Payment Methods for Canadian gamblers

Being able to pay safely and conveniently for games is one of the key aspects that shape the user experience and keep players on the gaming platform. Luckily, in Canada players are free to choose from many secure and handy online payment services.

If you are looking for the best Trustly casinos in Canada or sports betting sites that accept mobile payments, or video gaming platforms that have withdrawal features, in this post, we explain the intricacies of the most popular payment services in the country.

One of the Most Popular Methods: Interac


Interac works directly with banks and this is a huge benefit but before any gamer starts their Interac account registration they should check whether their preferred bank supports this payment system. If not, perhaps it makes sense to get an account with a local bank that does.

There are several Interac products available for online services so the user should visit the official website and choose the product. You may want to get a prepaid card, or you may get a mobile Interac account for faster payments.

Interac applies small and stable commissions that are not impacted by the size of the transaction. The size of the commission per transaction varies from 1 to 1,5 CAD.


  • fully online-casino friendly
  • completely in line with Canadian banking policy
  • applies a stable fee regardless of the sum processed
  • allows both deposits and withdrawals from Internet casinos

Trustly for Direct Bank Payments


Trustly is one of the most convenient payment options for Canadians because it works directly with local national and even international banks and the best part is that it requires no account and no registration process from the user. All you need is a bank account with a bank that supports Trustly payments.

To use Trustly for payments to and from a gaming platform just open the payments page and choose Trustly. Then proceed according to the instructions and make a payment directly from your bank account in a quick and safe manner. Pyaouts to Trustly as possible as well.

Trustly only applies fees to Internet merchants and banks that collaborate with the service. Individual gamers using Trustly for personal payments do not pay fees for this service.


  • no need for account registration
  • Internet casino-friendly
  • all fees are only applied to the merchants
  • fast deposits and withdrawals

Instadebit for Sleek Online Payments

Instadebit is another Internet payment processing service that utilizes the user’s bank account for paying. Instadebit is a safe method that connects the online merchant with the bank in order to pay directly without the need for topping up the account.

However, one does need an account with Instadebit to be able to use it.  The user will have to link their Instadebit account to the bank account.

To register, you will have to provide your email address and a unique password, your personal data, and data for verification.

After your identity is verified you will need to indicate your bank details. As soon as these things are done you can manage your finances, pay online, and get paid.


  • you can have multiple Instadebit accounts linked to multiple bank accounts
  • many banks collaborate with this Internet payment processing provider
  • both Internet casino deposits and withdrawals are available
  • transaction limits are flexible and affordable

Another Instadebit Service: iDebit


One of the Instadebit products, iDebit continues to gain popularity in Canada because it is safe, convenient, Internet casino friendly and gaming platforms friendly, and requires less paperwork from its users.

iDebit also works directly with bank accounts, and you don’t have to register a separate account with iDebit to use it.

Basically, it is a competitor to Trustly because it works in a similar manner. The gamer only has to activate the iDebit payment feature in their bank account. For this, a minimal registration process has to be followed.

If the player doesn’t have an account with a bank that supports the iDebit feature they can use iDebit as an e-wallet. In this case, a full account registration is required.


  • no need to register an account
  • small stable fees for transactions
  • works with many local Canadian banks
  • transaction tracking feature for enhanced safety

The Best Mobile Payment Service: MuchBetter


MuchBetter is a fully mobile payment method and to use it, one has to first download the application, install it, and then register an account with the application.

After the user is verified in the system they can connect their MuchBetter e-wallet with the bank account or other payment methods and top MuchBetter up for further payments.

MuchBetter is fully compatible with mobile devices and works with the growing number of online gaming platforms and Internet casino sites. When you top up your MuchBetter e-wallet, the transaction is free for bank transfer, and a 5% fee is applied to transfers from Visa and Mastercard cards. If you cash out via ATM, the fee is 0,99%.

MuchBetter security measures include device pairing, dynamic security codes, touch ID, and transaction review and monitoring systems.


  • can be funded via debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency
  • reward points for users
  • small fees
  • intuitive interface

Fast and Secure Payments via Neosurf


Neosurf is often used as a prepaid voucher but there is also an e-wallet option called MyNeosurf. To use it as a voucher, one has to purchase it online or offline from a retailer and utilize the unique digital code on the voucher to pay for services online.

The value of the voucher can be divided into several payments until the voucher is empty but you cannot add two or more vouchers to make a bigger one-time payment.

Withdrawals to Neosurf vouchers are impossible. However, if one uses Neosurf as an e-wallet, they can top up the wallet and get payments on it.


  • completely safe and anonymous
  • can be used as an e-wallet
  • very easy to use for online payments

Final Thoughts

There are many safe and convenient payment methods in Canada that are available to gamers and gamblers alike, and even more are likely to appear due to the bustling development of the gaming industry.

Players can choose among different methods to find something that will suit their individual needs.