The NFL might be the dominant sports league in the US, but it’s not the only way fans can enjoy football. Across the country, universities are ensuring their student-athletes are in the best possible shape to take on a new season of college football.

While it may not have the same star power as the NFL, college football is every bit as exciting. Huge droves of incredibly passionate fans pack out stadiums and arenas every week, and millions of fans watch from their TVs as the best student-athletes duke it out on the field. For some, it offers something that can’t be found in the NFL, and it’s getting more popular every year. Here are some of the reasons for its success.

Sports Betting


For many years, sports betting was heavily restricted in the US, with only certain states permitting it. However, after a drama-filled legal challenge in the Supreme Court, it was ruled that attempts to ban sports betting were unconstitutional. Now, states have the freedom to set their own laws, and many have since established regulated sports betting industries.

While you might think that sportsbooks only take bets on professional sports, many also offer college football betting. Considering the sport is the second most viewed in the whole country, it’s little surprise that millions of dollars are wagered on college football throughout the season.

Big Rivalries

One of the most exciting aspects of any sport is when two rival teams face off on the field for a chance of glory. There’s something about rivalries that makes the contest so much more intense and enthralling, with a lot of drama happening alongside all of the action. While rivalries do happen in the NFL, there aren’t that many, and they tend to be relatively recent.

On the other hand, rivalries in college football are huge. Most schools have a major rival, and some will have several. Not only are these well-established, but they’ve usually been around for decades or even longer. Some of the best college rivalries have a huge amount of history, making them that more interesting to watch.

The Fans

Sports simply wouldn’t be as exciting without the fans cheering on the players in the stands. During the global pandemic, many sports took place in empty stadiums, and the lack of passion and atmosphere from the fans made a huge difference. In college sports, the fans are a huge part of every game, with the athletes spurred on by the roar of the crowd.

The reason why college fans are more passionate is that they’re often students themselves, who feel like a big part of the school they’re cheering for. The people they watch on the field are their peers and fellow students, so it makes sense that they feel a stronger connection to them.

New Sports Deals

For many years, student-athletes were not permitted to make money from playing for their teams. Instead, they receive scholarships from the college, giving them free education while also allowing them to develop their skills as an athlete and potentially go on to join the NFL. However, there’s a huge amount of money in college football, and many feel like this practice is exploitative, especially considering few actually end up in the NFL.

To make things better for student-athletes, a new law was introduced that would allow them to profit from their image rights. This means that anytime a sponsor or company uses their image, name, or likeness, the athlete can receive royalties. This has helped create a fairer system and will also incentivize athletes further.

A Binding Local Passion

The fervor for college football is deeply rooted in local and regional loyalties. For many, it’s personal. Whether you’re an alumnus reliving your campus days, a resident sharing in the local euphoria, or someone with sentimental ties to a college, the sport evokes a profound sense of belonging. This isn’t just about watching a game—it’s about reconnecting with a community, embracing shared memories, and reveling in collective triumphs. A study from the American Psychological Association notes the positive impact of community identity on individual well-being, underlining why college football is more than a mere pastime for its fans.

A Melting Pot of Strategies

What keeps the sport eternally fresh? The myriad playing styles on display. While the NFL might offer polished gameplay, college football is where you see a tapestry of strategies unfold. From teams that specialize in blitzing aerial offensives to those that prefer a relentless ground game, there’s something for every enthusiast. This tactical diversity not only maintains suspense until the last whistle but also offers an educational experience for budding football strategists and fans eager to deepen their understanding.

Accessibility: Closer to the Action


One of the undeniable attractions of college football is its accessibility. Unlike their NFL counterparts, many college stadiums are built to foster intimacy, offering fans unparalleled proximity to the action. This makes tickets more affordable and available. The experience of sitting closer, hearing every tackle, and being a palpable part of the electrifying atmosphere is unparalleled. Moreover, according to a report by Statista, college games generally have friendlier ticket pricing, making it a more inclusive experience for families and students alike.

More Than a Game: A Celebration of Spirit

To say that college football games are vibrant would be an understatement. They are spectacles of tradition, spirit, and pageantry. The pre-game and halftime shows, featuring illustrious marching bands and dynamic cheerleading squads, are events unto themselves. Tailgating, a cherished tradition, turns parking lots into bustling hubs of camaraderie, food, and fanfare. These unique elements amplify the game day experience, creating memories that linger long after the final play.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s NFL Giants


Every NFL star begins somewhere, and more often than not, it’s on a college field. College football is where raw talent is honed, and future champions emerge. For fans, tracking the journey of a player from their first college game to their debut NFL season is a thrilling narrative. It’s akin to watching a promising indie band evolve into chart-topping rockstars.