A lot of people love to spend their time online and playing bingo, casino games, or lottery. The truth is that you can have online or in-person fun with the right game selection. Nowadays, we might feel overwhelmed due to the selection of different (new) games that are out on the market. However, why do Indians prefer and love online lotteries as much? For most of them, they are given the opportunity to win jackpots such as the US Powerball, Megamillions, or the Euromillions without having to leave their home. Keep on reading and find out some other reasons why you might enjoy the online lottery.

1. Ease of access

Several factors can make an impact on your gameplay. The truth is that not every person has access to the physical form of lottery tickets. Some places are quite rural and others are too religious, meaning that they don’t focus on selling this type of stuff at their stores or they are just not allowed to due to legal reasons. Buying online lottery tickets using digital payments like UPI or Paytm is a lot more convenient, unlike having to drive to one specific place or store to get a ticket. Anyone who is of age and has some funds on their credit card will easily get his or her hands on these tickets.

2. High-payout games


Jackpots that international lotteries offer such as the Powerball or Megamillions are impressive and very lucrative, especially when compared to smaller casinos or competitors. You can become a millionaire overnight with some of these popular sites that offer Megamillions, or you can visit some other (smaller) sites and work your way from there, trying to win slow and steady, yet frequently thanks to the high payout percentage. With the state-run lotteries, you have limited choice as well as a much smaller prize pool to win from.

3. Unique features

Most online lotteries now give you the option of buying syndicate tickets. What does this mean and present? Have you ever heard of syndicate cards and ticket shopping? Syndicates are groups of people that pool money together and within one place, later on, purchasing several different lottery tickets and then agreeing to equally split the winnings. For those who are frequent players, this can be a great deal. At online lottery websites, you can buy syndicate tickets without any extra hassle and split your won money with other players who have participated.

4. Possibility to play anywhere in the world


While that may not seem like a huge advantage it means a lot due to the global pandemic and constant lockdowns that we are experiencing. Also, wouldn’t you want to enjoy your game online if you had Covid-19 or if you were isolating, trying to distract your thoughts? No reason to step outside your home, just sit back and relax while trying out your luck. Sign up on an online lottery website and purchase as many tickets as you want! You can play these tickets anywhere in the world and even if you’re traveling. All you need is a good WiFi connection, your phone or laptop and you’re good to go!

5. It is spread and popular everywhere

If you know about the lottery laws in India, then you know that the state government lotteries are only available in 13 Indian states at this exact moment. However and yet, Indian lotteries provide a substantial economic boost for the states that provide them. What does this mean? Well, unfortunately, you can’t play these games in other parts, so you have to rely on the online system. This means that although your state might not sell these tickets and has previously banned their use or production you can still win and pick up your goods in the nearby city.

What are your odds and chances of winning a lottery?


This depends on the game that you go for and end up playing. Options vary across the world and from one state to the other, as well as from one continent to the other. In India, here is what you might expect and play the most due to its popularity and amazing jackpot options:

  • Mega Millions – ₹300 is its price point while the jackpot is $153.70 crore
  • EuroMillions – the price of a ticket is ₹240-300 while you can win 25 crore
  • EuroJackpot – for the price of ₹350 you can win €9 crore
  • SuperEnaLotto – for the price of ₹160 one can win €20.90 crore

These are just some games that are fun to play.

Why do people play online games or lottery?

If you’re still not too sure if this game is worth your time, why not consider the following facts:

  1. A) You could win the jackpot and settle for life. With the right winning combo and by hitting the right numbers you will be prepared for fun trips, worldwide adventures, and even pensions. This is why a lot of people play.
  2. B) The fun element of it plays a huge role. The truth is that our brain releases serotonin and makes the game fun, hard to resist, and intriguing.
  3. C) Curious players love to experiment and always try out fun new things. If you are sick and tired of placing bets on your favorite club why not give it a go with this numbers game?

Where to have online fun and which site to trust?


If you’re intrigued by these games and you want to test your luck on some gambling sites, check out luckydice. Find some of the best gambling options, high-quality games but also read their in-depth reviews on their top-pick and favorites. All of these gambling options offer trustworthy and fast payment options, quick withdrawal times, and a variety of games. You can play any game you like and make bets from the comfort of your home. Test your luck and enjoy high-quality options right there!