Some things exist that are more exciting than finding your long-lost best friend from college online. There are plenty of screening services, social networks, specialized platforms, etc., to make your search process quite easy. Nowadays, it is quite possible to find anyone and stay connected with them through these platforms.

Imagine how you will feel when you meet your schoolmates after a very long time. You will love to chit chat and spend some memories with them. Now, it has become quite easier to search for people than ever. In this write-up, we will go through some methods to find information about old classmates.

With the advancement in technology, many web portals have introduced that simplified the task of searching for someone. Many people are unaware of such methods, and they must go through this article to know such technologies. Here are some options to find your former college classmate.


You can visit to get all the contact information regarding your friends. You can call or go to your classmate’s place to meet him personally. It is quite possible to access their social media sites so that one can stay connected with them. If your friend is involved in criminal activity, then also you can get the information to determine whether to stay away or help them.

If you need to get detailed information about your friends, then you should pick this platform without any doubt. You can easily determine the current status of your classmate. You can explore anyone with all the details with ease.

Background Check Services

You can operate these services to find a classmate by entering any information you remember about them. It is obvious that the more you will search for them, it will be better. As a bare minimum, you need a name and state. The screening services will pull up current information about the person, which might include a current address and details about family members.

Handle any information you find with care. If you get any phone numbers and decide to call, introduce yourself. Ask politely if there’s any way you can get in touch with your old classmate. You don’t need to provoke unwarranted suspicion.



It is a popular social media platform that helps in connecting people in various ways. You can access all the features to stay connected with your friends. Millions of people are using this platform and stay connected with their loved ones across the globe. You can chat, video call, share pictures, videos, documents, post stories, create pages, and much more. You can also create a group where you can add all your classmates together. If you need to find anyone, then you must enter your friend’s name. You will check out various user profiles, and you need to check which one is your known one.

Originally, Facebook social media sites were developed to reconnect school and college friends. The social website giant allows many users to become school network members, create user profiles, and check members’ profiles in a given school network. If there’s one comprised of alumni, you might find an old classmate there. Two smaller sites that let you find old classmates are Alumni Online and Grad Finder.

Call Lookup

There’s always a chance someone calls you after a while, especially if you haven’t changed your number. They might want to reach to you for one reason or another, and you can’t tell who it is that calls you. With you can discover that easily especially if you cannot answer immediately.

With over 50 million users in North America, this alumni’s social network is the go-to source of pertinent information. You can freely find former classmates by college, name, military affiliation, high school, or other employment places. It is a famous website that many of your classmates can use and include their information.

Users who choose free membership to add their names in various colleges they attended, create and edit profiles, use class lists to find college classmates, check out albums and texts, and read details about events of reunions. If you get the one you’re looking for, you’ll have to upgrade the application and get its paid membership to get their email, physical address, or other information.



LinkedIn members will always list any current employment status and high schools on their profiles. To stay in touch with an old classmate, fill in the college’s name in the search bar. You’ll probably be connected with your classmates automatically because this social medium is based on various connections via networks. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is an effective platform to help you to connect with anyone personally and professionally.

LinkedIn offers more options than your alumni networks. These include searching for known members by college, name, job position, and location, the possibilities to building, viewing, and editing a profile, emailing other members, posting pictures, adding other people to the network, and recommending people. You can help others to find their friends and connect with them.


It is also a network of alumni, operating on a similar principle as of Classmates. It provides a free search option for college classmates and all your lost friends or significant others, relatives, and colleagues. Millions of people are quite active on this platform, searching their closed ones and are connecting with them.

Reunion has around 30 million members. Its free membership enables users to post pictures, viewing and creating profiles, reading and developing blogs, searching other school members, and look at newsfeeds that mention details about college classmates. Again, it’s necessary to upgrade to the paid membership if you need to get someone’s data, plan an amazing reunion, or even contact a user of Reunion.

How to Discover Your Friend Successfully?


There are a few things that one can do while looking for an old classmate online. The final section of this article contains effective tips to find a former classmate.

Use the Entire Information that is Possible for You

As long as you feel comfortable doing this, use it to identify the details as you can while registering at a site. It involves married and maiden names, places you used to go to with your classmate, mutual friends, and your birthplace.

Don’t use addresses, mobile numbers, or other personal details. Stay connected with the association of your college alumni. Above all, be patient. It can take time to find an old friend, particularly if they had Google remove their data from search results because they don’t want just anyone to find them.

The Bottom Line


Getting in touch with your old friends is the best part of your life. Talking about old memories is what everyone misses in their busy schedule. If you want to find and stay collected with your classmates, there are plenty of platforms to discover them. After collecting information and current status about them, you can message, call, share a picture, etc., with them.

No matter where your friend is staying across the globe, you can search for them and talk endlessly. Millions of people are connected with the above-discussed online platforms, and you can also be a part of such platforms. You can start discovering your classmates and stay in touch with them to refresh your old memories.