Now is a great time to start planning your vacation for this summer. While hotel stays, Airbnbs and cruises are all great ways to get away and experience a faraway destination, there is one type of holiday that is becoming very popular with travellers seeking new adventures on their summer break.

Sailing holidays are the ideal way to explore coastal locations, experience luxury and create your own bespoke itinerary. Last year, an estimated £1 billion pounds was spent on the purchase of luxury yachts, with some of the most popular locations for purchasing these vessels including Greece, Italy, Croatia, Norway and The Balearic islands.

However, you do not have to fork out for a new vessel to be able to enjoy a sailing holiday, companies such as BorrowABoat give tourists the chance to charter yachts and catamarans on a hire basis.

So, whether you are planning a romantic getaway in France with a significant other, a family trip to the Spanish seaside or an action-packed break with friends in the South Pacific, there are many reasons to choose a yacht or catamaran charter this summer. Here are just a few to consider:

Have a crew on hand just for you


Another one of the great perks of a yacht or catamaran charter is the option to staff your vessel with a skipper and full-service crew. When staying in a hotel, staff must split their time between all the guests and there are often set times and menus for food buffets and drinks in the bar.

On your yacht, you can choose your staff and even have a personal chef who will design and cook a menu to your liking. The staff onboard will prioritise your wants and needs and do everything they can to provide you with a bespoke, luxury service. With this you’ll be adding this extra service, even if you are located in the middle of the or the sea, you’ll be offer the most premium and exclusive service, something that usually is reserved for some higher social hierarchies.

Complete control over your own itinerary

If you join a scheduled boat tour on your holiday in the Whitsundays, you are usually given a set itinerary that has been planned out in advance. If you are someone that prefers to make plans at the last minute and go with the flow, then it can be frustrating to follow a strict schedule.

Meanwhile when you choose Wings bareboat charter in The Whitsundays, you have complete freedom to choose where you go and when. Perhaps you want to wait for the perfect weather conditions to sail out a secluded beach or want to explore an island at your own pace, on your yacht you are in charge.

Your skipper will also be able to provide you with local information and will have great knowledge of some of the hidden gems in The Whitsundays that few tourists get to see.

Try before you buy

While ownership is not necessary to experience great sailing vacations, some travellers want to have their very own vessel, particularly if they are experienced skippers. Yachts and catamarans are large investments and so if you are thinking of purchasing one then it is sensible to hire one to try out beforehand.


Chartering a boat, yacht or catamaran from a company is often the better option for those who want to enjoy sailing but want to avoid the costs and effort involved in maintaining one they own. Both short term hires for vacations and longer-term hires for the entire summer season are easy to find in top holiday destinations.

Access to exclusive places

By sailing in your own or even by chartering a yacht or Punta Cana catamaran with a skipper you will most likely be able to access spaces that are hard to get to from land or not included in group boat trips. Think private coves for swimming and snorkelling and small uninhabited islands or land masses for exploration, that will allow you to create really distinctive memories.

This mode of travel will provide you with the best access to beautiful coastlines, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your dream destination from outside of the main tourist hotspots, it will allow you to visit places that are not commonly added in any travel packages, making your trip even more exclusive. Perhaps you plan to take a trip on land to enjoy a coastal nature reserve or national park; on a yacht holiday you can moor your vessel and go explore, rather than having to plan car hires or public transport from your on-land accommodation.

Experience luxury

Lastly, the experience provided on a yacht or catamaran is likely to be far more luxurious than what you would find in a normal hotel or holiday rental. These vessels, yachts and catamarans come equipped with hot tubs, water toys and well stocked bars, all for your own personal use. You will never need to fight for a sun lounger to relax on a yacht charter.

Value for money may also be a benefit. If travelling in a large group, you might find that similar standards of luxury in other types of accommodation cost significantly more. While chartering a yacht for example, will allow you and your group to have your own private space in the middle of the water, where you’ll receive prime services, such as catering, bar and many more, some even may allow you to have your own private party, where you’ll be able to enjoy in the company of your closest friends.

So, whether you are looking for a relaxing break on the ocean waves where you’ll receive the best of the services surround by a “blue treasure” or a comfortable base to enjoy an action-packed itinerary of water sports, island exploration, snorkelling, or even just a place so you can stay while swimming in the middle of the sea or ocean, nothing better than a yacht or catamaran charter to fulfil your most luxurious desires for this upcoming summer.