Whether you are afraid of snakes or adore them, these creatures can crawl inside your dreams. Usually, they have a deep meaning behind them and can tell you a lot about your hopes and fears. To understand your dream, you need to learn the sign’s meaning. You can do it on the insidemydream portal specializing in dreams interpretations or learn the basics of “snaky dreams” here.

The Dream You See


There are lots of different types of dreams about snakes. You need to take the journal of your dreams (if you have one, or you may start it) and write down the dream you’ve just seen in every detail. Official statistics say that you forget up to 95 percent of the dreams you see. Meanwhile, these dreams may be crucial and point turning in your life.

You may see different types of snakes too. The dream can be about bites, constrictions, and snake attacks from shadows or water. You may travel to jungles in your dreams and meet the snake there. You should think about the emotions you experience during the meeting with the reptile. Although snakes are the most widespread guest of our dreams, the meaning can differ based on circumstances. Moreover, it never means you will actually meet the snake, or it will bite you unless you are a fortune teller, which changes a lot.

Snakes have been the objects of fear since the beginning of human history. In every ancient culture, the snake was sacred. This animal with the poisonous bite is a primeval fear that is sometimes associated with sexual desires and life changes we have to let.

History of Dreams About Snakes

Snakes are in numerous ancient texts, including the dream interpretations. The first mention can be found in Oneirocritica’s text written by Artemidoros. The text describes all the possible dreams you can have about snakes. The most curious is the dream about snakes that pregnant women see dreams.

According to the text, if a pregnant woman sees a snake in her dream, her son will be an orator as a snake has a forked tongue, a priest because a snake is sacred to the god, or a thief because a snake is slippery and can’t be caught. Snakes were treated as spirits from the underworld too. Yet, no matter whether they were evil or good, they all had one thing in common, wit. Almost every ancient civilization treated snakes like the wittiest creatures in the world, sometimes even smarter than people.

Let’s not forget that snake sheds off her skin once in a while. This observation could not pass unnoticed by our ancestors. They granted another meaning to the snake, which is rebirth. If an ill person saw the snake in the dream, this person would restore health soon.

Different religious had different interpretations of the snakes’ dreams. For example, an Islamic interpreter of dreams, Ibn Sirin, wrote that the field populated with snakes in your dream predicted the rich harvest in fall. Meanwhile, a Jewish interpreter said there is nothing good in the dream since enemies surround the person. Hindu interpreter recommended never to kill a snake in a dream since this action could bring misfortune.

Common Interpretations of Dreams About Snakes


Here are some modern interpretations of dreams with snakes. You should understand that the snake may not be the central figure, and you need to focus on something else. Don’t miss any detail; you may even seem unimportant. Common interpretations:

  • New beginning and change of usual order. You can dream of a snake that sheds its old skin, which, as it was interpreted above, means change. However, sometimes even the venomous bite of a snake can have the same meaning. You have to focus on details and your feeling during the dream;
  • Paralysis and oppression. Constriction usually means oppression. Yet, the snake does not have to crawl upon you. You can see a snake with several heads in your dream. It means you can’t get your way out of the complicated dilemma. You see several options and can’t choose one. This can lead to the feeling of suffocation. Once you see this dream, you need to figure out the problem in your life. If you do nothing, there is a high chance this dream will repeat;
  • Relations. Chased by snakes in your dream does not promise you anything good. It rather leaves you with heavy feelings in the morning. If you see yourself surrounded or chased by snakes, you want to change something in your relations with other people. Probably, you fear the enemy that is hidden from you. Your mind already suspects someone close to you, but you can’t admit this fact;
  • Sexuality. Based on cultural differences, snakes can usually be seen as a sign of male or female sexual power. If you see a snake consuming you in the bedroom or a nest that reminds you of the bed, it means something is wrong with your sexual life. You may need intimacy or, on the contrary, want to get out of relations that don’t satisfy you.

Importance of Interpretation

Dreams about snakes may not reveal your future secrets, but they can still be helpful. Snake is always a symbol of something happening in your daily life. It may be an object or the need for change. Concentrate on the emotions you experience while seeing the snake in your dream. If you feel relief, you may have already achieved something, and your subconscious wants to celebrate your efforts.

Dream About Snakes


No matter what dream you have about the snake, try to remember it. After some time, you can analyze it without being emotional or scared. You will notice that snakes in dreams usually highlight the problems you should fix to live a happy life.