Did you know that over 2.5 billion people worldwide engage in playing online video games? The gaming industry is booming now more than ever, and this favorite pastime has enabled a 7.4% annual growth rate in revenue. This is all good news for both game developers and players. New games are popping up daily and with them more fun, more profit, more dedicated enthusiasts, more job opportunities, friends, events.

Speaking of profit, it is important to note that all the experts behind the game-making profits are not the only ones who benefit. Gamers themselves have found numerous ways to earn some extra cash while playing their favorite scenarios. They are live streaming, trading, creating content, participating in and organizing tournaments, teaching others, having their own shows, and the list goes on. However, for all this to be possible, game aficionados have to possess a certain set of skills. Here, we take a closer look at what exactly makes a successful player.

A fan of FPS? First Person Shooter games improve coordination


Those who dedicate their time to first person shooter games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, or the ever-popular Fortnite have definitely noticed the improvement in hand-eye coordination. These games require precise movement and reflexes and if you want to step up your gameplay, you have to incessantly work on understanding and reacting to your visual senses.

Having these skills will, however, prove to be extremely helpful in games that go beyond FPS as well, such as Dota, World of Warcraft, or League of Legends, which are mostly turn-based but brimming with indicators that require your ability to navigate well. These in-game skills are thus translated to real-life situations, and individuals tend to experience improvement in both fields.

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Playing online casino games is where you need your memory and strategy


Many have found the excitement they crave in playing casino games online. Although this type of entertainment does not necessarily ask for financial investment, it do require an exceptional level of memory and problem-solving skills.

Online games of such type are very often fast-paced. Not only do you have to keep a close eye on all that’s happening, but you also have to make valid, timely decisions. This is where your math skills come in handy. If you want to be successful and stand out as a professional player, you’ll have to work on sharpening your brain in order to have the best possible winning strategy. While having fun, it is imperative to learn everything you can about your game of choice. For instance, you can check out , a reliable website that will provide you with an abundance of the latest information in the online casino industry, including reviews from both experts and real players.

Social skills and teamwork – no game can do without it


Although most games today have the single or multi-player option, the latter is by far the more popular one. Gamers are able to connect worldwide by using chat or voice, forming teams, supporting and learning from each other. Many have admitted to forming exceptionally deep relationships with people whom they met online while playing their favorite games.

Qualities that we should nurture outside of the virtual world like understanding, patience, and basically being there for one another have proven to be vital in order to defeat the game’s enemy. Some of the biggest names in the eSports game industry have thrived with such dedicated teamwork, and the team with the best communication and collaboration is more likely to win, even if the individual level of player’s expertise is below average.

Work on your multitasking skills


In the real world, multitasking comes across as a superpower we all wish to possess and enhance. There are so many things to coordinate within one day alone – our jobs, hobbies, friends, and family. Things are not much different online. Video games are packed with all sorts of different stimulants and if you want to succeed, you have to be extremely observant. This extends to the game as well as your team. You have to pay close attention to numerous things at once to achieve the best result and react accordingly within a certain time limit.

This is a great practice that will enable you to manage tasks away from the screen too. Honing your skills this way will create a special kind of mindset that will boost your confidence and decision making. If you’re an avid player and notice the ability to accomplish more things within your day, it means your diligent training online has improved your life at so many different levels.

Don’t think of yourself as creative? Think again


Creativity is not merely being capable of drawing, painting, sculpting, decorating. Problem-solving, which is a must-have skill in all online games available, is practically joined at the hip with being creative. Games require you to act and react to different types of tasks, some of which require careful contemplation while some springing to action at a given moment. You can be certain that all of that would be impossible without creativity.

Also, video games are a great medium for storytelling, and through games of adventure and dialogue, you enhance both your characters and the creative streak. All aspects that shape the universe of online play spark the imagination while presenting you with tasks that often require thinking outside the box.

The takeaway

Needless to say, all fans of online games are in it primarily for the immense pleasure this kind of entertainment brings. However, many valuable skills are both further developed and acquired in the process. Professional gamers are also great problem-solvers, sharp in their observation and multitasking, creative, and above all, patient. And even though many think that gaming is a waste of time, this certainly shines a different light on the matter. In moderation, playing video games may lead to great things later in life, like careers in game development, stories, and scripts, design or even becoming a recognized celebrity promoter. Either way, there’s definitely much to gain.