Today, men are surely spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing belts and buckles because there are too many options available at their disposal. If you thought belts were boring, we assume you haven’t heard about or seen the designer belts that are available in the market today. When you pick the right designer belt, you will be surprised to see the instant transformation in the variety and style of your outfits.

Choosing from a sea of options can be quite a challenge, but it is an enlightening experience to go through the varieties available. Some of the popular designer belt brands you will find in the stores today are Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and more. With all of these brands manufacturing some of the highest quality belts with excellent craftsmanship, it is definitely a pleasure to go through the options.

One thing to know about belts is that they are customizable, and they give the assurance of quality as well as other value-added services. These value-added services are included in the terms of the contract of these brands. If you are looking for more knowledge on tips to buy designer belts, you have landed in the right place. Listed below are some useful tips, which you can follow when buying designer belts, to ensure you never go wrong with your choice.



No one buys belts too often, and it is the universal truth. To buy belts, again and again, is a tiring process. However, buying new belts can be fun, too. Sustainability is the key when buying belts. This refers to how long the belt can last. Leather belts are quite costly; hence, it is only natural for you to check if you are paying for the right quality.

You need to check if the leather is genuine and long-lasting. A good leather belt will last for at least 2 years if you choose the right quality. Since they are quite trendy, it is always recommended to buy the right quality from after careful research.

Pick a suitable color

Picking a color apart from browns and blacks can help you create a fashion trend these days. Choose colors that suit the occasion and the color of your pants. Brown belts, for instance, go well with white, cream, and black pants. They also go very well with athletic-fit jeans. Universally, brown belts are the most popular choice.

Due to this, the brown belt has been appointed the undisputed king of both the casuals and formal scene in fashion. Black belts are more formal and are suitable for meetings and offices. Black belts suit black, brown, red and green pants too. Men should definitely have brown and black designer belts in their wardrobes.

Buckle matters

While choosing belts, you do not have to limit yourselves to only one buckle. Today, you will find belts with interchangeable buckles, and this definitely makes your job easier than before. You can have one belt that has different buckles. This way, you do not have to buy many belts to change your look; you can just do it with one. It is an efficient way to work with belts, thereby saving money and space.

You can choose a belt color that goes with almost everything, and then buy buckles, which befit different occasions. For example, a small normal rectangle belt can be worn for meetings, a round one can be worn to parties, and a designer one can be worn with jeans or casual wear. There is a lot that can be explored in buckles, too, in terms of colors, especially, blacks, silvers and bronze.

Try fabric belts

When buying designer belts, it is a great idea to pick up one that is trendy as well. Fabric belts are a great choice, in this case. The jeans brand Levis had invented fabric belts, and there has been no looking back for this trend, ever since!

Fabric belts are comfortable and light. So, they were considered feminine initially. However, as years rolled by, people found out that these belts were robust and stylish as well. Fabric belts also come in various colors like blue, red, white, brown, green, and more. Sometimes, these belts come attached to the pants or chinos, making them highly versatile in the designer category.

Choose the right size


Belts should be of the correct size if you want to be comfortable wearing them. They should have the correct number of holes to fit your waist. If they are too tight, they can pinch you in the stomach region.

On the other hand, if they are loose, you run the risk of experiencing an “oops” moment anytime. The belt supplier where you buy belts should provide you with the correct size, and cut it according to your preference. If you don’t know your belt size, you must ask the specific brand to measure it for you and serve you accordingly.

Select your style

Finally, it is important to know your style before setting out to buy designer belts. Be it fabric belts, normal belts, or leather belts, they all look good only when they complement your style. Comfort should always be the priority when choosing belts that reflect your style & personality.

Well, now that you know how to choose the right designer belts, we hope you think out of the box and get as creative as possible while sticking to the fundamental concepts of fashion. Whether you want to go for corporate meetings, evening parties, night-outs with friends, or anywhere else, you now know what you have to consider for pairing your outfits with the right designer belts.

Designer belts are often underrated; however, you will be surprised to know that they can bring a change to your look almost instantly. You can make normal pants look bright and trendy when you pair them with a beautiful designer belt. More often than not, designer belts can dominate your entire outfit, when chosen right. Thus, you can stand out in a crowd, even without trying too much!