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Everything you’re looking for can now be found on the internet, and this is especially true when it comes to music. Today, you only have to go online to access and download millions of music tracks and albums across different genres. Some websites and apps let you download tunes for offline listening on your computer or mobile device.

But, with the lots of options you have on the internet right now, it’s a must that you have a shortlist of the go-to websites and apps for downloading music. So, if you want to know where to go to download music online, read this blog article.

1. Deezloader

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Deezloader is an app for downloading music tracks and albums for free. Nearly all the songs that you can download from Deezloader come from the database of Deezer, which is a popular music streaming platform based in France.

For those people who subscribe to Deezer, you probably know that this music streaming service asks for money so that you can download songs from its archive. But, with Deezloader, you can get high-quality tunes from Deezer’s music library without spending your hard-earned money.

Deezloader has a very easy-to-navigate user interface and useful features. Plus, there are no annoying ads that interrupt your browsing. You can download this app on your Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

2. Soundcloud

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Do you love indie music? Well, Soundcloud is the best music application for you! This music platform is well-known to a lot of independent musicians and music labels. With Soundcloud,  independent artists upload their songs and albums for the consumption of their fans. There are also tons of music tracks that are available for download on various devices.

You can choose either a free or premium membership in Soundcloud. Aside from streaming and downloading music, you can also create playlists, follow your favorite music artists, and share music tracks on social media. Soundcloud is among the big players in the music streaming industry, with over 125 million songs in its library. If you want to download videos from Soundcloud for offline viewing, then you can free try DumpMedia Video Downloader to get the video you want with high quality.

3. Jamendo Music

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Another place on the internet where you can listen and download independent music is Jamendo Music. This website has been offering free music for 16 years already, and the good thing is that all music downloads from here are legal. So, you shouldn’t worry getting warnings from your ISP when you download tracks from this website for offline use.

As of the moment, Jamendo Music has more than 700,000 songs in its catalog. But don’t waste your time looking for mainstream tracks on this music platform because many of the songs here are independently produced.

4. MP3 Music Download Hunter

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Although a newbie in the music download industry, MP3 Music Download Hunter has already captured the hearts of many audiophiles. This music application offers free downloadable songs that are protected by Creative Commons licenses. Basically, people behind this amazing music platform look for copyright-free music tracks for your enjoyment.

Like Jamendo Music, MP3 Music Download Hunter mostly offers music from indie musicians and music labels. But you can guarantee that they are still good music. The music app boasts a smooth user interface and awesome features. So, better download MP3 Music Download Hunter now and listen to songs offline.

5. SoundClick

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SoundClick is the perfect website if you’re looking to stream and download music without signing up for a premium membership. Many of the music artists who upload their tracks and albums on this website allow users like you to listen and download their creations for free.

However, not all music on SoundClick is downloadable for free, and there are other songs that you can only stream online. So, you have to go through its music library for free music download.

SoundClick also has a mobile app that you can download on iOS and Android gadgets. The app allows you to create playlists, interact with your favorite musicians, and join a forum with fellow users.

6. Amazon Music

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It’s a well-known fact that Amazon Music is a major player in the music streaming industry. And you probably think there is no free downloadable music you can find here. But you would be wrong because this music streaming service also offers royalty-free music tracks and albums!

Amazon Music offers free downloadable music so that everyone can try its music streaming service. It’s the best way to promote its music streaming service to a wide range of audiences.

If you’re looking for songs, albums, and compilations that you can download without spending a dime, you only have to browse through Amazon Music’s free music download section for that purpose. It has some old classics and modern tunes from different genres. After downloading them, you can now listen to the songs offline on your device.

7. Audiomack

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Searching for new music tracks is now a lot easier with Audiomack. Plus, all the songs here are available for free streaming. You can also find music tracks and albums here that you can download onto your device, but this depends on the artists if they allow you to download their songs.

Audiomack has a website and mobile app. You can download its app version via the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The good thing is that you can access its music library without signing up.

8. TakeTones

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TakeTones is an online music library of royalty-free music. The site is clear and easy to navigate, so you will have zero problems with finding and downloading the track of your dream. It contains numerous sounds that are perfect for video making. That is actually an additional advantage of TakeTones — its music is perfect for both personal and commercial usage. Means, if you are a YouTube blogger looking for background music to accomplish your videos, TakeTones is a perfect fit.

You can choose one of five license options for downloading a track from this music library. However, if you need music for personal usage only or for a video from your non-monetized youtube channel, all sounds from TakeTones are totally free for you. Just download tracks and listen to them on any device you like.


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Get rid of your boredom and download tons of free music through the websites and apps mentioned above. Consider Audiomack, Soundcloud, SoundClick, Jamendo Music, Amazon Music, MP3 Music Download Hunter, and Deezloader if you’re looking for free downloadable music.