Finding a job is always hard for a recent graduate. But this year is arguably quite more challenging than the previous years. It is still hard to predict the result of a pandemic to the global economy. And the way people work has changed drastically. Of course, all of that keeps everyone stressed, including those who are looking for a job.

Although it might take time and decent effort, it is not impossible. And there are several ways to make this process more effective and easy. Here are pieces of advice to help you get through it and land the desired position.

1. Work on Your Resume


Before you say that it is too obvious, your resume probably could use some enhancement. There are several things to pay attention to. These are the tips from – a professional resume crafting service:

Adjust your resume to a position you are applying for. As well as a cover letter, each of the versions should focus on the most relevant experience and education. Each employer is different, so concentrate on who they are looking for.

Use suitable keywords. These words will help your file to pass through ATS. Highlight them from the job posting and use them in your resume.

Make it visually attractive with services like Canva or CakeResume. Always save and send in PDF format unless it is a video presentation. It looks more professional.

Include achievements, volunteering, and internships, as well as all the training. Focus on numbers and facts that show your achievements. Like “I managed 5 projects, finished 3 courses on graphic design”, etc.

Make sure that your writing is readable and grammatically correct. Even the smallest error can make a bad impression on an employer.

2. Network


It might be physically hard to do in the midst of a pandemic, but digital networking is still a powerful tool. Of course, it is always better to start thinking about your network before you graduate. But even if you have already graduated, it is not too late. According to this study, 85% of positions are filled via networking. The majority of them do not even get posted.

What to do? Well, first of all, ask your colleagues, mates, relatives, or fellow graduates for recommendations. Make sure to be in good relationships with them and be polite. Maybe, someone knows about a new position in their company that is going to be opened soon.

The second option is the digital platforms. LinkedIn is the most efficient when it comes to employment. You can build your profile, which is a digital resume, meet new people, join communities based on interests, etc. Also, many HR specialists scan through LinkedIn to find candidates directly.

The third option is to open your own website if it applies to the services you want to provide. It is a great way to showcase your skills and portfolio.

3. Look into Specific Industries


COVID didn’t affect everyone the same way. The majority of businesses are suffering, but there are those who are, on the contrary, profiting. Those are all remote services, like delivery, online service providers, video and gaming streaming services, home-equipment manufacturers, etc. Maybe these are not the industries you’d think of before, but it is worth a shot.

They are more likely to be hiring new people as they have much more clients now. Create a list of companies and positions that are applicable to your education and experience. Monitor their website for job postings, be proactive. And even if you didn’t get an answer yet – follow up. Treat the job search like your current job.

The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006. In its 15 years of existence, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students to a global employment platform.

4. Consider Remote Work


It is simply a reality now – more and more people are employed remotely. Thanks to the telecom industry, it has become very easy. Look closely into it and consider what services you can provide remotely. Maybe it is a private practice or local services, for example, graphic design or content writing. Do not think of it as a step-down, your career path is a multitude of experiences. Even if it is not the job you dreamed of, it might give you valuable experience that will come in handy in the future.

5. Take Care of Social Media


It is not a secret that potential employers often look up candidates online. And it is even more vital now when it is not always possible to have an in-person interview. Take time to take care of your social media presence. It doesn’t have to turn into a digital resume on every platform. But it would be great to stay away from posting or reposting problematic content or memes about hating your job. Something as simple as that has cost people their positions before.

6. Try an Internship


If it is not possible to land the position in the company you’ve been looking for, consider getting an internship there or in a related field. This option is not for everyone, but it can be a great start to a fruitful career. First of all, you’ll get the necessary first-hand experience. Secondly, you’ll get to meet new people in this industry and network. And thirdly, you might land a constant position if you perform really well.

7. Apply to Many Postings


The best of all pieces of advice is to be persistent. You’ll probably get a couple of rejections, which is just how it goes. Do not take it personally and do not consider it a failure. This is part of the process. Apply to as many jobs as you can and, eventually, you’ll land one of them. It is great to know what you want, but these weird times require some compromises.

In Summary

2020 is not anyone’s favorite, to say the least. And it might be a difficult time for graduates in many regards, but specifically for finding a job. But it is still perfectly possible. One just needs to be proactive and more persistent about it. Network online and offline, create an excellent resume, showcase your skills, be cautious online, and look into thriving industries.