Denver is the capital of Colorado and has lots of exciting places to attend and is surrounded by outstanding landmarks. By visiting the city, you will score a home run since you can combine exploring the natural landmarks and the bustling city’s sights. Moreover, you will find that you can benefit most from the travel to Denver if you manage to incorporate the visitation with attendance of a cultural festival. There are plenty to choose from in Denver, and those include small local festivals and large ones, the religious and cultural ones.

1. Cinco de Mayo Festival


Cinco de Mayo Festival is celebrated yearly to commemorate the victory of Mexico over the French Empire, and it is probably one of the most popular festivals to celebrate the Mexican-American culture. It is usually filled with vibrant colors and regional music and traditions. It is the perfect chance to try some Mexican food and drinks.

This festival cannot be mixed up with any other, and it is a perfect choice for a group of friends who want to visit Denver and unwind a bit. There are lots of parties, parades, and plenty of stalls with Mexican food. Besides most bars usually serve typical Mexican beer. If you are up to it, you can even try some cooking workshops and end up having a whale of a time. As the name suggests this event takes place on the fifth of May, so if you are planning a visit to Denver around that time, you can rent a car and check out multiple locations.

2. Denver International Wine Festival


The region of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado has some of the most breathtaking views, but it is also known for some of the local winemaking business and the Denver International Wine Festival is an excellent opportunity to delve into this world. Every year in November there are lots of educational seminars and live music events, and plenty of scrumptious dinners and tours of local wineries. Moreover, tourists can try more than 400 types of wine and other alcoholic drinks. The event lasts 4 days and it can prove to be really entertaining for a group of friends, plus you can organize a romantic getaway with your special one.

3. Aspen Film Shortsfest

If you are into movies, this is the perfect way to spend a wonderful time in Colorado. If you are a young driver, you will be able to combine a visit to Denver with driving up to Aspen to visit the short films festivals. You can rent a car in Denver under 25 with and after exploring the city take a short trip to the festival. The films are usually under the 40-minute mark and you can devote the whole day to them.

Moreover, if you like to have a more proactive approach, you will enjoy the workshops and presentations on short filmmaking and some panels about the art of film-making. This is a great type of activity for a family or group of friends and everything will take place against the magnificent backdrop of mountains and stunning nature, so save some time for it in April.

4. Denver Arts Festival


About 200 artists can be seen participating in the Denver Arts Festival in September annually. If you like exploring the current art scene and discovering local and national talents you will truly enjoy this event. It is one of the largest of its kind in the state and is free to attend. If you are planning a visit to Colorado at that time, find a car rental for those under 25 and you will be inspired by the local artists and their eclectic works. If you are searching for some design pieces for your accommodation, visit Conservatory Green at this time and you are bound to purchase some unique masterpieces there and in such way support local artists.

5. Oktoberfest Denver

No list of festivals would be complete without the Oktoberfest. Initially German tradition, it has been gaining traction around the world and is considered to be one of the most fun and exciting events for young people. Even though it has become a global phenomenon by now, every city puts a bit of a different spin on it. The core, however, remains the same, and in Denver, you can also enjoy some of the different varieties of local and international beer, amazingly delicious food, and lots of competitions and other kinds of entertainment. So spare some time in September to experience this wild ride of a holiday.

All in all, there are lots of holidays and festivals organized in Denver and in the area. Everything will pretty much depend on your interests and the timetable of your trip. If you are flexible with the dates you can adjust your visit to coincide with a particular event, but even if you can’t do that you will still find lots of interesting events in Denver.