Deadlift without being dubious is my favorite exercise! Today I want to explore why that is the case and why EVERYONE should add it into their workout routines if it is not in it already.

Why is it my favorite exercise?


It is a perfect workout for anyone who wants to take muscle mass, athleticism and muscle strength to a whole new level.  It is a full body workout that improves the durability of a body and gives some mind-boggling benefits that are backed up by science.

Why should everyone be doing it?


Aside from the fact that it is a heavy/fun and beautiful exercise.  It is super functional and consists of movements that translate to real life.

I dare you to count how many times you bend over to pick something up during the day – Picking up a book; picking up your dog; picking up the weight I am making you pick up, picking up your buddy who has had one too many drinks. Picking things up safely is a good way to prevent back pain, among other things. Ergo, lifting heavy versions of things, makes those light things feel like nothing!

Posture/posterior chain!

It fixes everything that Spin (I am looking at you SoulCycle/CycleBar), sitting in your car, sitting at your computer, and everything else that our world screws up. It makes blatantly clear, mobility/stability/strength issues for all of the most important muscle groups.

It also builds your butt when done right…and who doesn’t appreciate a good butt (and I am not talking about the fake-out, terrible pelvic tilt ‘big butt’)?

Strong bones! Like milk, but less bloating.

Heavy weights (even a bit more so in lifts where it is literally on your back – like squats), promote increases in bone density. Forget Life Alert, just work your deads and prevent the breakage (sort of joking)



Hip drive is among the most powerful movements we can create as humans. Training heavy deadlifts produces an increase in the force that you can create. Powerful hip drives can then be used for the most powerful (and safest) high-intensity movement: Swings. Talk about the most efficient way to burn fat – don’t even get me started on heavy kettlebell swings.

Benefits of Deadlifts that are Backed by Science

Deadlifts are considered the favorite form of workout among all fitness enthusiasts, be it Eric Richard Allen, Tracy Anderson, Jane Fonda or Kathy Smith. Apart from the fact that it is a full-body workout, it has endless benefits that reinforce the idea of mastering it.

1. Deadlifts – a full-body workout

People have a perception that deadlifts work for the lower body, but they also impact the upper body. Deadlifts engage both the lower back and upper back as both support the torso to pull weight from the floor. The biceps will also be strained as they assist the arms during the pull, whereas the shoulders work hard to keep the arms locked into one place.

2. More strength, more fun


More deadlifts are synonymous with more strength. The psychological response of the deadlift was more than any other form of exercise. Deadlift lets you lift a lot of weight that eventually maximize the body’s durability and improve the longevity of life.

3. Development of back pain is minimal

When they age lower, a common problem often observed in people is back pain – generally because of being overweight or sitting at a desk all day. Deadlifts have a considerable role in alleviating lower back pain and also stop it from developing in years to come.

However, be sure that you always keep the back entirely straight throughout the movement. Rounding the lower back can result in injury and will cause serious health concerns! Therefore, be mindful while doing any exercise and get assistance from a professional.

4. Deadlifts improve maximal jump performance

Deadlifts are considered a staple of some rigorous strength training exercises, and so is the jumping for athletic performance. Jumping ability is the reflection of the overall development of lower body power. More so, a maximized capacity reflected in the ability to jump transforms into other activities like sprinting. A comparison shows that a person who does deadlifts has improved maximal jump performance than the one who does not.

5. Improved bone mineral density


A decline in bone mineral density is an alarming situation that causes serious health issues in older adults.  In some cases, a point reaches when the density of bone mineral reduces to an extremely low level and causes osteoporosis in young as well as older individuals. Click here to get your bespoken requirements fulfilled for an ideal body.

The plurality of health researchers is adamant about the fact that the use of resistance training can reduce the reverse age-related loss which includes the exercises like Deadlifts. The bone mineral density can only be achieved by doing weight-bearing exercises.

The location of increased bone density is linked to the area being trained. Area of the body that works more hard will be more likely to experience the improved bone mineral density.

6. Boost metabolism

Weight loss is the most followed fitness program. Losing body weight is possible when you burn more calories than you consume in a given period.  A typical weight loss program combines both diet plans coupled with strenuous work out that assist in burning calories at the highest pace.

When it comes to improving metabolism through movement, resistance exercise like deadlift is considered the best form of exercise to burn calories. Additionally, the development of lean muscle also helps to burn extra calories throughout the day no matter if you are exercising or not.

Tips to perform deadlift


Here are the deadlift tips that you must keep in mind in order to gain maximum benefits and prevent injuries.

  • Protect the back – keep your back straight! If you are unable to keep the back straight, you can maximize the chance of hurting the back.
  • When you lift and lower the barbell, keep it close to your body.
  • Many gym-goers forget to extend their legs, torso, hips at the end of any physical activity.  You actually cut yourself quite short if you don’t extend to the top of the deadlift.


Functional movement creates a durable foundation for your daily activities. It will promote stronger bones and increase the balance and flexibility that you can feel in your daily life.

In addition to the movement, it increases your core strength and burns some of the most Calories (when heavy or explosive). Plus, it puts you in a state of recovery that rivals HIIT training that can last for days.