We all know about guitars, right? But we are sure that there are some things that you wouldn’t say you know regarding guitars. It’s also a blessing to not know something because that makes our lives meaningful so that we can learn new things. Even most of those things do not concern us directly, it’s nice to know them anyway, right? That is the reason we have gathered some fascinating facts about musical instrument guitar and enlisted them in this post. So without further due, let us get straight to the list.

In this post, we will provide some insanely crazy facts regarding the guitar, which you must not have heard of before.

If you want to impress your family and friends or just curious about the things and want to know facts about them, a useful fact is always a fun thing to learn.

The word “Guitar” basically comes from the Spanish word “Guitarra,” which was invented in the 1600s. This musical instrument can be used in various genres of music like rock, metal, traditional, country, folk, etc. So, we now present to you these guitar facts.

You may now kiss the guitar


You might not believe that, but it’s totally right. Chris Black, a British musician, fell in love with Strat in 2001. He even gave it a name. He used to call it Fenda. This love lasted for thirty-five years when he finally married his guitar! This was an official marriage that was organized by one of his friends in London.

Well, this guitar was not his first love in his life nor the first marriage

His first marriage was with a woman he loved. According to him, he married his guitar just for fun. It was an act of humor to make people laugh and cheer them up. It was nothing serious.

Fender Can’t Play the Guitar


When you hear the name Fender, you would instinctively think of instruments or something related to music, right? But, did you know that Fender actually started off as a repair service for radios? They only started making musical instruments back in the early years of the 1940s, where they released their first electric guitar called the 1950 Telecaster.

It may seem ironic for someone to sell guitars that do not know how even to play them, right? Leo Fender never actually did learn to play guitar, but instead, he was only good at electronics. What do you think about this crazy start of some crazy facts?

The First-Ever Guitar was Made in Egypt


It might not be the same as our traditional guitar today, but it was the time where somehow a guitar was invented. The first musical instrument like the guitar was created around 3,500 years ago in Egypt. It was played by a singer named Har-Mose for the first time. That instrument was built from a cleaned cedar with the rawhide soundboard.

In contrast to our traditional guitar that we use today with six strings, this ancient instrument only consisted of 3 strings and a plectrum connected to this instrument using a chord. That old musical equipment is now on display in a museum, which is Cairo. The name of the place is the Archeological Museum.

The World Most Smallest Guitar


The world’s tiniest guitar was made at Cornell University, New York. It was unbelievably small. It was only 10 micrometers in length. Let us covert this length to give you a better idea. In one meter, there are a million micrometers.

This small guitar’s strings were only 50 nanometers wide, which is only the same size as 100 atoms. Put that into perspective, huh? Although it can never be played with actual fingers, they can still be played with specialized equipment. But the sounds you may hear are inaudible to the human ear.

The Biggest Guitar in the World


The Guinness Book of World Records certified the most prominent guitar in the world with a length of 13 meters or 43 feet. To put it into perspective, that is the same length as a bus! You would start to think that it’s just for display, right? But no, it can really be played by using the same pitch as the regular-sized guitars of today’s time.

In Texas, the Academy of Science made a guitar using Technology. That weighs a stunning 2,255 pounds (or 1023 kilograms.) It took one whole year for the makers to finish and made it into the shape of a flying V guitar, and aircraft cables for the strings.

Unstoppable Guitar Session


In 2011, an Irish guitarist named Dave Browne broke the world record for playing guitar for four and a half days of non-stop. He started on the 12th of June and finished on the 17th of June. The total time in playing the guitar was 114 hours, 6 minutes, and 30 seconds. People still wonder how his fingers look after playing for that long time.

This event happens in Ireland at the Temple Bar Pub, which is a famous temple in Dublin. He used the lent guitar and played around 1,372 whole songs in one go. The guitarist even finished off with a classic song from U2 called With or Without You.

The Most Expensive Guitar Ever


Fender name person made the most expensive guitar in the world. It was indeed a unique Strat that was sold for in a fundraising event for the earthquake and Tsunami victims, which took place in India in 2004. The cost of the making was only 20,000 dollars, but it reached a whopping price of $2.8 million when it was sold.

Although the making cost of the guitar was 20,000 dollars, the decorations itself reached the price of millions because there were signatures of the 19 iconic guitarists on the guitar.


Well, there you have it, guys! What do you think of these seven crazy facts? I’m sure you’ve heard of one or two before, but if you haven’t, there are still many more crazy facts regarding guitars out there. If any of these facts inspire you, visit this page to get one of the best beginner acoustic guitars and jump into the realm of music. All you have to do is just search them on the internet. We assure you that they are all mind-blowing!