The International Journal of Medical Science Research and Practice(IJMSRP) is a new medical mega-journal that is probably published out of India, though the “contact us” page for the journal neglects to list a location. This journal is notable for publishing a one-page article that is a horrible poem about colitis.

The poem is entitled “Ulcerative Colitis,” and it’s written by Dr. Sanjeev Narang, a professor in the — perhaps fittingly — Department of Pathology at the Index Medical College in Indore, India.

Here are the first two lines of the poem:

Begins in the rectum and backward it goes
No mercy to any part of the colon it shows.

A screenshot from the PDF version of the poem.

I’ll spare you the rest, but I warn you — it’s painful to read. The poem is so, um, asinine that even the most dedicated open-access activists will demand a paywall.

The journal itself is new. It has a slick appearance, with rotating images of pretty females on its home page. It includes an editorial board, but no affiliations are listed. I have added it to my list. The doctor who alerted me to the journal said the poem is likely the best article in the issue, a reference to the poor quality of the others.

Here is a PDF version of the article.