Most of the modern young people aged 20-25 are single and do not plan to start a family soon. They are at the stage of their life when their studies are finally over, and they can enter adulthood. Whether it’s about building new relationships or getting impressions from communicating with numerous different people, young people are actively looking for new acquaintances. But, alas, this is not always possible.

The Problem of Loneliness of Young People


The progressive technological environment, on the one hand, offers many dating opportunities. These are all kinds of search applications, social networks, and various online platforms like Ladadate designed specifically for communication with Slavic women. But on the other hand, getting to know someone in real life is getting harder. Is it possible to do this while standing in line at the bank or choosing peas in a supermarket?

The App as a Way Out of the Situation


The situation is aggravated by another factor — the duration of loneliness. The more time a person spends in the status of a single, the more it begins to seem that this stage of life will never come to an end. And it’s getting harder to make new friends. Since young people in public places try to behave as self-contained as possible (which, however, is quite justified), they continue to search where they started — in online dating apps. Well, there’s nothing wrong with looking for an interesting friend or even a romantic partner using technologies.

Statistical Indicators


And let the older generation insist that the young people, allegedly, do not notice anything around, plunging in their phones. Young people, be more confident: it turns out that science and statistics are on your side. For example, in America, it is estimated that about 40 million Americans are getting acquainted online. And this is 40% of the population of the entire country, which includes representatives of all generations.

What’s more, researchers believe winter is the best time for online dating. According to surveys, activity on such platforms increases by 30% during the winter season. And the more traffic comes to the resource, the more potential partners there are, and the audience becomes more involved. In other words, it is much more likely to meet a loved one during the winter months.

Why Is Winter the Best Time for Dating?


Researchers have several assumptions on this question:

  • Online communication is a good way to solve the problem of loneliness in the fall and winter. After all, at this time of year, you have to stay at home almost all the time.
  • Scientists also believe that the cause may be seasonal depression. Every fall, millions of people feel its impact. However, this factor has a positive effect on the dating world. 75% of the 2,000 users aged 21 to 40 who participated in the survey admitted that they experience a particularly acute sense of social isolation during the cold season. Of these 75% of respondents, 69% say that online dating allows them to deal with this feeling of loneliness.
  • It’s cozy. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you should hibernate and never see anyone. Snow-covered sidewalks, warm fire, hot chocolate — is there anything cozier than the winter season? For this reason, dating is always a good idea when temperatures drop. There is something about cold weather that just sets the mood for romance. You want to cuddle up to someone on the subway on your way to the cinema or have a hot date to keep you warm on the coldest evenings.
  • It’s no secret that in winter, it’s pretty cold and snowy outside, so of course, you’re not interested in leaving the comfort of your home anytime soon. Instead, you can invite your new acquaintance for a simple dinner (or take-out pizza if you hate cooking — that’s totally cool), and if you want Netflix to be involved, that sounds like a perfect date.
  • Wherever you go, you see sweet couples walking hand in hand, dressed in winter clothes, and you become even more aware of how lonely you really are. This season, you definitely want to go out on a date so as not to get the winter blues. After all, seasonal depression is the real thing.
  • Did you know that January is the most popular time for those who are brave in the murky waters of online dating? Some of the trendiest and most popular websites have claimed that January 3, 2016, was their busiest, best day in history. But don’t worry. Even if you’ve waited until now to log in or even set up your online profile — it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The winter is long, and there is still time to meet your soulmate or just a good friend.

Of course, if you meet your soulmate in the fall or spring, it will still be amazing, romantic and wonderful, because you have finally found someone after months or even years of searching. But there is something special about a love story that begins in winter. You have a built-in romantic setting with snow falling outside your apartment window, and weather forecasts predict a strong storm that makes you think you should cuddle your new acquaintance forever. Never underestimate the power of a January or February meeting. It sounds so much better.

You are disappointed that you had to spend another Christmas season explaining to all the relatives why you are still alone. So, now you have the motivation to find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life. You want to be the smiling person for Christmas next year, showing off your not-so-new partner.

So, online dating in the cold season is a good way to dispel sadness, even without leaving home. Of course, you can meet your soulmate in a butcher shop or by visiting MessyWeekend. But now the chances of this event are very low. So, feel free to launch the dating app/website — after all, anyone who is looking for a good and worthy partner will certainly be able to find them.