As the clock ticks every minute, people become more enthusiastic and work in a more pacy environment. In this fast-paced world, they cannot find time to think about their mental health. Work Life balance has become a much common household name due to rise in competition in the corporate world. But, it is a universally recognized fact that everyone needs small breaks in their regular busy lives.

While these breaks are known as coffee breaks at the workplace, in personal lives, these are known as breaks of mini-entertainment. Some might go for an expedition, while some choose an easy and cost-effective way of achieving these entertainment breaks in the form of watching movies or playing card games. After the COVID-19 scenario, everyone has adopted precautionary measures.

People have started marching towards complete online mode; be it shopping, education, or business working. In such an environment, it becomes vital to utilize online platforms for attaining entertainment. Since the theaters were shut for over a year, people have now started to come in high numbers to buy theatre tickets, as they reopened lately. The overcrowding in the offline booking of tickets has created significant havoc in people’s minds.

Therefore, people are forced to look for alternatives. But a person can still get their entertainment pack of getting a theatre ticket online and have a convenience level like never before. If you are looking for the best online ticket buying platform, consider

But many people nowadays tend to go for offline ticket booking. They make many mistakes while buying a theatre ticket online. This results in several frustrating consequences, which results in their less dependency & trustworthiness on online ticket booking.

6 Mistakes People Make While Buying Theatre Tickets Online

There are several mistakes that people make while booking a theatre ticket online. Buyers must avoid these mistakes to avail exclusive benefits of online booking. These errors are shown below.

1. Booking at Last Moment


It depends on events and movies that how fast a show or event will be booked. People have a typical misinterpretation that if a particular show is booked in X days, the other events or shows will also be booked in a similar number of days. But this is not true.

People should avoid this thinking mistake and book theatre tickets as soon as possible. It might be possible a show might get booked in mere 1 or 2 days. Furthermore, booking tickets early on will give more choices of seats.

Online booking also allows customers to get tickets at lower prices by applying discounts.

In some cases, these discounts do not work if tickets are booked very late or while there are only a few seats unbooked. Therefore, people should avoid the mistake of booking tickets late, especially when they are booking for more than four people.

2. User Blocking by the Site


Since technology can be uncertain at times, online theatre booking faces a kind of technical issue. A purchaser might look for different show timings at the lowest prices.

People have a common mentality to refresh and check for updated prices regularly. But, a problem arises when users refresh it continuously on loop in seconds and minutes.

While reloading a website in excess, the site usually blocks users from accessing the information. This blockage is done for security purposes. This leads to frustration and delays in booking tickets. Therefore, a user must keep in mind to update themselves in an hour or more than that. Reloading the browser multiple times can lead to a major disappointment.

3. Checking Timings of Show


Enthusiasts often travel long distances to watch live events and shows. Through online booking, the number of such people has increased drastically. But, a mistake that people make in this case is not checking the show’s time. Most of the time, there is a time difference between the person’s country and the country of the event/show. The time change must be made & noted accurately to avoid any confusion.

4. Keeping a Check on Discounts


People do not usually check the discounts and rewards section. Some online booking sites have a system of rewards, cashback offers, and loyalty points. These points are redeemable in terms of saving costs on tickets.

Also, online payment mechanisms like Paytm and GPay give the user some rewards like cashback, Zomato offers, skincare discounts, etc. But many people ignore such benefits and discounts.

5. Checking Age Limit For the Show


Many shows and events come with a specific age limit. These limits can vary from 18+ to 21+. Some shows require a minimum age of more than 25 years. Sometimes, people book theatre tickets in a hurry without even noticing the age limit.

Once the tickets are booked, they get frustrated because of the non-permit to children and young adults. Therefore, it is always advisable to check if any age factor is present in show booking.

6. Confirmation of Seats


People make a common mistake while booking tickets for a group. While booking tickets online, it must be noted which seats are allotted or available for booking. Sometimes, people overlook this aspect. They book seats that are far from each other and later realize the mistake resulting in frustration.


Theatres act as one of the most prominent pillars of entertainment. But a significant breakdown in such entertainment can be a few mistakes in the online booking of tickets.

The mistakes mentioned above can create a hurdle in watching a live show or event. Following a step-by-step guide in booking online tickets is highly recommended.

People must get their tickets before the last days of booking. It is crucial to note down the terms and conditions mentioned in the ticket. There are times when a person looks to cancel the ticket. There are terms for refund and cancellation that help in such situations.

Keeping in mind all these errors and solving them with the recommendations, a theatre experience can be made super-enjoyable.