Things You Must Have In Your Baggage for Summer 2024

Summer 2024 is here, and that means it is time to travel. Experts believe this will be the busiest travel summer since the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020. For some people, this may be their first time traveling in three years, so it is easy to forget some essential items to pack for your journey. Also, your planned travel location can dictate the need for various necessities you might not usually bring on a trip.

With more airlines charging higher fees for checked bags, it is easy to see why people want to travel light. If you check a bag, you will still want to pack a change of clothes or two in your carry-on. Even if you do not plan to take a carry-on suitcase onboard your flight, experts recommend bringing a backpack or other decent-sized item to hold onboard essentials.

Think about it: what happens if your luggage is lost or delayed? You will need a change of clothes, sleep attire, and essential hygiene items. An extra pair of shoes is another suggestion, in case the one you have gets wet. Planning can save you stress later on and prevent ruined travel plans.

Remember to check if your carry-on items are TSA-friendly to avoid having to throw things out when you get to the security line.

12 Important Things You Must Have, But May Forget

12 Important Things You Must Have, But May Forget

Whether taking a short or long-haul flight, you still need to pack some essential items that are easy to forget in the rush of getting out the door. Making a list of items a few weeks before your trip can save you the “night before” stress. That way, as other things come to mind, you can always add them to your list. When you are finally ready to pack, check off each item as it goes into your bag.

Even if you check your baggage, you must still bring some essential things in your carry-on baggage. It may seem counterproductive to lug around a hefty backpack or duffle bag in the airport, but today there are plenty of lightweight options and wheeled luggage that move easily and can fit under your seat. With hidden compartments and some with built-in charge ports, these items can make traveling a breeze.

Here are some everyday items that can improve your vacation but are often forgotten:

1. Towelettes

These items help sanitize tray tables, armrests, light switches, remote controls, doorknobs, telephones, faucets, and seats. Use them on all high-touch areas where germs can lurk to help prevent illness while traveling.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Along with towelettes, a small bottle or spray bottle of hand sanitizer can destroy germs, especially when you do not have easy access to soap and water.

3. Neck Pillow

Long flights or train rides can lead to cramped necks, especially if you fall asleep and your head starts bobbing around. Inflatable neck pillows take up very little space and can help you enjoy your travel time.

4. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

Buying bottled water is not only expensive, but it is terrible for the planet. Most airports have water bottle fill stations available. Bringing a reusable water bottle is also convenient for hiking, sightseeing, and at the beach. Some bottles have built-in filters that can help if you are in areas where tap water is questionable.

5. Medication

One of the most commonly forgotten things to bring on trips is medication. You should never pack medication in your checked baggage as a loss, delay, or theft could impact your health if you do not have the medication you need, especially if it is taken daily, such as contraceptive pills or other prescribed medications, such as HGH injections. If you have a human growth hormone deficiency, know the best HGH injection in 2024 for travel and its simplified convenience.

6. Adapters and Chargers

Adapters and Chargers

If traveling outside the US, you may need to bring adaptors to meet that country’s power outlets. Also, bring extra chargers for your phone and electronics and portable chargers to keep you powered up at all times.

7. Headphones and Earplugs

Bringing a trusty pair of headphones helps you drown out noise and allows you to listen to your music or shows without disturbing others. If you share a room with someone else at your destination, you may also want to bring earplugs. By the way, if you snore, bring earplugs for your roommate.

8. Hygiene Items

Hygiene Items

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, tissues, sunscreen, and feminine hygiene products can help make your trip, and any potential delays, more comfortable. Packing your toiletries in clear, zippered pouches and placing them at the top of your bag for easy access at TSA checkpoints can save time and hassle. Carry a small first-aid and sewing kit with you in case of need.

9. Plastic Bags

Figuring out how to keep dirty clothes separated from clean ones is not a problem when you bring some extra plastic bags with you. Small zipper plastic bags are also great for packing snacks and tasty leftovers. While you are at it, consider waterproof covers for your phone.

10. Sunglasses


Not only do people often forget their sunglasses, but for those who wear both contact lenses and prescription glasses at different times, it is essential to remember to bring both your prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and cases. Also, remember to bring enough contact lenses for your trip. If you wear reading glasses, bring those, as well.

11. Rain Jacket or Umbrella

You never know when the weather can change, even if the forecast is for sunshine. A lightweight travel umbrella or rain jacket may save the day and keep you dry without taking up much space.

12. Snack


No matter where you are traveling, carrying some of your favorite snacks is always a good idea. Airport delays can be problematic, especially if all the restaurants close late at night. People with food allergies should be specially prepared with safe items.

Some Tips Before Your Adventures

Packing can be stressful or fun. Planning your outfits ahead of time and utilizing packing cubes can eliminate the hassle of looking for a specific piece of clothing. Packing cubes are especially beneficial if you are traveling to multiple locations. Pack items for each leg of your trip together – that way, you only have to pull out one cube at a time. Also – remember to always carry your valuable items, especially jewelry, with you. Never put them in your checked baggage.

Make sure to check your passport expiration well in advance. It needs to be valid for six months after your date of return. Keep your credit card company phone numbers available if you need to report their loss, including numbers outside the US if traveling internationally.

If you are taking new shoes with you on your journey, break them in ahead of time to protect your feet from pain. Check for vaccination requirements a few months before traveling outside the country.

Here are some tips that can make your travel safe and enjoyable:

Make Copies of Important Documents

Make Copies of Important Documents

Double-check before you leave home that you have your passport, ID, visas, and all necessary travel documents and have made copies of them and taken pictures on your phone. A passport holder with extra compartments and RFID blocking is an excellent purchase to protect against hackers.

Luggage Tags

Your name and contact information are as important on your carry-on bags as your checked suitcase.

Keep Your Friends and Family Updated

Make sure that someone back at home has your trip itinerary and information. Check-in regularly, keeping them updated with your location.

Separate Your Cash

Separate Your Cash

Do not stash all your money in one place. Splitting it up between two or more locations can prevent it all from being stolen or lost at one time. Purchasing prepaid travel cards can help you avoid pulling out your credit cards.

Safeguard Your Hotel Room

A doorstop or other hotel room safety items can help you sleep more securely at night. Utilize the in-room safe while you are out or ask at the desk to use their safe.

Plan Your Routes

While heading out for a day of exploration without plans can seem fun, wandering into dangerous areas can lead to trouble. Plan your route and ask for guidance from the hotel staff. Also, enable tracking on your mobile device before your trip and let a family member or friend have access to that information.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

If you are traveling outside the country, travel insurance is a must. Accidents can and do happen. Medical care and transport back home can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trip delays, lost baggage, and unexpected acts of nature can derail your plans. Travel insurance provides the safety net you need and is not expensive.

Money Belt or Crossbody Bag

Carrying your money, passport, and other valuables on your body out of site is crucial in some areas. RFID blocking keeps others from scanning your items as you walk by. You also need this while on a plane, especially if you plan on sleeping. That is when others can go into your bags and steal items. Never stash valuables in the overhead compartment.

Weigh Your Bag

Overweight baggage fees can run into hundreds of dollars. Taking items out at the check-in counter can be frustrating – where will you put them? Multi-pocket vests can help you find places to store lots of extra items. Also, wearing layers and removing them once you board the plane (bring a little bag to put them in) can help you carry more.


Summer Packing

With some planning, you can have a safe and exciting summer. Consider what you need to take with you, leaving valuable jewelry at home.

If you plan to shop for souvenirs, remember to leave room in your luggage, bring an extra bag to put them in, or research shipping everything home.