Are you thinking about adding a pet to your household? This is always a great idea, but getting a dog or cat can pose quite a challenge if you have never had one. Adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle can prove to be difficult, so you should start small.

That’s right. We are talking about purchasing fish. Now, most people choose to go with goldfish, but we believe that you should consider betta fish. These are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also quite unique. Here are some interesting facts that will probably persuade you to go with them.

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Their tails are not the same


This first fact may seem really odd, but the truth is that there are several types of betta fish. Basically, they can be of different colors, and more interestingly, their tails can greatly differ from one another in shape and size. Therefore, some of them have a crown tail, half-moon, double tail, and the most common one is a vail tail. This one is especially beautiful considering that it is extra-long and usually very colorful.

Wild betta fish aren’t of vibrant color

Their color is, without a doubt, the thing that attracts most people. It is why these are an almost essential part of every household aquarium. It is also probably a reason you are looking for betta fish for sale, and if this is the case, you should read more about them online. However, the truth is that these are specifically bred for domestic life, and the ones in the wild aren’t very colorful. In fact, you may not even be able to recognize one, and it may not even draw your attention unless you are specifically looking for it.

They can be very aggressive


This quality probably wouldn’t come to your mind, but the truth is that they are very aggressive. They will instantly begin a fight with their rivals. You can even trick one by placing a mirror and making sure they can see their own reflection.

Betta fish fighting even used to be a sport. It was sort of a betting event, and people placed bets on which one would win. This competition was so popular that the King of Siam had it taxed. It wasn’t so of a surviving competition, but instead, the braver one would be the winner.

They are carnivores

Yes, they eat meat. Well, insects, larva, even shrimp, and bloodworms. It is why, if you decide to purchase one, you will have to buy a pack of frozen bloodworms. If you ever notice that your new pet eats plants in the aquarium, it means that it is starving and that you should have fed it long ago.

Males are more popular


Okay, we know how this sounds, but let us explain. The thing is that male betta fish are more appealing to people since they are larger and more colorful. It is the main reason why people usually purchase them. Let’s be honest. When looking for a fish for a new aquarium, you want to go with the one that has vibrant colors and intricate patterns. In this case, you would almost certainly choose males. Yes, female ones are also available in pet stores, meaning that you can buy them. However, only people who want to breed them actually make this purchase.

They can breathe air

That’s right. Betta fish can breathe air and survive outside the water for some time. They have a labyrinth gill that enables them to breathe the air from the surface of the water. This way, they can survive in polluted water and an environment where there is not enough oxygen for regular underwater breathing.

They are very intelligent


When compared to other species, bettas are quite intelligent, as much as a fish can be. Because of this, if you have enough time and patience, you can train your new pet and teach it to perform certain tricks such as jumping through hoops, jump for food, and even notify you when they are hungry. You have to admit that this is really cool. Who thought you could train a fish?

Males raise the babies

Yes, it is true. Males protect and raise babies. How do they do this? Well, they build bubble nests at the surface of the water. These act as a shield to safeguard eggs. The truth is that your pet will still do this even if there is no mate for them in the aquarium. It is just a typical behavior and oftentimes is a sign of a happy fish. These nests may vary, so just because you cannot clearly notice one, it doesn’t mean that it is not there.

They prefer slow water


This is another interesting fact you should be aware of, especially if you are thinking about purchasing one. The thing is that these don’t do very well in fast currents, which is why you will have to adapt your aquarium. When choosing and installing filters and pumps, you have to set them to the lowest setting. Otherwise, the filter will cause fast-flowing water, which can pose a danger to your new pet since it may not be able to swim fast enough.

They are not from Japan or China

There is a common misconception regarding the origin place of betta fish. Many people believe these are native to Japan or China. However, this is not true. These are native to Cambodia and Thailand. It is also a reason why they are called the Siamese fighting fish.

The color can tell you about their health


If you are worried about your pet’s well-being, sometimes, it is enough just to inspect their color. If it is as bright and vibrant as it has ever been, the fish is in good health. However, if you notice any changes, there may be an issue.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are only some of the numerous exciting facts about bettas. As you can see, some of these are just entertaining and appealing, while others will help you create a perfect environment for your new friend.