Moving is not just packing items inside the boxes and transporting them. There is so much involved when relocation is concerned. But the most crucial part is moving large and valuable items.

When moving fragile or oversized items, special care is needed. This is to make sure they are safe and secure during transit. By moving them incorrectly, you can strain your body or get them damaged.

Therefore, they should be well packed to make sure they arrive in the new places in good shape. Below are a few tips on how to move large and fragile items. With these tips, you will save energy, time, and stress associated with moving fragile and oversized items.

Here is everything you need to know when large and fragile items

Fragile items

If you are planning to move fragile items, you need to ensure sufficient time. You cannot pack your piano, dishes, and other delicate items in a hurry. Here are a few tips on how to move your fragile items.


1. Get enough supplies

When planning to move your delicate items, it is essential to have enough packing supplies. Several rolls of packing paper and bubble wrap are some of the supplies you need. Also, you can use towels, rags, linens, and other fabrics you have to wrap the valuable items.

Also, it would help if you had a few tapes, boxes, and containers to pack the items into. Luckily, you can get special packages designed for various things. For example, there are special boxes for packing plates and cups.

You can also use the original packing boxes to pack your valuables. For instance, you can use its original package when moving a television. But if you cannot get it, make sure you get special boxes for packing your TV.

2. Packing correctly

When packing valuable items, exceptional concentration is needed. Keep in mind that they need to be packed and moved with care. Happily, you can use several packing materials to pack fragile items.

For example, you can use dish boxes to pack your plates. When you pack them vertically, you will lower the risk of your plates breaking. There are also special boxes for glasses. But you need to fill your glasses with packing paper to soften the vibrations.

3. Label every box

Do not assume that you will remember what is in every box. Moreover, fragile item boxes need special handling. Therefore, it is essential to label every box.

In addition, make sure you label the boxes “Fragile items” This will help move the boxes and ensure other containers are not rested on top of them.


It is also a good idea to list all the items inside the boxes, the fragile items, and non-fragile items. This will help you keep track and ensure everything is moved correctly.

4. Move with care

When moving your valuable items, you need to be well prepared. First, you need to give yourself enough time. You cannot move them like any other item.

In most cases, you can move them in your car. Even if you are hiring commercial movers, it might be a good idea to move them in your vehicle. But if they are many, the professionals will ensure they move everything with care.

Large items

Just like fragile items, moving large items requires a lot of planning. Here are some tips on how to move your large pieces of furniture.

1. Disassembling is better

The first step when moving a large item is to disassemble it. Moving will be much easier if you can break your big things into smaller pieces. It will help you lift, move, and navigate doorways and hallways. Moreover, it will save you physical stress.


After disassembling, make sure you label the bolts, screws, and each piece of furniture you dismantle. It is also a good idea to take photos of cables connecting your electronics. In addition, empty your drawers and shelves. This will make the load lighter.

2. Think ahead

Before you start moving that large piece of furniture, you need to think ahead. Know the path you will take to get the items out of the room. You may need to measure the item and hallways and doorways.

Be sure that it is possible to pass through the doors. If you cannot, it might be a good idea to remove the doors temporally.

You also need to know how many people need to lift, load, and unload the large items. If it is a DIY move, make sure you have enough friends or relatives to help you move.

But if you have engaged a professional company like Empire Movers, they will handle the moving process. Since they are better equipped and experienced, they will move any item.

3. Use protection

There are many pads and blankets that you can use to protect your furniture and other large items. Remember, it is not easy to move a large item. Hence, it is essential to protect them.

According to OuterSpaceRemovals, you can use pads, blankets, thick linens, bubble wrap, and other protective materials to protect them from damages. However, these are usually ensured by the company that you hire, so you will not have to worry too much about it. If you can use some extra protection, that’s fine too.

Final word


Moving fragile and oversized items is not a simple process. You need to be well-prepared and have enough packing materials. If you have not experienced moving your valuable items, the best option is to engage professional movers.