Before doing something dramatic such as getting a septum piercing you should probably inform yourself, so you got the first step right. Keep reading to know all there is to know through our 7 most important questions!

A Little History Background


Piercings have a fascinating history, so let’s start by talking about why people started having piercings thousands of years ago, and whether the motivation has remained the same or if it has changed with time.

Back in antiquity, piercings and tattoos were used to distinguish people depending on the tribe they belonged to. It was a matter of group identity. This can still be observed today in Amazonian tribes. In more developed societies, such as ancient India or Bangladesh, the ancient tribal distinction eventually became a sign of status, to show belonging to a religious, ethnic or social class.

Today, piercings are arguably mostly used as differentiation as much as belonging to a group (at least in the West). It has become a sign of originality, authenticity and deviation from “social standards”. On top of that, there’s an aesthetic aspect that we cannot deny (which has also been there since the beginning): piercings look good, and that’s important!

What is a septum piercing?

We’ll tell you what isn’t a septum piercing. It is NOT the most typical and boring nose perforation. A septum piercing perforates the nasal bridge, which is the mid section running down your face. So this is for people who don’t want to go for the classic side piercing and prefer to try something daring and experimental.

Bear in mind, the perforation can be performed at any height of the nose, but the most common septum piercing is at the very bottom, right between the nostrils. A septum piercing looks like a ring or a horse shoe, most commonly.

What should I know before getting a septum piercing?


Quite a few things, and that’s what we are here for. The most important thing is to choose the right place. Search for proven piercing shops and check them out for hygiene and condition before piercing. Your chosen body modification artist should take his or her time to talk to you about the whole procedure, what to expect, what you should do after, etc. There is a lot to do after the perforation, particularly in the first few days, so bear with us, we will get into that right below with as many details as you need.

How painful can it be?

Extremely painful. No, we’re kidding. Of course, all perforations come with a certain amount of pain, unless there’s anesthesia involved. Fortunately, septum perforations are some of the least painful ones, because they touch the membrane, and no muscle or sensitive tissue.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t experience some pain and discomfort in the following days (and during the procedure). Your nose will probably get a bit swollen, but it will heal very quickly and without any complications.

This being said, the amount of pain is something completely personal and will vary from one person to another. But rest assured, you can survive it. At worst, it will feel like a bee sting. Nothing more!

How long will it take to heal?


The healing period depends on how well you take care of it, on top of the person’s health and the lack of any complications, such as infections or a body reaction against the piercing (due to allergy towards the metal, for instance). Generally, it will be fully healed in about 3 months, but all pain and discomfort will be fully gone in a few days. Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions right below and everything will be just fine.

What about the aftercare?

Yes, that’s important. All piercings require aftercare to avoid complications and help during the recovery process. Here’s the aftercare you should absolutely follow after getting a septum piercing:

  • Regularly use alcohol or disinfectant gel
  • Make sure you sleep on your back and avoid all pressure on your piercing
  • Don’t wet your piercing (just don’t wet it) – if you MUST, use salt water
  • Use soft soap (as neutral as possible)
  • Keep your hands clean and try not to touch it (this will be hard, as you will feel an almost irresistible temptation to play with it non-stop)

Now, let’s be optimistic and hope for the best, because nothing bad should happen. But the devil nevers sleeps, and shit can happen. If your piercing gets infected, make sure you start by using salt water, as any harder measure might be painful. If salt water doesn’t help, we advise you to consult your doctor before you use any heavy artillery other than alcohol.

How much does a septum piercing cost?


It depends. In LA or in Bali? As a general rule, a septum piercing costs somewhere between 30 and 60 dollars depending on the studio, artist, popularity, guarantees, etc.

This is just the cost of the operation and extension (which is not really a piercing, but a very standard piece of metal that will keep the perforation open). If you want to add a proper nicely-looking piercing, this will cost you anywhere between 2 to 40 dollars, depending on the quality and place.

We recommend going for gold, it will be more expensive for sure, but it will rid you of many potential issues, such as allergic reactions and infections. Which makes it totally worth it. Plus, it looks great.

What else should I know?

Depending on where you live, what kind of job you do, what school or University you attend, you should know that people might look differently at you after getting a septum piercing. We say this because it is worth considering. Of course, you should do what you want without letting other people’s opinions affect your decision. Just do what you want to do and own it. In the worst case, you can just take the piercing off.

Many people choose to get a septum piercing because they feel unhappy with their nose. If this is your case, you might consider other options instead. A rhinoplasty Istanbul could be worth it, due to great medical standards and affordable prices in the country. Nose alteration doesn’t even need surgery however, and some acid injections can also help (a procedure known as “rhynomodelation”). Or a septum piercing, which looks cool anyways, it’s up to you!