Over the past year, the world has been changed significantly by the global COVID19 pandemic. The virus has changed the way that we go to work, how we go to school, and the way that we date. If you are single right now, dating has definitely become harder as a result of this unexpected global crisis. Thankfully, online dating has been around for a while, so meeting new people isn’t completely out of the question. But with restaurants and bars closed and strict restrictions on meeting other people, how can you make the most of online dating in a pandemic?

Choose the Right Dating Site


There are tons of different dating sites out there and they have all been doing different things to try and accommodate users throughout the pandemic, from offering in-app video chatting to profile updates that allow you to specify which kind of socially-distanced dates you’d be comfortable with. Along with that, choosing the right dating site makes it easier for you to find matches that are suitable for you. You can chat with singles in Winnipeg (Canada) here.

Get Ready for Video Dates


It might seem like everything is done over Zoom these days, and dating has been no different. While Zoom is a popular platform for remote meetings and school classes, it’s also very useful for dating people that you’ve met online, as it gives you the chance to have a face-to-face meeting without putting yourself or anyone else at risk of COVID19.

Come Up With Fun Remote Dating Ideas


After the first video call, if you want to take things further with your date then you might have to be comfortable without meeting up in person for the time being. Thankfully, over the past year, the amount of choice that we have when it comes to fun things to do online with other people has definitely grown. To keep your relationship going steady even when dating looks different right now, come up with some fun online date ideas that you could try together, like Netflix Parties, attending an online theatre show together, playing online games together, and more.

Socially Distanced Dates


Depending on the COVID19 guidelines where you live, you might be able to go on some in-person dates in a socially distanced manner. Since restaurants and bars aren’t all reopened yet and there are strict rules in place, it might be best to plan something that will be easy to do while sticking to the guidelines.

Even if there are measures of social distance, you should still find a way to organize a fun and enjoyable first date. What did people do in the past on the first date? They walked to different places and still had fun. In modern times, people usually go to restaurants for the first date. Think about some other alternatives. You and your partner can go ice skating or skiing. Other than that, you can drink some hot chocolate and take a tour of your city. One of the best ideas for the first date is to organize some trips out of town. You two can visit some lakes, mountains, or some other landscape near your town. In that way, you will surely keep your distance from crowds.

Have Realistic Expectations


COVID19 has certainly changed our dating lives for the foreseeable future, so it’s important to make sure that you have realistic expectations. Chances are that even if you meet somebody who you really like and get on with online, you’re not going to be able to date like you’re used to, so have a plan in place for doing things virtually to make sure that it stays fun and exciting.

COVID19 has certainly changed dating for many people, but that doesn’t mean that dating is impossible.

Don’t treat virtual dates like job interviews


Common mistakes that people make through online dating is acting like they are on a job interview. That way of communication won’t be good for online dating, but it would also not be good when you see that person for the first time in-person.

If online dating is new for you, you should know how to approach it. Let’s be honest, this is a perfect opportunity to bring some fun and creativity to your love life. There are plenty of ideas you can try and enjoy while you are finding love. We will suggest you avoid asking your potential partner numerous questions to find out if he/she is a perfect match.

You should enjoy conversation and get to know the person as time pass. If you see that person does not suit you, try finding someone else. However, the key is to look at this situation as a way to interact with new people creatively like you wouldn’t in normal conditions. On that road, you can find something new about yourself, as well. For instance, if you are a shy person, you will be surprised to see yourself making jokes, talking a lot, and other stuff.

Bonus: Relationships can be helpful in the period of COVID19 Pandemic


Studies show that connection methods through chats, messaging, phone calls, and videos are not significantly increased. This is an excellent example of our emotional conditions as human beings. More precisely, we do not want to be alone in a crisis, so we are looking for any kind of support. However, love emotional support is the thing most people lust for. Relationships can help people stay mentally and emotionally strong and healthy in a situation like this. This is a perfect example of how sex and physical attraction can be less valuable than real emotional support and understanding.


You should not let crisis break you and change your life. Even there are so many different government measures, we should not let them influence our lives, especially love life. Love is the thing that moves us and affects our positive feelings. You should still have fun and while respecting social distancing and other rules. There is always an option to set up some dinner and game night at your house and have an enjoyable dating experience.