The first thing you should do before a cat arrives is to make sure that your home is ready for the new furry friend. Cats are clean animals and uncomfortable in dirty surroundings. You can take care of this by ensuring that all the corners of your house are free from any litter or hair.

You should also ensure that all the necessary items for the cats are in place before they arrive so that he or they will feel like a member of the family more than a guest. There are many things that you need to consider when you shop for cat supplies. Read below to know more.

Cat Food

You need to consider the type of cat food you will be feeding your cat. There are different cat foods, each with its benefits and disadvantages. Also, knowing what food your cat prefers is best to prevent food wastage.

Always read the ingredients list on the package of any cat food you buy to ensure it is good for your pet. Your pets have the nutrients they need. The first thing that you should avoid buying, in most cases, is processed meats and artificial products, as these ingredients can cause serious health problems if consumed by cats.


Some of the most common healthy ingredients for cats include meat, vegetables, and fruits. Many other types of ingredients can be beneficial to a cat’s health. Meat is one of the most common and important ingredients in a cat’s diet because it provides them with protein. Cats need proteins to help repair muscles and organs after bacteria or parasites have infected them.

Another thing that you need to consider is the size of the container in which you will be storing the food. You do not want rodents or insects getting into your stored food, so ensure the container is sealed. Also, avoid containers that rust to avoid rust in mixing into your cat’s food.

Toys and Supplies

If you are a pet owner, you’ll know how important your four-footed friend is to you. Providing pets with all they need is a form of love and security. When buying cat supplies, most people don’t think about the others they need for their pets but food. One of those items is cat toys.

1. Toys


Cats are very independent and do not need much attention from their owners. They like to spend most of their time alone. But this does not mean that cats do not need any entertainment or attention. Cats need a lot of toys and activities to keep them entertained and happy.

Cats are natural hunters, so they love playing with catnip toys, chasing, and climbing on things. You can provide your cats with toys like fishing poles and dangling ures to entertain and bond with them.

You can buy or build a house and a climbing post for your cats. Climbing posts encourage your cat to enjoy the scratching without having to ruin your furniture. Also, it encourages your cats to stretch and get active.

2. Bowls


Providing your cats with containers at the corners of your home is sustainable, but it is much better to provide your cat with the right bowl to use. A stainless steel bowl is highly advisable as others are susceptible to bacteria, as some may contain lead and could cause your cat’s allergies.

3. Litter Box


Train your pets to be independent indoors when tending themselves. It is best to provide them with a litter box that would suit their needs. In buying a litter box, you must identify the size of your cat.

Smaller cats have small legs, and it would be hard for them to enter if the sides were high, so make sure it is low enough for an easy entry. On the other hand, bigger cats tend to mess around, so ensure to provide them with something spacious and an appropriate length to keep their litter inside.

You also must be considerate about the litter you place inside the litter box. Plant-based litters are safer than those clay made. It may be unhealthy for your cat to ingest the particles from a clumping clay litter.

4. Cat Bed


Your pets might want to sleep on your bed how but you might want to give them their own safe, cozy space. There are a variety of pet beds that you can get for your cat. Purchase a spacious, comfortable bed for them to nap in.

5. Grooming Items


Grooming is an essential part of a cat’s life. Cats groom their own body to remove dead hair, dirt, and other dirt from their fur. These pets also use grooming to communicate with others by rubbing their body against each other or to their owner to show affection.

There are grooming tools for cats that help keep your cat healthy and clean, but the most common ones are brushes, combs, and clippers.

6. Carrier or Crate


To transport your adopted cat home, you’ll need a crate or carrier. While you’re trying to slide your cat in, they might fight you and struggle.

That’s normal for a scared cat. The right amount of accessibility can be provided by a plastic carrier or crate with a lockable door at the front. Your cat should be able to enter and exit the crate with ease, and it should be secure, safe, and have good ventilation.

Keep your Cats Happy!

Cats are very loving and independent animals. Best keep in mind that these carefree animals still need your care in most cases. They would rely on you to feed them when they’re hungry, quench their thirst, and encapsulate them with love and care.