If you are someone who experiences the thrill and wonder when it comes to watching true crime documentaries, then congratulations, you officially qualify as someone with morbid curiosity. But, as our reader, your satisfaction falls right under our zone. So, here are some of the most bone-chilling crime documentaries on our list to put you through a rollercoaster of thrilling satisfaction.



One thing which is primarily standard about serial killers is that they mainly target their victims based on their perception of weakness, like sex, age, sexual orientation, etc. In the case of Cropsey, the life of a real-life bogeyman and child serial killer, Andre Rand, is explored.

Some bothersome details resurfaced about his life which included his gruesome murder rituals as well as satanism. The directors interview residents who recall rumors about Cropsey when they were children, leading to more personal accounts regarding their involvement with Rand’s case and its effect on their personal relationships and understanding of trust.

The film focuses on how legends evolve and may be based on true stories; as well as how a community can be affected by a single crime case for decades.

Framed by The Killer


This thrilling true crime series revolves around a mind-boggling story of a thorough police investigation that reveals that their suspect, which they had been tracking for a long time, was framed by a natural serial killer who was extremely discreet with his crimes.

The series uncovers shocking revelations highlighting the serial killer’s true potential and the cat-and-mouse chase it put on relevant authorities on his trail. You can watch Framed by the Killer on DStv but if you are watching DStv in the USA or anywhere else you will need a VPN.

Conversations with A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes


Ted Bundy was one of the most popular and dangerous serial killers living on earth. He actively targeted his victims, all females, by luring him with his charming faux personality and befriending them (often for a romantic relationship).

He was persecuted later after one of his potential victims set herself free from his capture, ending up in his arrest and, finally, death sentence through an electric chair. This documentary is an absolutely essential viewing for any true crime enthusiast as it sheds light on one of America’s most notorious criminals.

Aileen: Life and Death of A Serial Killer


Aileen Wuorno’s case has been a very controversial serial killer story to exist in the world since she was convicted despite not being mentally sound. She was sentenced to death because she killed six of her male clients in her profession of sex work, claiming she did so in self-defense.

However, the men she killed were accused of assaulting her, prompting her murderous actions. Wuorno was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2002 after 12 years on death row. The movie showcases interviews with those who knew Wuornos before she killed – including her foster parents, friends, workers who served her at bars she frequented and even the man who hired her as a prostitute. It paints a picture of what could have driven an otherwise normal young woman to such extreme acts of violence.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


Jeffery Dahmer was said to be among the creepiest and most disturbing serial killers and sex offenders of his time. His victims mainly consisted of males, who were primarily black and belonged to the LGBTQIA+ community.

This made it easier for him to target them due to the US government’s racial and homophobic biases. He would lure them into his apartment, spike their drinks, and then murder and dismember their bodies.

He also used a tub filled with acid to attempt to dissolve the remains of their bodies while keeping their torso and other organs in his refrigerator. Dahmer was eventually arrested after complaints from his neighbor, Pamela Bass, but was killed by another convict in prison.

John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise


The John Wayne Gacy documentary happens to be one of the creepiest since the killer himself narrates it. The Devil in Disguise story reveals the story of a convicted killer who played the role of a clown and committed unspeakable crimes against his victims. Unfortunately, his case is still believed to be unresolved to this day since the public believes there is much more to his story and crimes than it is revealed to the world.

The documentary does a masterful job of cutting through the years of sensationalism that has surrounded this story. The audience is taken on an incredible journey through some of the darkest chapters in American history as we discover how Gacy got away with murder for so long—sometimes literally—and exposes the flaws in our criminal justice system that allowed him to remain at large for so many years.

Narrator Paul Winters’s deep voice captures every emotion as he takes us inside the mind of one of America’s most notorious serial killers, providing an understanding into John Wayne Gacy that can only be gained by viewing his own words and actions repeatedly through film.

Memories of A Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes


The Nilson Tapes is based on the tape recordings of an infamous Scottish serial killer, Dennis Nilson, who was interviewed about his wrongdoings in jail.

His recordings were bought to the public as he narrated his cold-blooded murders and other crimes before he got convicted and eventually walked towards the end of his life in a proper set of true crime series. Through interviews with key figures, crime scene footage and dramatic reconstructions, this documentary provides an in-depth look into one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers.

In addition to exploring the motivations and methods of Nilsen himself, the documentary examines contemporary attitudes towards crime then and now and sheds light on the victims he left behind. This gripping documentary looks at all sides of the story to create an emotional portrait that will leave you both horrified and captivated.

Final Thoughts:

With the list of crime documentaries listed above which are chilling enough to satisfy your morbid curiosity, there is no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy streaming through those on weekends.

However, while we vouch for their creepy and scary plot, we take no guarantees that you wouldn’t need to sleep with your lights off after watching them.