We are well into the 21st century at this point, and in some instances, it really feels like there’s nothing are people ashamed of nowadays. However, once you decide to dig in a little deeper, you realize the things aren’t as great as they seem to be.

Although we indeed live in a much more understanding society than we did only 20 years ago, we do still have a long way to go. For instance, how do you think men feel about buying adult toys or dolls? Do you feel like society allows them to freely use one, talk about them or be in a committed relationship with one and so on?

We don’t know about you, but we’re not so sure. It seems like there’s still some stigma when it comes to this subject, but we don’t want to take guesses. It sure does feel like men are still ashamed of talking about adult toys, let alone buying them. To further explore this issue, let’s take a little dive into our society and see why that is.

Who Uses Adult Toys?


The first question we need to answer is who uses adult toys? Who needs an artificial sex partner in their life? Well, both men and women can benefit from these, but in general, it’s the women that are most likely to buy and use an adult toy.

That begs the question – why are men not buying more adult toys? Well, the most common misunderstanding is that only men who suffer from some kind of sex-related problems would purchase a doll or another adult toy, but that’s far from being true. However, it is evident that that kind of stigma has led to men being ashamed of getting a new toy for the bedroom.

Is Society Shaming Men For Being Sexual?

Sex toys are pretty common these days, especially the ones for females. Vibrators and dildos have become almost like prized possessions for most women, and it is not uncommon for a woman to happily talk about their toys with their friends. On the other hand, men don’t really do – why is that?

Well, a lot of it has to do with society’s views on sexes. Whether we like it or not and whether we want to admit it or not, we associate sex toys with women because we sexualize them. It’s sexy for a woman to use a vibrator, and therefore – nobody minds. On the other hand, if a man uses a Fleshlight, a cock ring, or an anal massager – he’s a freak. Sounds about right?

Do Men Actually Use Adult Toys?


On the other hand, according to research that was conducted a few years ago – over 50% of men use or have used some form of an adult toy, almost 80% of men said that they would gladly buy a toy for personal use, nearly 70% sad claimed that they would allow their partners to use the toy on them and almost 90% of men has said they would like to be able to purchase a sex toy without being ridiculed for it.

So, if 90% of men feel that way – how come it’s still taboo to talk about male please toys, and why are they ashamed? If 90% of them share the same views, who are they ashamed of? Why are women’s toys a source of empowerment and are deemed sexy, but men’s are constantly frowned upon and stigmatized?

To be fair, the answer to that question is so deeply rooted in our society, and it’s probably going to take a long time for that to change. Fortunately, you could say that the revolution has already begun.

Sex Dolls – A New Sensation?

Even though many men are still ridiculed for it, in the past ten years, the sales of male sex toys have risen over 1500 percent, and those numbers are still growing. The main reason behind it is the popularity of a Fleshlight, but also, it’s the products like realistic sex dolls like the ones you can find at that are also contributing to the cause.

However, just because toys are more popular than ever doesn’t mean they’re not taboo or that the men aren’t ashamed of getting one. Or does it?

Whitney Cummings And Her Sex Doll Doppelganger


A while ago, a world-renowned comic, Whitney Cummings, has been approached by a company that makes hyper-realistic sex dolls about creating a doll – that looks like her. If you know anything about Whitney, you know she didn’t turn that opportunity down. After a few months, she did a stand-up special with her doppelganger right on the stage with her.

However, Whitney didn’t use the doll to shame men that have spent thousands of dollars on these realistic dolls. Instead, she used it to spread awareness and try and put an end to the stigma. She and her doll were guests on numerous talk shows and podcasts, including JRE, where they talked about various benefits of these dolls – for both men and women.

Benefits Of Male Adult Toys/Sex Dolls


The only way we can make a change and make male adult toys more acceptable is if we take a look at it from a different perspective, and that means exploring the benefits.

Without a doubt, they are an excellent alternative for people who can’t seem to get into or maintain a healthy relationship with another human being. They can be used to bring back your sex drive, instil some confidence in you or even spice up your existing relationship and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What’s even better is that if you get a sex doll – you know that no one else has touched this doll before you! You won’t have to worry about STDs or anything of sorts.

Additionally, many men suffering from ED have reported some significant improvements once they bought a sex doll. Many of them have gotten past their sexual performance anxiety and other mental blockades, which has led to their ED becoming less of an issue. Finally, many suffering from depression have found solace in their silicone partners.

As you can see, the benefits of these adult toys extend far beyond the bedroom, and they can actually improve the quality of someone’s life tenfold. That means men will no longer be ashamed of them, right?


Well, if we’re being honest – that’s probably not going to happen. The situation is definitely better than it was only a few years ago, but we’re still ages from openly talking about men’s adult toys. Men that buy sex toys are still considered deviant in the eyes of many, and that’s not going to change any time soon. This problem is deeply rooted in our society, and it is probably going to take a lot of time for us to overcome it. For now, we just have to accept the fact that men are ashamed of getting an adult toy simply because society is judging them for even thinking about it.