Like electric cars, bikes are also in trend. Now, it is possible to cover long distances with an electric bike. You can either pedal it or ride it with the battery attached to it. You can prefer buying a bicycle with a chargeable battery. But you must wonder how much distance you can cover on a single charge.

It is necessary to know that different bike models are available with varying battery capacities. The distance covered by every bike is quite different. The following write-up will discuss how far you can ride an e-bike on one charge. If you purchase an electric bicycle, you must know whether it is worth buying it.

You must go through the product specifications before spending money on it. Many people prefer buying bikes to avoid pollution but also want to ride far. It is not easy to pedal long distances. Therefore, these e-bikes are manufactured to fulfill your purpose.

How Much Distance Can You Cover By an E-bike?

As per the research, the longest distance covered by a high-range e-bike is around 400 Km. The battery power of this bicycle is 3 KW. But if you consider the standard bike with a battery capacity of 400W, you can go far at least 120 km on a single charge.

But the distance may vary if you are riding in a city as it can go far, at least 50 to 60 Km. Many factors can affect the distance that you can ride on your bike.

Essential Factors that can Affect the Distance Covered by an E-bike


The primary concern for every e-bike buyer is the distance they can ride by single charging of this vehicle. It depends on various factors, such as:

  • Speed of the bicycle
  • How much are you pedaling
  • Assistance level
  • The number of times you stop and resume
  • Weight of the rider along with the luggage
  • Riding on plains or hills
  • Weather condition
  • Pressure on tires
  • Battery and motor weight

These factors can affect the distance that you can cover by your e-bike after one charge. It will vary from one person to another. Therefore, you should not compare the e-bike’s performance with another rider.

Different Designing of E-bikes

Indeed, no electric bicycle comes with the same features. The purpose behind their manufacturing is quite different, and you must buy the one as per your requirements. Many people prefer to buy a bicycle with fat tires because it is an excellent choice to ride on sand, slippery areas, snow, mud, etc. Riding over challenging terrains without any risk of getting slipped is possible.

If you are traveling in a city, it can cover a minimum distance of 50 to 60 Km. But if you take it in the mountains, it will go around 20 to 30 Km. When you ride on an inclined surface, the motor needs to do more work, and the battery will be consumed quickly.


You can expect less weight, effective battery life, and anyone who chooses to buy a bicycle with standard-sized tires. But you cannot ride it in difficult areas. Scooteretti has a wide range of electric bikes, and you can purchase them as per your requirements.

How to Cover Long Distance Using E-bikes?

If you want to cover a long distance on a single charge, you should pedal when you are not tired. In this way, the battery will not be consumed, and you can cover some distance by pedaling. You should avoid stopping and starting the bike because more battery is required to regain the speed once the speed comes to zero.

But if you are traveling in the city, you must stop and resume. You can expect better distance coverage when you are outside the city and riding without any stoppage. A meter is attached to your bike to see the range.

It is easy to check the battery capacity and how long you can travel with your vehicle. If you are going on a long trip, it is better to avoid heavy luggage because, in this way, you will ride less distance. It can put more pressure on the motor and consume more battery than expected.

Why is it Better to Prefer Electric Bike Over the Regular One?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing the e-bike over the regular one. Undoubtedly, you can travel a long distance quickly and easily by an electric bicycle. Even if you pedal harder, you cannot reach the maximum speed on regular bikes you can get in the electric ones.


It is easy to climb the mountains and reach your destination in less time. You do not have to sweat a lot as it reduces your efforts. You will not experience any joint pain if you ride the e-bike. If you want an environment-friendly option, you must ditch your fuel-based vehicles and switch to electric bicycles.

You can stay close to nature and explore the beauty around you. The best thing about buying an e-bike is that there is no need to have a license to ride it. It is better to invest in automated electric bikes than regular bicycles.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an electric bicycle is quite a good decision compared to regular ones or other fuel-based vehicles. But if you have the same concern about whether you can cover the long distance or not, then it depends on you entirely. The way you ride the e-bike, you can expect much to go far. As you know, many factors affect the performance of the electric bicycle, and you must keep them in your mind while riding it.

If you want to go far on a single charge, you must ride without any heavy luggage, pedal, check the range, avoid stops, etc. If you follow simple tips, you can easily go far and cover a significant distance. Undoubtedly, it is a better option than other vehicles and a worthy investment you can make.