A recent survey shows that 4 out of every 10 Indians that are Internet users like to gamble. The black market of gambling in India is worth more than 100 billion dollars, and it keeps growing every year.

It is obvious that the ban on playing casino games is not achieving any results, casino games in India can’t be stopped. The next best solution is to legalize it so the government can create certain frameworks that will significantly reduce the illegal market of gambling.

Concept of gambling


All people have a gambling gene inside of them, it is human nature. And Indian people are no different. We make gambles in life every day, but we don’t look at it as such because no money is involved.

In the last hundred years, people’s perception of gambling has drastically changed and playing casino games has become accepted as a form of entertainment and recreation.

However Indian laws have stayed outdated in this regard. The thing that makes the least sense is that betting on horses in India is legal, but playing in casinos is illegal. This is somewhat of a good sign that Indian lawmakers have recognized some benefits of making gambling legal. The next step would be to legalize all casino activities for a couple of reasons.

The first one is, India is such a big country, that it is impossible to put a stop to all casino activities. So gambling being illegal on paper is just that – a paper trace. So if you can’t stop your enemy, the only thing you can do is to try and contain him. Legalizing gambling will drastically reduce black market activities, produce more revenue, and create more jobs.

The people will feel safer knowing that there is no need to hide to play casino games and that’s will be a strong push for improving the economic and social lives of Indians.

More safety for Indian players


At the moment players from India are using shady online casinos and backroom bookies to make their wagers. They love casino games and they risk their funds, data, and of course, risk their money while wagering. This leads to an increased number of fraudulent activities and scams. To make things simple, when a player goes to a casino, there is no guarantee for him that he will be paid if he wins or will be paid much less than it should be.

With legal casinos and bookies, this is not the case, licensed online casinos guarantee the safety of player funds and data. The legal casinos are also approved and licensed for the integrity of the games they are offering, so there is no place for scams. If you want to play online slots in India this site is the best and safest choice for you, your funds, and your data.

Less illegal activities

As we said before, there is no way to stop people from playing  casino games, in countries where gambling is illegal, players look for alternative ways to gamble. And more often than not find out about underworld casinos. This kind of gambling means that all of the gambling activities are done illegally.

In most countries, this kind of backroom gambling is controlled by criminal groups and is dangerous for players, because they have no guarantees when it comes to their funds or even in some cases their lives. These kinds of activities attract shady and dangerous people that can lead to players having serious problems. The other problem is that money made from players is often used to finance other illegal activities like terrorism.

So wouldn’t it be better to legalize the gambling business in India to make it transparent and safe for visitors? The answer is obvious.

Higher tax income


According to some reports, India’s gambling market is worth around 70 billion dollars. Now imagine how much tax revenue the gambling market would produce if we made gambling legal. We are talking about billions of dollars that could be used for all kinds of social schemes that could improve the quality of life for millions of Indian people.

More jobs


When it comes to jobs, the real question is: Can India afford not to legalize gambling? Millions of people in India are out of a job, and one of the ways to solve this problem is to give these people the opportunity to work in the gambling sector. Private gambling companies in the USA and UK employ thousands of workers, and this number would be even greater in India. This would greatly improve the economy and raise the quality of life for these workers.

Transparent casino gameplay

At the moment, as we said players from India are playing on shady sites and in their local illegal gambling clubs, they don’t even know the machines on which they are playing are rigged, because there is no one to check this. On the other hand, if gambling becomes legal, all of the casinos and their game machines will have to get a license both from the country and an international casino license.

This license testifies that all of the gambling that happens in that casino is in accordance with the internationally accepted gambling rules. It means all of the players that play on the site are protected when it comes to their information and funds, and they don’t have to worry about being cheated or scammed. This will create a healthy gambling ecosystem in India and make casino games more enjoyable for players.


judge gavel and set of playing card with dices on reflective table

As we have witnessed in recent years, the gambling commission in India has been supporting the legalization of gambling, and with good reason. The illegal gambling market has become too big for the country to control, every year the government is losing millions on tax revenue and millions of Indians are missing their opportunity to get a job in the gambling industry.

The only way to solve all of the mentioned problems while reducing the crime rate, generating more tax revenue, and creating more job opportunities is to legalize casino games. For now, Indian players can gamble online on a reliable and time-proven site where you can relax and play casino games knowing that your funds are safe and secure.