A library is a place where a large collection of books, periodicals, newspapers, DVDs, etc., is available, and they can be borrowed for reading. Libraries can be school or college libraries where the membership is restricted to the students of that particular school or college. On the other hand, there are public libraries where everybody can borrow books if they become members.

There are certain things that characterize a library, like a large number of books, pin drop silence, etc. Modern libraries also have audio-visual tools, barcode readers, computers, and digital tools that aid in keeping track of books.

Usually, the school staff has to pick up items for a school library from different stores, which is a tiresome and time-consuming process. However, there are certain stores and websites that exclusively sell library supplies. Hence people can visit for their school library supplies.

Essential Things That All Schools Libraries Should Have

Basic Furniture

Chairs, tables, bookshelves, and circulation desks are the basic furniture that is present in all school libraries. Tables can either be square or rectangular, and four to eight chairs can be placed around a table depending upon the overall shape of the room. Since maintaining silence is critical, it is a good idea to get chairs and tables with rudder padding on their legs. These paddings will ensure that moving chairs while sitting down or getting up does not make a screeching sound.


Usually, the shelves are tall as they have to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of books. Shelves can be wooden or plastic. Care should be taken to ensure that they go with the overall dimensions of the room and that the material of the shelf is sturdy. Also, since the shelves are pretty tall, most people of average height might find it challenging to reach them. Hence buying grabbers or reacher devices can assist in reaching tall shelves.

A circulation desk is a large table that is usually located at a prominent location close to the entry or exit of a library. A circulation desk is used for paying late fines, returning books, etc. A circulation table is usually large and is usually rectangular, square, or arc-shaped. It is a good idea to get a circulation table that has hinged shelves attached to it. These shelves are convenient to use and provide a lot of storage space for accommodating books, bookmarks, and other stationery so that the desktop remains empty.

Carts And Bags

Books can be quite heavy, and carts and bags are helpful in carrying books. While purchasing a cart, a few things should be kept in mind. The cart should be strong; hence steel carts can be used. The card should not make a noise while it is being wheeled around. It should come with comfortable handles so that it is easy to move. The bags can be made of jute or cotton, but they should be strong enough to be able to bear the weight of books.

Essential Stationery


Papercutters, book protectors, and electric glue guns are some essential stationery that should be present in a school or college library. New books often need paper cutters to separate individual pages. Book protectors are necessary to protect books from dust, grease, etc. Protectors can come as simple, easy-to-slip plastic covers, or they can be paper or plastic-made book jackets. These protectors are reusable and reversible, unlike binding or laminating, which is permanent.

The protectors can be custom-made as well, in which case they can be embossed with the school emblem. The school emblem on top will prevent the books from getting misplaced and lost.

Even if the students are careful while handling books, they need repair from time to time. Electric glue guns are useful as old books need frequent repairs. An electric glue gun is convenient to use as it dispenses heated glue from the tip of the gun when a trigger is pressed. Thus, the glue does not create a mess in the user’s fingers. These guns have a long shelf life and are also easy to discard.

AudioVisual Tools

Most school libraries have projectors, screens, etc. While purchasing a projector, things like the cost, resolution, brightness, contrast, etc., should be considered. Projectors that use an LED as a light source have a longer life. The contrast ratio should be at least 1500:1, and the pixel density should be around 1280X720 pixels. Also, the size of the projector is crucial; a portable projector is not easy to move around but is also easy to install.


For a projector screen, the size is the most important consideration. The size of the screen will depend on the overall size of the library, but the screen size should be such that a class of thirty to forty students should be able to enjoy a movie together. Apart from the size, the aspect ratio, that is, the ratio of the width and height, is crucial. A ratio of 16:9 is usually considered to be fine.

Enjoying a movie will require more than just a projector and a screen. It will require a computer connected to the projector, a good quality speaker and an extension cord. The wire in the extension cord should be extendable, and a three-pin plug is a safe option as it considerably reduces the chances of getting an electric shock.

Digital Tools

Most modern libraries get digital tools for their students’ convenience. These tools are memberships to open access resources like Smithsonian open access. If a student can use this site, then he can download and reuse several images for his project work. Likewise, NoodleTools allows students to develop their critical thinking abilities. Usually, the school pays the membership fees, and the students can access the sites and applications that help in all-around development.



Libraries have always been a crucial resource that helps broaden a student’s basic knowledge, develop critical abilities, and open a new world of creative imagination. However, many libraries lack regular funds; hence, making well-informed purchases is crucial for their smooth running.