Team development encompasses various ways to improve the efficiency of your workforce, such as by fostering better communication, providing training, or rewarding employees. But alongside these initiatives there is one tool that can be particularly useful: Employee

As you probably know, employee monitoring tools let you track the activity of employees.
Some, such as Controlio, will give you the means to see what apps employees are using,
which websites they visit, and the duration of time they spend on various activities.

Because Controlio is a cloud based employee monitoring software its data can be accessed at any time and from any place, allowing you to view reports or check on what employees
are up to live. And that data will help facilitate team development initiatives by:

● Measuring employee productivity


With employee monitoring you will have empirical data that lets you see exactly how
productive employees are, and you can use it as a basis for all your team
development efforts. In the case of Controlio the software itself will even calculate a
productivity score for individual employees on its own.

Not only will this let you compare the productivity of employees, but it will also
serve as an indication of any issues employees may be having. In some cases it can
also be used to decide the best way to direct your team development efforts.

● Analyzing the effectiveness of training programs

Armed with monitoring data, you can determine whether or not the training
programs you implement are effective. If employees show an increase in
productivity after training, accomplish tasks quickly. and improve their quality of
work – it is safe to say that the training was a success.

However on the flipside if employees don’t show any improvement, it would be a
good idea to investigate why the training may be ineffective and how it can be
improved. By doing so you may be able to improve your training programs further.

● Implementing rewards and providing recognition


A big part of successful team development is the implementation of a reward system
that incentivizes performance and provides recognition of good work. The data from
employee monitoring can be used as a basis for evaluating the performance of
employees, which will make the system more fair.

It should be noted that the same data can also be used in a similar manner for
performance appraisals, and to make more informed decisions on promotions and

While employee monitoring isn’t directly related to team development initiatives, it has a
crucial role to play as a tool to obtain information that can be used to improve the
effectiveness of those initiatives. That is something that you’ll want to take advantage of

Just remember that as useful as employee monitoring can be, it is not something that you
should be overzealous about using. Be sure to adopt a careful approach when you decide
how and what activities you want to monitor so that you don’t end up making your
employees feel uneasy.