Hollywood Glam interior design is a luxurious and glamorous style that takes inspiration from the golden age of Hollywood in the 1920s and 1930s. Expect to find bold colours, metallic accents and plenty of luxurious fabrics.

Any lover of drama and opulence will feel right at home in a Hollywood Glam designed house. So, if you feel like creating the perfect location to swoon so hard you faint onto your canopy bed, then try our tips for implementing this interior design style.

How to Introduce Hollywood Glam Into Your Home


Hollywood Glam can be added into any home, even new builds. It doesn’t require any kind of features that are built into the house, however, any element of glamour that is built into the building helps – for example, picture windows or a bathroom big enough to hold a standalone tub.

You can create Hollywood Glam in your home by opting for a colour scheme that includes bold, dramatic colours like black, white and gold, or jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect color palette for your Hollywood Glam-inspired interior:

• Rich and Bold Colors: Hollywood Glam style is all about embracing bold and rich colors that make a statement. Think deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple. These colors exude luxury and elegance, adding depth and drama to the space.

• Metallic Accents: Incorporating metallic accents is another hallmark of Hollywood Glam style. Silver, gold, and bronze hues bring a touch of glamour and sparkle to the room. Consider using metallic finishes on furniture, accessories, and even wall treatments to add a luxurious sheen.

• Black and White Contrast: The classic combination of black and white is a timeless choice for Hollywood Glam interiors. Black provides a sense of sophistication and drama, while white adds balance and a touch of elegance. Incorporate these contrasting colors through furnishings, upholstery, and artwork to create a visually striking effect.

• Neutrals with a Twist: While bold colors are prominent in Hollywood Glam design, incorporating neutral shades can help balance the overall color scheme. Opt for creamy whites, soft grays, or warm beige tones as a backdrop to showcase the vibrant hues and opulent textures present in the room.

• Monochromatic Elegance: For a more refined and sophisticated look, consider using a monochromatic color scheme. Choose a single color and incorporate different shades and tones of that color throughout the space. This creates a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere while still maintaining a sense of drama and opulence.

• Consider the Room’s Purpose: When selecting a color palette, consider the purpose of the room. For instance, a bedroom may benefit from soothing and calming colors like soft blues or pastel pinks, while a living room or dining area may lend itself to more vibrant and energetic colors like deep reds or regal purples.

• Lighting and Natural Light: Keep in mind that lighting can significantly impact how colors appear in a room. Consider the amount of natural light the space receives and how artificial lighting will affect the chosen colors. Test paint samples and fabric swatches in different lighting conditions to ensure the desired effect is achieved.

• Texture is an important part of any interior design style and you will find this style becomes most cohesive when rich fabrics are incorporated. Velvet, silk and fur all find themselves at home in a Hollywood Glam theme – particularly when paired with the above colour palette; think white fur, emerald green velvet, red silk etc.

How to Accessorise Hollywood Glam


Metallic accents add a touch of glamour, and you can use these on fittings such as door handles or light switches, taps, picture frames or even small pieces of furniture. When it comes to light fittings, choose a grand chandelier to display pure opulence.

When selecting your furniture look for items that use soft, rounded lines and ornate details. A velvet, tufted sofa is perfect for this – especially with a big fluffy throw over it. This look also lends itself to bold patterns, like black and white stripes or geometric shapes.

Accessorising is fun in this style, you can find old movie posters of Hollywood stars or use your own black and white photos. You could also find old American style signs, and kitsch items like a lips phone.

How to Renovate Your Home for Hollywood Glam


Hollywood Glam is all in the ornate details and the more you can fit this into the features of your house, the more cohesive the style will be. You can achieve this by starting with the floors, and some beautiful engineered wood flooring is perfect for this look. Draw inspiration from the most regal interiors in history and choose Versailles style parquet.

When it comes to the walls, you can go for a bold wallpaper featuring geometric patterns. Alternatively, paint the walls in a color of your choice from the aforementioned colour palette and adorn the walls in decorations and ornamental mirrors to open up the space.

Maintaining a Glamorous and Polished Look


Here are some tips for maintaining a glamorous and polished look in your Hollywood Glam-inspired interior:

• Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: To preserve the polished look, establish a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. Dust surfaces, vacuum or sweep floors, and polish any metallic or glass elements to keep them sparkling. Regular maintenance will help maintain the glamour and prevent the space from appearing neglected or unkempt.

• Quality Materials and Finishes: Invest in high-quality materials and finishes for your furniture, fixtures, and accessories. Opt for well-crafted pieces with attention to detail and durable materials that can withstand the test of time. Quality materials and finishes contribute to a polished and luxurious look while adding an element of longevity to your interior design. For example, when choosing materials for your kitchen, consider glass splashbacks as an option. Glass splashbacks not only add a touch of sophistication to your space but also offer durability and ease of maintenance. Their smooth surface is resistant to stains, making them a practical and visually appealing choice for kitchens. By incorporating quality materials like glass splashbacks into your interior design, you not only achieve a polished and luxurious look but also ensure the longevity of your design elements.

• Regular Touch-ups: Periodically assess the condition of your walls, furniture, and other surfaces. Touch up any scuffs or scratches on painted surfaces, repair any loose or damaged upholstery, and tighten any loose hardware or fixtures. Regular touch-ups help maintain the overall polished appearance of the space and prevent small issues from detracting from the glamour.

• Regular Updating: Over time, styles and trends may change. To keep your Hollywood Glam interior fresh and relevant, consider periodically updating certain elements. This could involve refreshing the color palette, replacing outdated accessories, or incorporating new statement pieces. Regular updates ensure that your space maintains its glamorous appeal while staying current with evolving design aesthetics.

Will Hollywood Glam Go Out Of Style?


Hollywood Glam isn’t for everyone, but when pulled off well it is a dreamy, exciting look. This look draws from Regency style that has stood the test of time, and the 50s twist on it adds another layer of nostalgia that still tugs at the heartstrings of many.

If we don’t expect the timeless films of Grace Kelly or Marilyn Monroe to go out of style, then we can expect the interior design style sparked by their star-studded generation to also remain relevant.