Taking time out from our busy schedule and doing those fun couple of things that keep the spark alive is not always easy. As we grow in our relationships, our routine work, jobs, goals, and worldly commitments often take precedence, and we find ourselves in a position where we can hardly give dedicated time to our partner. And the further we ignore or work towards creating those fun moments, the further we drift apart.

If you live in a similar space, worry not as it is a lot more common in couples than we think. Stress, expectations, creating an ideal life, taking care of the kids, and building a career can take up so much of our time that romance and love take a back seat.

But this is not the ideal way to approach your relationship. So, what if it takes a lot of effort to keep the spark alive? Your relationship is worth going the extra mile for. That singular thing is saving your life worthwhile, and investing in it never goes in vain.

So, if you are thinking, how can you take time out from my busy life and rekindle the romance? Here are a few fun things for couples to do to light the fire once again.

Get intimate, get physical


Intimacy and being physical don’t always mean having sex. It could be holding hands, cuddling, caressing, looking eye-to-eye, pecks and kisses, or simply hugging each other often. These little things can keep your relationship in a much warmer space. Cuddling up in the bed before going off to sleep gives you a sense of belonging, assurance, warmth, love, and trust. No wonder it is considered as one of the most effective couple things to do.

Holding hands, looking each other in the eye, smiling at each other, and snuggling while watching TV will also bring you closer to each other. These physical touches will reassure your partner that you are emotionally and mentally still with them. A lack of these small gestures can create a gap that might become difficult to bridge if left unaddressed for long.

Make love often – get naughty, get dirty


Yes, being bold, experimental, and expressive can bring the same old romance back into your relationship. Remember the time when you had just started dating. Making out was all you did. The time, place, and position didn’t matter. Reignite that fire by trying new things. Most married couples or people in long-term relationships stop experimenting in bed.

Sex for them becomes more of routine activity. Avoid it at any cost. Talk about the time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Ask your partner what they liked back then, and re-enact that. If you still haven’t, try couple sex toys. There are a variety of sex toys now available at that couples can use to enhance pleasure and add more excitement in bed. Adding these pleasure-enhancing accessories will help you gain new experiences and reignite the fire.

Go for a digital detox


In today’s digitally-driven life, we crave some time spent with our smartphones browsing through social media or binge-watching Netflix. We might even end up being up till late at night to catch up on this much-needed me time. But that is where most couples are going wrong these days. Go for a digital detox, and spend time talking to each other rather than being glued to your screens.

You can decide on a particular time of the day where you both will keep your phones away and spend some time together. This could be simply talking, taking a walk, cooking, pursuing a hobby, or anything else that focuses on each other rather than an external factor. This will give you a chance to connect again and rediscover each other.

Prepare a list of fun activities to do as a couple, and pursue them


We all have our bucket list, but we hardly ever get a chance to fulfil it. Here’s your chance to tick all the right boxes and rekindle your romance. It is believed that engaging in couple activities brings people closer. This could be anything from taking a trip to your favourite destination, trying out an adventure sport, participating in skill development workshops, reading your favourite books to each other, working out together, etc. Spending time together with no distractions will bring the focus back on your relationship and make you feel more connected.

Open up and talk


Most couples often ignore this essential aspect of reconnecting with their partners. But talking with an open heart is extremely important to keep your relationship going. IT could be anything under the sun. Be it the pressures and expectations from your job, your life goals, reminiscing about the days you were fresh into your relationship, your favourite moments together, or what you are looking forward to in life and your relationship – open up and talk.

This activity will also help you point out disappointments and complaints you might have developed for your partner and vice versa. You must work on those and make things acceptable again. Several marriage consultants and therapists also suggest romantic chit-chat, adult board games, dirty talking as fun activities for couples that helps in reigniting romance.

Relationships are complex, and they require constant attention and efforts to keep them alive. But most people tend to ignore the most minor but most important aspects that help keep the couple close to each other for a lifetime. It is essential to take time out for your partner and do some fun couple activities so that boredom doesn’t seep in. Too much time spent without addressing relationship issues can spiral things out of control. If there’s no effort, there’s no relationship.

All it takes to keep your bond strong is to indulge in some fun couple activities. And you don’t want to miss out on that, do you?