadays, most couples shop together for engagement rings. And the concept of buying rings together and leaving out the element of surprise is somehow encouraged by some. The reason is that you and your partner should have equal involvement in the overall look of the ring, which will also symbolize your love for one another.

4. Pick a Specific Gemstone

Diamond engagement rings are the most common pick. And there’s no doubt why many couples often prefer diamonds because of their beauty and timeless design. The stone also symbolizes sincerity and eternal love.

But you should not limit your options to diamonds alone, especially if your partner prefers other gemstones. Also, other gemstones are less expensive than classic diamonds. Some of the best gemstones to pick as a diamond alternative with their respective meanings are:

  • Sapphire: Faithfulness and regal style
  • Ruby: Passionate and timeless
  • Tourmaline: Depends on color, but generally means uniting love
  • Morganite: Divine love
  • Aquamarine: Everlasting love and openness to one another

Of course, there are still many gemstone options you can choose from that also have significant meanings for engagements and will suit your partner’s style.

5. Know the 4 C’s, Especially for Diamond Rings


If you pick a diamond engagement ring, you need to take note of the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s are carat, clarity, color, and cut.

  • Carat refers to the weight and size of the diamond.
  • Clarity describes the natural appearance of the diamond. The clearer the stone, the more brilliant it appears.
  • Diamonds do not only have one color, so they follow a specific color grading.
  • And lastly, the cut of the diamond determines its brilliance and quality.

You do not need to know more about the 4 C’s, but you should know what they are since all these factors are important in the quality and total price of the diamond engagement ring you want.

6. Consider the Ideal Material

Aside from the stones, the shank or the ring’s band is also important. The material should go along well with the stone to look nice. Some of the most common materials used as ring bands are:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold

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7. Avoid Last-Minute Arrangements


And lastly, set enough time when buying an engagement ring. If you want to look and buy the right one, avoid rushing, as it can lead to spontaneous decisions and disappointments. Planning ahead of time is also more beneficial, especially if you prefer the engagement ring customized.

Ideally, six weeks is enough time for a jeweler to craft your ideal engagement ring. Of course, you can always set an allowance if the ring requires delicate engravings and inscription.

Show Your Love With the Perfect Engagement Ring


You’re sure excited to propose to your special someone and seal your love with a ring. Hence, you should be careful enough and plan things out, as the ring will play an integral part in one of the most memorable moments in your life. Remember, you do not need to get overboard with the price, the design, and everything. Love and gestures to your partner are also essential to make them say “Yes!”