Figuring out whether you should use an in-house logo designer or outsource your logo’s design to a professional logo design company can be a difficult task. But there’s no reason why it should remain a difficult task. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the different hiring options and help you decide which one will be the best choice for you. Hiring someone from one of the best logo companies, or building up an in-house designer that understands what the company needs.

Let’s start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing logo design to a company.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing

  • Increased Flexibility

When outsourcing the business logo creation there is a lot more flexibility as you will be able to scale the team working on the design process depending on how much work needs to be done. Downscaling will reduce the cost of the work too, so you can more easily remain within budget. You cannot scale down if you are using an in-house logo designer.

  • More Diversity

Outsourcing is great as you can hire a good design company that has the required skills that your in-house designers don’t. Outsourcing allows you to search for designers with specific skills and who have worked on certain types of content.

  • More Creative And Fresh Ideas

If you want to mix things up and try out new design ideas, then outsourcing is the way to go. By hiring a logo designer from outside the company you will open your company up to different perspectives and styles.

The Disadvantages Of Outsourcing

  • Designers Working On Other Projects At The Same Time

This is one of the main disadvantages of outsourcing logo designs. Designers are likely going to be working on many other designs at the same time as they are working on yours. This means they will not be able to focus all of their attention on your logo design as an in-house designer could.

Most of the time, the designers working on your logo design will need to divide their attention. This can cause poor designs which don’t meet your expectations, resulting in more time required to make revisions and even additional costs. If you have a short deadline to meet and a tight budget, this can cause issues and delay the project.

When outsourcing, make sure that you hire a company that has a great track record and is always able to meet deadlines. You should contact the company’s previous clients and ask them about their experience with the logo design services.

  • Lack Of Control

When outsourcing, the design of the logo is out of your control. While you can ask for changes and revisions, the designer still has control over what is modified. While you have greater control over an in-house designer and can control the speed of their work to meet deadlines, this can’t be done for outsourced work.

As well as the logo design, other aspects need to be kept on top of constantly when outsourcing work. These include legal issues, payments, and recruitment if upscaling is needed. These are usually managed by someone else who works at your company.

Why Should You Outsource Logo Design?


There are different reasons why a company should consider outsourcing the designing of their logo to the best logo companies available, these reasons include:

  • To decrease the costs of certain projects or parts of projects.
  • To delegate and not give the in-house designers too much work and burden them.
  • Free up more employees and internal resources to focus on other tasks
  • To hire designers who have specific skills that the in-house designers do not.

Now that we have talked about outsourcing the design of the logo, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using in-house designers.

Advantages Of Using In-House Designers

  • Strong Communication

This is one of the main advantages of using in-house designers, as communication will be quicker. This will allow designers to ask questions, get feedback, and design logos that are in line with what the company needs.

This is difficult to do with outsourced work as other designers may not completely understand what you are looking for.

  • Understanding The Company’s Brand Identity

A logo should be consistent with the rest of the brand identity. In-house designers know the company a lot better than outsourced designers do, and this can be used to create consistent logo designs that convey what the company needs them to.

While providing detailed information to outsourced designers can remedy this situation a little, it is still not as good as having dedicated in-house designers.

Disadvantages Of Using In-House Designers

  • High Costs

While outsourcing is flexible and this helps reduce costs, this isn’t the case with in-house designers. Their salary is constant and if they are being paid as a full-time employee the cost to the company will be high.

Before hiring an in-house designer, you need to make sure that it is within your budget to do so. You need to weigh the pros and cons and decide if having a dedicated in-house designer is worth the cost and a better decision than outsourcing.

  • Long Hiring Process

Hiring an in-house designer is a long process as you need to hire the right designer and they need to have the required skills that you will need. It can be difficult finding the right candidates and then interviewing all the potential hires will take more time. You need to make sure you have the time to spare to carry out this process properly and not rush it.

Why You Should Use In-House Designers?


There are various reasons why using in-house designers is the best choice, these reasons include:

  • Having designers that are always available
  • Access to designers that understand the company and what it needs
  • Being able to communicate quickly and easily with designers and have changes made in a short amount of time.


Both options have their advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before making a choice. However, the overall best choice for most companies, especially smaller ones, is to outsource the logo creation services. This will save a lot of money, provide flexibility, and breathe new life into the company’s brand identity. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to hire the best logo designing company in the world to design your logo if you have the budget, while in-house designers won’t be able to match that level of skill and experience. Examples of such companies are here.