Homo erectus, the ancestor of humans, started experimenting with different food items. A gradual shift that led to the consumption of meat with high density along with marrow by skipping the basic plant diet has helped fuel the human brain’s size.

If plant fiber had been consumed less, humans would now have smaller guts. Also, with a variation in food and nutrition in each meal humans consume daily, there are better chances of restoring energy to use when needed.

When a person eats different food items at different intervals throughout the day, they have a better chance to gain energy and nutrition offered in various quantities. Nutrition is an underrated concept, but with the rising lifestyle changes and the rise in different healthcare issues, it’s important to get an idea about the progress of human nutrition.

Future Of Human Nutrition


Human nutrition is more than consuming healthy items. It means that a person caters to the body requirements and keeps a check on it for better and consistent results.

According to Forbes, the magnificent advancements in all fields like technology and agriculture have been at an amazing rate. There are some fields like space exploration that are emerging as propelling industries.

But, amid all of these developments, there is one thing that seems to have been left behind. It is human nutrition, and its current picture is not very good.

The US is witnessing a rise in the unhealthy eating habits of its population, followed by a lack of exercise. There has been a major issue regarding the degree of unhealthiness that is prevailing and giving rise to an array of health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, and many more.

Constant intake of junk food and sugar is the base of many problems, which arise when combined with the use of bad quality oil or unhealthy food items.

The WHO stats highlight that 422 million people across the globe have diabetes. It is not that all of them belong to developed nations. A majority of this number belongs to underdeveloped and developing nations with less access to medical facilities. Also, these countries report approximately 1.5 million deaths each year.

Functional Medicine


The functional model revolves around the concept of following a customized approach that helps treat different problems and even prevents them from happening if the treatment is started at the right time. The functional medicine process includes the following:

  • Additional therapies for the patients.
  • Dietary changes and interventions related to addition and subtraction in the quantity and type of product.
  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Introducing healthier means of improvement and reducing the dependency on allopathic and homeopathic treatments.

Functional Nutrition


Functional nutrition is an aggravated form of conventional nutrition amongst people. It includes the following processes to induce people to a healthier lifestyle and steps to meet their daily nutritional requirements:

  • Experts that help curate personalized nutrition plans and assess the progress to complete the set targets.
  • Carrying processes like diagnosis, monitoring, and intervention, based on people and their goals to improve their nutritional intake and retention of the same in the body.
  • Monitoring the process over a set time to know what’s working for a person and what is not working. Altering the plans accordingly to help people adjust to this lifestyle change so that it is easier for them to carry on with it throughout their life.
  • Setting different nutritional goals and spreading awareness regarding the same. Also, promoting the concepts and ideas that help achieve optimal health and reduce risks related to diseases and other problems.

Functional Foods


If a person wishes to add to their nutrition intake, the best way of doing so is switching to the consumption of functional foods and others like dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

Nutra chemicals are bioactive ingredients of important human body requirements like proteins, vitamins, enzymes, cereals, fibers, amino acids, and probiotics. They are obtained naturally and have zero side effects on the human body. If you are interested in these points, for more information about human nutrition and functional medicine, visit

They emit an excellent potential to help people promote their health, followed by treating various kinds of illnesses. Other advantages of consuming nutraceuticals are as follows:

  • They help in boosting the energy levels of an individual.
  • They help relieve the body from tension, panic, and anxiety issues.
  • They help in overall health improvement and cure the deficiencies.
  • They help people by inducing a night of better and more comfortable sleep.
  • They help in slowing the aging process.

Need For Functional Medicine


Functional medicine is imperative to enhance the established metabolism relationships and helps in meal optimization. Also, apart from the internal or body factors, such treatments consider other factors like physical problems, mental wellness, and environmental changes that tend to affect people.

It is a new technology that is needed by all, especially the millennials today. Humans have a long list of commitments to be fulfilled, but not at the cost of one’s well-being and nutrition intake.

Way forward


There is a strong need to draw radical solutions to the rising healthcare concerns of people across the globe. It will be an uncontrollably problematic situation if the trend continues.

Human nutrition is not about eating anything and everything. It is about considering the healthcare concerns like malnutrition and obesity and creating awareness related to the same.

People need to focus on their nutrition and make alterations to their food intake to help them get the right set of vitamins and minerals essential for the body. The benefits of choosing foods that add to the nutrition are as follows:

  • It helps in leading a healthier and longer life.
  • It helps heal the body from external and internal injuries that can affect its functioning in the long run.
  • It empowers the mind and body of an individual and maintains energy levels throughout the day.


Implementing such concepts will help people take their health seriously and reduce th chances of other physical ailments or concerns. It is a gift of research and should be used in the best interest of humanity.