Truck campers are an excellent investment due to their incredible versatility. With a camper, you could immediately plan a road trip and travel to remote yet beautiful places comfortably as if you are at home.

However, purchasing a new truck camper might cost a lot. Good thing there some used but not abused ones available on the market, and you could get them at a reasonable price.

Although most of them are working well, still used ones are not always perfect; minimal to significant issues may be present, so a thorough inspection before purchase is highly recommended.

Here’s a list one what you should know before buying one:

1. Know the truck camper’s history


Try getting details about the used camper’s history you are about to buy as much as possible. You could assess how long it is under their care, ask about the configurations and the repairs.

You should also ask how often they bring the car maintenance and if it undergoes some retouches before. Use a trustworthy platform like American Trucks to find any parts that might need replacing.

2. Know the reason for selling

You might also want to ask why they are selling their camper; usually, owners sell out their units due to loss of passion, their purpose of using it is no longer there, so they want to move on from it.

Many owners sell their campers after their adventures. Still, other owners decided to sell to their old one to upgrade to a bigger trailer or the latest models.

3. Know how much a used camper usually cost


Of course, you must do a little research on the usual worth of a camper. Most people assess the same set of questions like how dealers and consumers price their used trailers, what they sell for, or how to determine what to pay for a used one you want to buy.

Sadly, there is no exact answer for that, but all you need is to remember this; all used truck camper prices must be low compared to their worth regardless of how short or long it has been used.

To get a more idea of what a used truck camper costs, find a used truck camper listings on some dealer websites, RV classified websites, Craigslist, and eBay. You have to make sure that the price you would pay is the same as what similar year and model units are selling for on these websites.

Nevertheless, a used truck camper is worth based on someone who will pay for it. Due to having a good condition, it often requires prices well beyond what you might expect. Also, having evidence of what similar used truck campers are selling might help you with your price negotiations but don’t expect a bargain if a used trailer is in excellent condition.

4. Check the camper’s compatibility with your truck

If you already have your truck and intend to pair it with a truck camper, you would need to know the payload capacity, the center of gravity, and the measurements such as the bed length and width to check which truck camper models might work best for your truck.

Most truck camper dealers offer weighing stations and the expertise to best match your truck with a compatible truck camper. RV dealers could also install support equipment that could improve your truck’s safety and handling, if necessary.

Also, note that you might need to handle the compatibility research yourself when buying a used camper from a private seller. You could check Camper101 to know more about the truck and camper’s compatibility.

5. Inspect the potential pop-up problems

If you already set your eye on a particular used pop-up camper, there are a few extra inspections you might want to make. You could check the canvas to see if there are moldy, worn, or damaged sections and check if the roof lift is functional. You might also want to check the frame for damage, such as bends in the canvas frame.

6. Search for water damage

Of all damages, water damage is one of RVs’ common issues as they age, and the Cabover compartment would be the most trouble spots on a truck camper.

According to CaravanLoansFinance, you should always check for these visible signs such as stains, delamination, or bubbles in the exterior laminate and spongy roof; they are likely giveaways. You must also closely check all the areas where a hole cut in the body, including frames, windows, slide-outs, lights, and vents.

When you inspect the roof, look for old, cracked caulking and sagging, especially around the edges. Inside the camper, make sure the floor is concrete.

7. Look for additional Adventure Equipment



The off-road characteristics of truck campers make them a good fit for outdoor activities; however, before you buy one, it is wise to plan a bit and consider other additional equipment that you might need.

It would also be great if the used camper you would buy has the equipment you would need. In that case, you could save more than buying a new one.

8. Know where and how was the camper stored

You must also check where the camper is also stored this time; it might cause a significant impact on the unit’s present condition.

Assess if it kept inside a dry garage, was it outside and covered, or was it out exposed to the elements? A garage kept camper is the goal but covered beats exposed by a mile. Also, be cautious. If the trailer has been left outside and uncovered for a long time, it would indeed be damaged.

9. How long and how much did they use the camper


Lastly, you should also know how long the owner used the camper and how they used it.

Did they often use it for camp trips or road trips, did they live in the unit full time, or did they bring it over miles of logging roads to reach their favorite fishing and camping spot; cause it might affect the quality of the camper.

Of course, You would like a used camper, but not for a full time, and not under overly stressful off-road situations.


Buying a used truck camper indeed could make you save less. But to make sure your money won’t go to waste, you must inspect it thoroughly buying sealing the deal.