Flushable wipes are arguably one of the worst things you can be flushing down the toilet. A toilet is designed for thin paper to be flushed, not thick wet wipes. At big businesses such as a grocery store, there are always signs in restrooms that advise customers not to flush anything other than toilet paper down a toilet. That is a commercially designed restroom and even their toilets cannot withstand the thick roughness of flushable wipes. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why flushable wipes are terrible for plumbing.

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in our sewage systems but wipes are not. The material is made for the thickness to sanitize further than a piece of toilet paper. The problem with that is the material is synthetic and does not break down easily as does toilet paper. Many manufacturers of flushable wipes claim that their products are made so that they do break down and flush easily. There has been proof that these products in fact are not as advertised. When these companies test their products, they use tests with extra or too much force, which allows the wipes to flush easily. In a normal household, with average designed plumbing systems, this process fails all the time.


A lot of people try to avoid using them with the idea that they may just be wasting water. But don’t let them fool you. While they do use less water, when they aren’t disinfected properly, they can still end up backing up your plumbing. It’s almost as if you are pouring water out of a pail without actually having a spout.

Flushable wipes can also be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and other microorganisms. Some wash their hands with them and then wipe down the bathroom sink, toilet, and countertops. Who knows what was lurking in those pipes that were never cleaned? Once you get everything settled in the pipes, you never know what else is hiding in the walls.


When you get ready to have your pipes cleaned or needing water heaters replaced, you should always contact a professional plumbing company.

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Flushable materials do not sanitize well. They have probably had to fix many houses with plumbing issues due to flushable wipes.

If you have small children in the house or if there are pets, it is extremely important that you hire someone who is licensed. A licensed plumber like CDLPlumbing will know how to kill the germs and keep them from causing the terrible odor that emanates from the pipes. If you have just poured kitty litter into the toilet or you have used something with bleach or similar chemicals, you need to call a plumber immediately. The same holds true if you have spilled red wine or turpentine on the bathroom floor.

It is important that you use a licensed plumber for this job. There are many amateurish individuals who can make use of these products and cause more damage than they fix. Remember, if you have spotted leaks, they must be sealed before you even use a plunger. If you use a plunger to remove any debris, you may end up killing the leak.


Hiring a professional is a good idea because there are chemicals and toxins in the water that can make their way down your sinks and toilets over time. They may even find their way to your showerheads. If you don’t have a way to clean out your pipes on a regular basis, the pipes will continue to become clogged up. You may end up having to replace them sooner than you planned. This is something that you do not want to deal with. When they are clogged, it can make it harder for you to have a full flush each time you use the bathroom.

Leaks must be repaired immediately so as not to have the same issue happen again. If you have a drain jam, which is common when you use a plunger, you should open up the pipe until you are able to see the problem. You can then turn the water off and try to find the source of the blockage. However, if you simply cannot locate where the blockage is, it is time to call a professional plumber.

Flushable wipes sound like a wonderful thing to use, but they should only be used in extreme cases. They can certainly help with “additional cleaning”. People don’t realize how harmful they can be when flushed down a toilet. It can back up the flow or septic tanks. Flushable wipes are not truly flushable or being flushed correctly. They might go down the drain when you flush them but they do not break down like regular toilet paper.


If you know you use wipes and suspect that you have a plumbing issue in your home, do yourself a favor and contact a professional plumber immediately. Some of the issues we discussed earlier may only affect some systems or some houses may have not been affected at all. The fact of the matter is, eventually it will put a strain on our plumbing systems. They will not be able to properly flush like toilet paper and just causes the septic tanks and systems to shut down.

Older homes tend to be affected more than the newer homes because of the high mileage they have against new homes. If your plumbing system seems to start having issued the best thing to do is look into professional help for your plumbing system. They will be able to fix whatever the issue is in less time than it would take you to replace everything. Even better, they can do it while you are away at work or on vacation.  More importantly, they will be able to get ahead of the problem to prevent future problems with your plumbing systems.