Springtime is among my favorite seasons. Every morning I wake up to a cup of coffee to watch the beautiful horizon bouncing off the trees while listening to the beautiful songs of the birds that were missed. Spring is the time to embrace a fresh start, explore the beauty of nature, and create unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Every year my family and I choose an activity to do. There are many things to do to take full advantage of the season. In this blog post, I will share some of my favorite adventures and fun activities you and your family may like to do this spring.



Springtime is my favorite season for traveling with my family: the weather is just right, and destinations are pleasantly uncrowded. As a family, we have so much fun exploring new places, discovering unique cultures, and having new experiences together.

There are so many destinations on our bucket list that we can’t wait to explore. Some destination, such as Italy, has received so much buzz that they topped our list. We’ve already been to Italy and fall in love with the country. However, we still want to see the other places people keep making a fuss about, such as Machu Picchu in Peru, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Franschhoek in South Africa, Assisi in Italy, and Yakushima in Japan. We can’t wait to discover each place’s unique charm and attractions.

Every time we fly to a new destination, we ship the car and make a road trip out of it. This way, we can have a full experience of each destination without worrying about transportation. We can stop at scenic locations and explore at our own pace.



We love exploring new places and creating unforgettable memories in spring. With fewer cars on the road and moderate temperatures, this season provides a delightful opportunity to embark on our next grand adventure!

One of our favorite ways to plan our road trips is by putting all our favorite destinations in a hat and having the youngest member pick one out. When we agree, we turn to technology to find an app like Roadtrippers to find interesting attractions. We enjoy planning our route and making stops to take pictures with the family. We hate driving in the dark, so we sleep at camping sites. Our day concludes by watching the sunset and singing by the fire as we roast all our snacks.

We’ve been to some incredible places on our road trips in the past, such as The Grand Canyon and Monument Valley Road Trip, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, The Rocky Mountains, and Mount Rushmore National Monument. Every location we visited had a special charm and breathtaking scenery that would stay with us forever.

This spring, we’re excited to explore new destinations and make new memories together as a family. Taking a road trip is an amazing way to unplug from the demands of everyday life and reconnect with what matters the most in life, friends, and family. I can’t wait for the next time we are on the road together as a family.

Go on a Picnic


As the temperature rises, so does the beauty of springtime. Everything from luscious gardens to vibrant sunsets come alive. The fresh air and the warm grass make it a perfect time for a picnic. Picnic with my family is therapeutic. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather, beautiful scenery, and delicious food.

We plan our picnic at our small farm, where we can source ingredients for lunch. We love to cook our meals, and preparing sandwiches, salads, and fruit platters together is always fun. We lay blankets on the law to lay our spread and then enjoy our meal while soaking up the sun. We spice the day by playing outdoor games like cornhole, Jenga, or twister.

If you live in the city or an apartment, it is still possible to have a picnic. Just find a park or lake and bring some nutritious snacks. Picnics are a fun and affordable way to create lasting memories while enjoying the beauty of nature. Just try it, and you’ll see.

Start a Home Garden


I grew up on a farm and wanted my children to experience the joy of having a garden. Gardening is an immensely gratifying experience – from getting my hands dirty to watching tiny seeds transform into lush blooms or succulent fruits and vegetables.

My kids love it, too, especially in spring. We pick out new plants we want in our garden and get to work. To ensure my plants stay healthy and robust, I enlist the help of my children to water them regularly and apply fertilizer.

Gardening has become a calming pastime for me, providing an escape after workdays that have been particularly draining. Even better is having access to homegrown fruits and vegetables – they are far superior in flavor compared to anything available at stores!

If you live in an apartment, don’t worry – you, too, can start your very own home garden this spring! All that is required is a sunny window or balcony for the plants to receive their daily dose of sunshine, some pots filled with soil, and a watering can. You will be proud of how alive space looks with its new greenery, not to mention the satisfaction of growing your food. Call on the little ones for help, roll up your sleeves, and get those seeds prepped. Have fun in the dirt!

Sum Up

Spring is the season to make memories with family and friends. There are plenty of activities available to do together that everyone will love. Make the most of this season, call your friends and family, and plan for your next activity.