In life, you’ll find yourself facing many hard decisions. Some of them might involve moving. Many of us will get tempted to try a DIY approach. Others will have no doubts that hiring professional movers is the right move. But, who is right? Can we even determine this? While we’re not talking about an exact science, and no precise calculus is applicable here, we can at least discuss it. Both are viable options and depending on your circumstances either might do the job.

In the end, it all comes down to your ability to do it yourself. With professional movers, you get the people who do this for a living. They will take the stress out of the situation, and you’ll feel relieved that everything is happening smoothly. On the other hand, you might not want other people handling your belongings. But, can you do it on your own? Do you have a vehicle to handle all of your stuff in one go? There are many elements that go into moving. The price and the distance are just some of them.

Of course, we should try to be unbiased but that might not be easy in this situation. If you’re moving with only one suitcase of stuff, of course, you can move by yourself. But if you’re moving an entire family with a lifelong list of things you now own, hiring a professional such as should be your first thought. But, that’s just us being biased. If we’re trying to look at the situation from both angles we’re going to tell you our opinion on DIY move vs. hiring professional movers – which one is a better option we know what we would do, but please share with us your opinion after reading this piece. The comment section is intended for that. Let’s start.

When DIY Moving Comes Into Play?


Deciding to move out on your own usually happens for one reason – money. Most people who engage in handling this action on their own want to save money. This is fine. But, in the long run, saving money might not be possible. When you decide to move things on your own you need to prepare for a lot of physical labor. You might rent a truck, but all the loading and unloading needs to be done by you. Of course, if your family lives nearby or you have plenty of friends to help, you can ask them to assist you. But handling things this way will take the professionalism out of the story.

While you might save money like this, you probably won’t save any time even if you try. Also, while friends and family might help while loading, the same can’t be expected at the destination. There, it’s all up to you. Packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking could take up forever in this scenario. DIY is great, but only if you can pull it off. We only recommend doing this if you don’t have too many things to move. If the cargo is going to be pretty big, you should opt-out of this idea.

Consider Professional Movers as a First Option


Let’s not talk about money first. Instead, let us focus on time. And you know that time is money. When you hire professional movers you’re entitled to your time.  You’ll save money not only on packing, loading, and unloading but on planning too. Additional help in the form of professional movers is a welcomed addition. People who know how to do their bidding know how to save both your and their time.

Now, let’s move on to the money. Yes, moving companies cost money. It is their work after all. Of course, we’re not talking about perfect organizations. They can be late, damage your goods, or act unprofessionally. But, these are exceptions to the rule – they’ll get the job done. Yes, they might cost more than average DIY work but it will save you time and stress and for this, any price is worth it.

The primary reason why hiring professional movers is worth it due to their experience. They are not only experienced in handling moving they also have all the needed equipment and tools. What this means for the entire endeavor is that it will be handled in the best way possible. Even if you insist on DIY you probably have no idea how to take a sofa down from the second floor. Professional movers know how to handle these things. What you should look forward to is that your only obligation is to pay them, and you don’t have to get involved in any other work on the spot.

Also, another aspect of moving goods is the small matter of insurance. If you move things on your own, there’s no insurance involved. But, if you hire professionals they will certainly offer you the chance to put insurance on any goods you’ll be transporting. This is a great way to feel safer regarding your belongings. Insurance is vital especially if you’re moving far away from the place where you lived, and if we’re talking about another country or a state it gets even more important.


Bottom Line

As we said, trying to be unbiased in this situation is practically impossible. Not even Ethan Hunt could handle this situation that way. If you’re asking us what’s wiser thing to do we’re going to say hire professional movers every time. It is the easiest way out. You’ll be giving the keys to your stuff to the professionals who know how to do their job. It will save you both time and money, especially in the long run. While there’s a certain satisfaction in doing things the right way, by yourself, you shouldn’t insist on it in this situation. There are plenty of other things you can DIY once you finish moving. When in your new home, focus on handing the interior matters or your landscape on your own, but leave the moving to the professionals. Bottom line is – in this department hiring professional help beast DIY methods all the way to the finish line.