Knowing which cryptocurrency to buy right now can be a tough task because there are thousands of well-established tokens in the crypto markets.

To help clear the mist, this article explores the 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in for 2024 and beyond – based on metrics such as growth potential, risk, roadmap targets, and more. Read more on

The Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2024

Some tokens in our list of best new cryptos are established with a huge market capitalization; others are still up and coming. This gives you the best chance to create a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Lucky Block – Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2024


The best new cryptocurrency to invest in in 2024 is Lucky Block. This top-rated project – which was launched on the Pancakeswap exchange as recently as late January 2024, is looking to revolutionize how people engage with traditional lottery games.

The team at Lucky Block can facilitate this goal by bringing lotteries to the blockchain protocol. Moreover, gaming outcomes on the Lucky Block network are derived via smart contracts, which guarantee fairness, and randomness.

Another standout feature of the Lucky Block roadmap is that there will be no jurisdictional limitations on who can play its lottery games. This is in stark contrast to traditional lotteries typically governed by state-backed franchises.

As per its first exchange listing just a week ago, Lucky Block has gone from a pre-sale raise of $5 million to a total market capitalization of more than $200 million. Plenty of centralized exchange listings are planned for the coming weeks – with the likes of and in the works.

Bitcoin – Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in for Beginners


Beginners asking which cryptocurrency to buy in 2024 might be best to stick with Bitcoin – the largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has hit highs of $69,000 per token – an over a trillion dollars market capitalization.

In early 2024, Bitcoin dropped below $40,000. This means you can now buy this cryptocurrency asset at a discount. Regarding where Bitcoin can go, some market commentators believe that $100,000 is possible by the end of 2024, meaning that buying bitcoin in the UK remains a good option.

XRP – Top Cryptocurrency Project That is Partnered With 200+ Banks


XRP is the digital token backed by Ripple. Ripple specializes in cross-border payments for banks and financial institutions. Facilitated via blockchain technology, Ripple and XRP transactions take no more than five seconds to process.

Whichever fiat currencies are transacted, XRP transactions typically cost a small fraction of one cent. As a result of this efficiency and cost-effectiveness, more than 200 banks are either testing or using the Ripple network to transact.

Decentraland – Invest in the MetaVerse via MANA Tokens


Next up on our list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 is Decentraland. This project offers a 3D virtual world via its MetaVerse-esque gaming platform. Not only can users create characters and communicate with other players – but buy land and build real estate.

Some real estate holdings on Decentraland have sold for over $1 million on the open marketplace. Decentraland does, of course, have its cryptocurrency token – which is called MANA. This crypto asset has increased by over 1,400% over the past year.

Shiba Inu – One of the Most Popular Cryptocurrency to Buy Now


Shiba Inu shot to fame in 2024 with some of the largest gains ever seen in cryptocurrency. Since this popular cryptocurrency was founded in August 2020 – the token has exploded to a multi-billion dollar top-20 digital asset by market capitalization.

The SHIB price is now $0.00002 – if you were to invest just $50, you would get yourself over 2.5 million tokens. As such, it is not only Shiba Inu, one of the best-performing crypto assets in the market – but also the cheapest.

Ethereum – Second Largest Cryptocurrency for Market Capitalization


Ethereum is the second-largest digital token in this space in terms of market capitalization. The project was launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin to expand on the capabilities of Bitcoin. It does this by allowing developers to create and deploy smart contracts.

Smart contracts allow people to enter into agreements that are facilitated by code. This means that trustless agreements can be made at a button. To invest in Ethereum, you can buy the ETH token – which has increased by over 22,000% over the past five years.

Dogecoin – Most Promising Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2024


Elon Musk’s constant tweets and TV appearances mentioning Dogecoin saw this crypto asset increase by over 10,000% in 2024.

Since it hit highs of over $0.70 per token, Dogecoin has dropped to 2024 lows of $0.12. Although this does represent a huge decline, at these levels, you are essentially entering the market at a highly favorable discount of over 80%.

The Graph – Cheap Cryptocurrency to Buy Right Now


If you’re in the market for the best cheap cryptocurrency to buy now – consider The Graph. This digital asset project offers competing blockchains indexing services. This is crucial for many top-50 blockchain networks, as vast amounts of data are processed daily.

And by offering to index this data via its innovative storage facility, The Graph is one of the unique digital tokens to keep an eye on this year. And, when you consider that this digital token is still available to buy for less than $0.50 – this represents a great entry price.

BNB – Popular Cryptocurrency Backed by Binance


BNB is the cryptocurrency backed by Binance, the world’s largest exchange. BNB allows users of Binance to reduce trading commissions. The token is also used to fuel the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain, two independent blockchain networks.

This means that BNB has a real use case. Binance also burns BNB tokens, reducing the overall circulating supply, which can help further increase the value of the token.

Yearn. finance – Decentralized Finance Platform With Top Digital Token


Last but not least on our list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2024 is Yearn. Finance and its YFI token. The team behind Yearn. Finance has created a popular decentralized platform that allows users to earn interest in their cryptocurrency investments.

This is made possible through a peer-to-peer loan system, where the tokens are lent to borrowers. And, of course, those borrowing funds will pay interest on the funds they are lent. As decentralized financial services continue to grow – this can only be a good thing for YFI.