Many drivers might not be aware of the correct frame and lens while choosing driving sunglasses. It is crucial to choose the right pair of sunglasses while driving. Some of the sunglasses are just not suitable to wear while driving. Make sure to buy the goggles according to your style. Also, don’t forget to pack them while traveling around. So, you would just grab your sunglasses, Rent A Car from any good rental company and you are ready to go.

You should keep your vision clear while driving to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays. You need to research well to find out the best lens style, frame size, etc. In this blog, we will be giving you guidelines to ensure that driving sunglasses you choose you leads towards the safe and sound journey. We will also discuss the right glasses frames according to the shape of your face.

Steps to choose the right pair of driving sunglasses

  • Step 1: Choose the right lens color
  • Step 2: Choose the right tint level
  • Step 3: Choose the right frame of sunglasses
  • Step 4: Choose the right lens coating
  • Step 5: Choose polarised lenses

Step 1: Choose the right lens color


Choosing the right lens color is important especially when you are driving on a bright day. There are basically 4 tint colors you can consider according to your style.

1- Amber/Brown tint: This tinted color is best as it enhances the contrast and provides better perception. You can use amber color sunglasses whether it is sunshine or raining.

2- Grey tint: Grey color is best for you if your eyes get tired easily. It is because the grey color reduces eye fatigue. It also helps to keep the glare off water to a minimum level hence making it the best tint color for driving.

3- Rose tint: This tint is also all-rounder as it enhances conditions in all kinds of weather and improves depth perception. You can use it on cloudy and sunny days.

4- Yellow tint: This tint is specifically recommended for drivers as it enhances contrast and definition. You can also choose them to drive at night time in streetlights.

Note: Make sure to read the “Safe for driving” label before buying.

Step 2: Choose the right tint level


After selecting the right tint color, you need to choose the right tint level for driving sunglasses. Mostly tint level is rated on a scale of 0 to 4, with 0 being no tint and 4 being very dark tint level. The higher tint level means less light into your eyes. We suggest you go for 2 or 3 tint levels as it allows the light transmission of 18 to 43%. Make sure to learn about the tint levels before buying sunglasses.

Step 3: Choose the right frame of sunglasses


It is important to pick the appropriate frame along with the right tint color and level. It is crucial for your safety because you could be penalized if your sunglasses are the reason for the accident or collision. Well, there are no specific frame styles, but we recommend you to choose the styles of the sunglasses that make you able to see clearly from all angles. Also, keep in mind to choose the pair of frames that provide the peripheral vision so you can see clearly in all the directions while looking straight.

Step 4: Choose the right lens coating


Always opt for the anti-scratch driving sunglasses. There is no point to buy sunglasses that get scratched easily. It is because the nature of glasses is off and on and when they get scratched they will hide your vision and increase the amount of glare. You can also add an anti-reflective coating to keep the light out of your eyes. It will also help to improve your view. Moreover, make sure that your lenses resist grease and water so they are easy to clean.

Step 5: Choose polarised lenses


You can choose polarized lenses to reduce glare and get off the water quite easily. Polarised lenses are ideal to use in humid areas or in case if you are near the sea area. They are also perfect for dampening the glare of the wet roads that follow the thunderstorms, especially in summers.

How to choose the best frame according to face shape?


There are mostly 4 types of face shapes and these are round, oval, square, and heart. You can use sunglasses according to your face size and shape.

  • Round: These faces are youthful in their features. Also, these faces are kind of full so the people with round faces can use different types of frames than others. The roundness of cheeks and soft face features allows you to use angular frames as it creates a longer face shape.
  • Oval:  The oval shape is not angular and you can easily select the sunglasses if your face is oval shape. You can choose wide frames that are almost equal to the widest parts of your face.
  • Square: These faces are strong and angular and if you have a square face you can choose rounder frames as they will compliment your face better. Also, you can enjoy different types of frames like super wide to cat-eye, etc.
  • Heart: You have the heart-shaped face if your cheekbones are high and you have a defined and narrow chin. The wider frames go well with your face shape. The thinner arms of your frame will increase the face symmetry.


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