Every football fan in the world is eager for the World Cup to start, even if their national team hasn’t qualified, which speaks volumes about how important and huge this competition really is. Of course, many things about this WC are new and interesting, so let’s focus on the most fascinating ones.

1. Special areas where you can buy booze


Sports and alcohol go hand in hand, and even though there will always be those who are strict about sports and what it represents and can spend hours talking about the “true meaning of sports,” let’s face it, for most people, it is a great way to spend a couple of hours playing or watching your favorite sport.

Now, what makes this tournament so unique are the circumstances in the host country, as drinking alcohol is not allowed, and many were skeptical about what this would mean for the fans who will travel half the world to watch and support their national team.

Luckily, there was some sort of compromise, which is why there are many areas where buying and drinking alcohol is possible in Qatar. On the other hand, there are restrictions in terms of drinking alcohol anyplace else, not even in stadiums, which is just yet another thing that makes this World Cup unique.

2. A record number of visitors is expected

Although the tournament is yet to start, by many estimations, this can easily be the most visited tournament in history. Every study shows that this WC would be a record one in terms of visitors from all over the globe, and even though this is an interesting fact as is, it doesn’t end here.

Namely, the fun and fascinating fact are that Qatar is a relatively small country with not that many hotels and motels, meaning that they could never be able to provide a place to sleep for all the fans who will come.

Luckily, they were well aware of this problem, and the government has built multiple new hotels, yet many fans are still opting for a place to sleep in some neighboring country, as they are well connected to Qatar, but the cost of renting the room is far less.

3. Air conditioning


Everyone who follows football is well aware there were many controversies about this WC, but one thing that troubled everyone was the weather and how hot it is in Qatar during the summer. Now, this was avoided with two simple solutions. The first was that the tournament would start in November for the first time instead of in July, and the second was about air conditioning.

Namely, seven new stadiums were built for this tournament, and even though it will be held during winter, the temperature and humidity will still be much higher, and players will struggle. That is why every stadium for this WC is equipped with many air conditioners so that both players and fans can focus on football and enjoy every game. It is the first-ever World Cup that will be played in climate-controlled stadiums.

4. The location that breaks records

WC fans are familiar with previous competitions and know well that this year will be the first time this prestigious competition is held in the Middle-Eastern country. It is even more interesting because it is the second in Asia, and Qatar breaks one more record – WC is never held in a smaller country before. Although it might be a problem for football fans from all over the world to find a place to stay, the great thing is that every stadium is connected by a subway, and it is easy to move around to get in time for the next match.

5. Most money spent


There is no doubt that organizing such a big event as the WC requires a lot of money, but Qatar has gone one step ahead and has spent more than any country did until now. The main reason for that price is that they needed to build seven new stadiums in order to host this big event, and each of them is equipped with the latest standards.

As we have already mentioned, each of them has air conditioning, and regarding the size of each stadium, installing it was not a cheap investment at all. Besides stadiums, it was necessary to build hotels for players and fans, improve metro lines and hire a lot of people to take care of everything.

6. The hospitality of the entire nation

Visiting Qatar is once in a lifetime experience, even when going on a short trip, not to mention going to a World Cup to see some of the best football matches. The reason for that is people who live there, as they are happy to welcome people from all over the world, show them the country and their culture.

Each hotel, motel, restaurant, and shopping mall is perfectly designed, people are generous and kind, and the country is beautiful, which makes the entire experience even better. Because of that, do not be surprised if you wish to come back to Qatar even when the World Cup is over, as the hospitality of the entire nation will surely blow your mind.

Betting makes the WC even more interesting

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