From the past years, media scope has been increasing about Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Everyone is familiar with these two terms, but no one exactly knows the relationship and difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Both established businesses and startups are investing in Blockchain technology. Still, it could be a mistake to become familiar with the terms and not understand their relationship before investing in digital currency. We have all the information you need about crypto and Blockchain, so you are constantly updated with current digital trends.

You’ll hear the terms Blockchain and Cryptocurrency used interchangeably. Although these are two different technologies, they are inherently interconnected. To know the relationship between both, first, you have to understand both terms separately.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is simply a record of all transactions made in cryptocurrencies anywhere on the planet at any given time. It is a system that stores data in an encrypted form that makes it almost impossible to hack or fool the system. Blockchain is a public database that distributes all information about crypto transactions over the network of all distributed systems.

Instead of data being stored on one central server, it is distributed across thousands or even thousands of computers around the world, giving each computer access. This allows everyone to access the data, including trading and crypto mining. It is not subject to any central control or authority. Transactions are organized into “blocks”, which are data-holding devices. A blockchain is a distributed database that chronologically orders transactions. It is made up of the consecutive strings of each block executed.

What is Cryptocurrency?


A cryptocurrency can be described as a digital store that holds value and is used to buy or sell goods, services, property, or other valuable items. The most popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin and litecoin. These currencies are cryptographically protected against counterfeiting and are often not controlled or issued by any central authority. Instead, participants are responsible for the governance of the network. You can refer to cryptocurrencies as digital tokens or coins. To get more information on crypto, visit

What’s The Relation Between Them?

Blockchain technology is not an option for Cryptocurrency but is a fundamental part of Cryptocurrency. In the end, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are linked via common origins. They are not of the same calibre. However, when one is against the other, Blockchain beats Cryptocurrency. Blockchain is not limited to the economic sector. It offers many solutions that will likely disrupt different markets over the coming years.

The terms are so interchangeable because when Blockchain was introduced as a database, all Bitcoins were stored in a database. Blockchain was not known by its original name in 2009. It was named because transactions were organized into blocks and then linked together using a mathematical function that generates a hashcode.

The Future Of Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain

Blockchain is expected to generate $11.7 billion worldwide in 2024. As traditional institutions and startups increasingly take advantage of the momentum provided by a blockchain, the disruptions that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are causing extend above the economic sector.

Although it is easy to get caught up in the hype, the speed of technology’s development reveals no signals of slowing down. Despite the hype surrounding the bubble shot, many continue to see blockchain-based currencies as a long-term investment.

Innovation across all industries has been made possible by Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. MIT Technology Review points out that cryptocurrencies have fallen more than 90% since 2017, but they believe that blockchain technology is still a key to innovation across industries. This technology’s persisted normalization suggests that it would be our tomorrow.

Relationship Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

We all are aware that Bitcoin is a digital currency, but the Blockchain is a mechanism on which bitcoin is created. Bitcoin would be worthless without blockchain technology, as there is no way to transact securely in it. Blockchain is a verifiable database that ensures that all transactions are authentic. You are therefore protected against fraud and double-spending.

It is essential to understand the relationship between bitcoin and Blockchain. Because of Blockchain technology, the distributed systems are able to record and validate the transactions before entering a new block onto the chain. This provides advanced safety and privacy. Anyone’s computer cannot alter the history of the chain. A consensus-based model will replace the trust given to banks and central institutions to maintain accurate records.

The current discussion on the Blockchain is limited to its application in the financial sector. However, it will be used in the future for record-keeping, property deeds, and contracts. Many hosts consider Blockchain to be a troublesome technology.

How Does Blockchain Work To Store Crypto Data?

Blockchains store a chain that links all data in blocks and these blocks. When any unique data arrives into the chain, it makes a new block. Once the block is complete, it is attached to the previous block. This allows data to be arranged in a chronological hierarchy. Each block retains information about different transactions.

Let’s take an illustration of a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also includes data. However, it is only intended for one or a limited number of users who can view or modify it. An extensive database comprises large amounts of data that allow being accessed simultaneously by multiple peoples. These databases are usually owned by an entity or individual who has complete control. The Blockchain, however, is decentralized and does not belong to any single individual or entity. This makes the Blockchain safe and reliable.


The relationship between them is clear. Blockchain is a critical component of Cryptocurrency. Blockchain can become its bank system, or more precisely, distributed ledger system. Because of its digital advantages it can also allow users to create their blockchains with one set parameter.


This is why it is important to remember that Cryptocurrency has a strong relationship. Bitcoin would not exist without it. However, time will show if this method is sustainable. There will need to be some legitimizing standards to protect the ever-growing user base’s financial and data security.