Most parents need help with childcare. An alternative is grandparents, friends and other family members. However, such a method can sometimes be counterproductive. Grandparents are not experts and often do not have a good approach towards the child. Due to their age or health, they don’t have enough energy to babysit. Children need a dynamic environment and interaction.

On the other hand, nannies are mostly students or other non-professionals. If you want someone to take care of your child in a careful and conscientious manner, then opt for a child service. They will work with the child according to his age and his affinities.

It is not just monitoring

There is a big difference between a nanny and this type of service. If you want to guide development, you need something more than just monitoring. Children need to spend their time in a stimulating environment. There, experts will monitor and direct their activities. This is especially important if it is a toddler, because the first years are the most important for growth. Therefore, the service will provide him with the necessary love, attention and patience. Do not forget that looking after a kid is a delicate job that requires the desire to learn habits and their characteristics. Adults bear full responsibility and awareness for their behavior.

Not everyone can be in that role and that’s why it’s important to carefully choose the expert to whom you entrust your child. Such institutions are also under the constant control of inspections and must meet the standards of equipment, health care and nutrition as well as safety measures for the stay of children. In addition, the premises are equipped with educational materials and incentives.


According to the pedagogues behind Wee Watch another advantage of this institution is the possibility of early socialization of the kid, because he will spend time with his peers. Educators in the home service will very easily follow the rhythm of each individual kid, because the number of participants is limited, unlike in a state institution. You don’t have to worry about the imposed routines that exist in traditional facilities.

Smaller peer group – greater development opportunities

These services may seem similar to you, but there is a huge difference. We all know what a traditional kindergarten for children looks like and what kind of atmosphere reigns inside. Although these institutions are much more professional compared to previous years, kindergarten is more like a school than a kid’s home. Given that they are in a sensitive period of development, the environment must be adapted to their specific needs. In a group with many children, this is almost impossible, especially if the child is too small or too shy to say what he needs. Excursions and other activities are kept to a minimum. We must not forget about the period of adaptation.

Children who have just started kindergarten have to go through this phase, and it is equally difficult for them and their parents. However, it is much easier for the child to get used to the child care service because it will offer him the comforts of care that he encountered in the family home. The rooms mimic the interior of your home, which means that the child will probably not feel much of a change. He will just continue to behave as he does in his home, because the environment will be familiar to him. Such rooms include living room, play area, kitchen, yard, bathroom, etc. Smaller groups mean less noise, and this is very important for children who have difficulty coping with noisy environments.

A large selection of activities


It is a small group with children, which means that an integral part of the program is family trips to the park, reading a book, plays, time in nature and similar activities. The educators will treat your child as a member of their own family. You won’t have to worry about their feelings, because they will feel only comfort and closeness all the time. In such an environment, the child has more self-confidence, receives the necessary support and is not afraid to express his needs.

When searching for the ideal child care facility, you must focus on the kid’s well-being. It refers to the degree to which he feels safe and relaxed. Don’t forget that children have different intellectual needs, interests and routines. It is desirable that the education program is adapted.

Emotional stability comes from a safe environment

Child care service will provide with a foundation for the development of social skills. Research shows that early socialization is a key factor in his development. Relationships with other people will determine their behavior and attitude in the future relationships. So choose his environment carefully, he needs to feel safe all the time.

The Child service offers a high level of flexibility. For example, many establishments will fit into your daily schedule. Your task is just to choose an appointment. This will make the adaptation period much better, because you will not go through stress. The child will feel cared for in the child care service, and you will be much calmer knowing that he is in a safe environment.

Home child care service supports the development of children’s skills


A parent is most important teacher. However, when you send your kid to daycare, you need to find experts who will continue to help him acquire new information, skills and behaviors. This is exactly what the child care service can offer you. Trained experts in the educational field apply appropriate methods and techniques that encourage the complete development.

They will have enough 1:1 time which means they will be better prepared for school and society. It is an opportunity for the kid to improve his motor skills, learn to play with others and learn a lot about his interests and talents.


If there is no close family member to whom you can entrust such a difficult job, it can be difficult to find a person from the environment. Rarely in whom you can trust, because babysitters rarely have professional competences that meet your criteria. So, make your kid happy by taking him to a stimulating environment where he will enjoy being with his peers.