Applying for a payday loan and getting the loan approved are two different yet intertwined processes. And you might ask, how do I get approved for payday loans? What are the safety steps that’ll put me in favor of my lenders? As you continue reading, you will be getting answers to those questions and more.

Online quick loan companies like ask for specific information like what will it be used for? How you respond and the personal information you provide will determine if your request will be approved or not.

With his 7 years of experience as a position loan officer, Nick Wilson, the founder of Cash Loans Nearby, created a fast, secure, simple, and reliable lender-borrower connection service.

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Lenders understand credits are used for emergencies and will provide the assistance you need as soon as possible. Still, again this is dependent on how well you follow the processes of getting your payday loan approved.

How do I Get Approved for Payday Loans? – 5 Essentials Steps to Guide You on getting money:

Check Your Credit Rating


All lenders under our services function with their unique policies, offering loans to consumers with good credit scores. At the same time, others make offers to those with bad credit but are usually short-term credits.

A credit rating or Credit score is a form of measuring if you are worthy of receiving a loan or a form of knowing if you can payback. A lender is practically taking a risk when approving a person’s request with a low credit score.

Usually, people with low credit scores either do not have a credit history or have poor credit scores. With a good credit score, your chances of getting any loan are more secure because it indicates they have a good history of borrowing and will make full payments before their deadline.

Do you already own a bad credit score? Here is how to improve your credit score to get your payday loan approved;

  • Your credit file contains your credit application, credentials, and borrowing history. Mistakes on your credit file can possibly affect your application and could be the reason for a low credit score. So, take your time and recheck your already recorded information to confirm if it is accurate.
  • Registering to vote and being on the electoral roll allows lenders to confirm your address and identity. It might take up to 8 weeks to have your credit file updated when registered to vote, but it is the quickest way to improve your credit score.

Ensure You Meet the Lending Criteria

The lenders available have certain criteria a borrower must meet before their credit can be approved. If you do not meet these criteria, your application will be rejected.

The essential criteria for your loan to be approved are to be in employment, i.e., your current job position must be held for at least 90 days; you must be a permanent resident in the United States living in California, Florida, Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas; you must be above the age of 18; your final essential criteria are to provide a valid e-mail address and your phone number, either of home or of work.

Another criterium to be met is the affordability criteria which looks closely at your personal finances. Before the loan can be approved, the lender confirms if you still have about $1000 of income after tax. Your affordability criteria include your feeding, rent, other credit, and extra expenses.

Pay Off all Existing Loans


One way of getting into a debt trap is by accumulating loans and using credits to pay off credits. On the other hand, lenders avoid loan requests of customers with pending loan payments, and once the cycle of debt has been reached, no lender will be interested in them.

Settling all personal debts will give lenders the confidence to trust you with their money, and it will build your credit score. Taking out loans, especially short-term, to repay others will aggravate your personal debts.

Provide Valid Documentation


The online lending process involves no paper documents and phone calls but authentic age slips, bills, and identification. These pieces of information will be used to check your financial status and confirm certain details.

If any document is proven to be forged, your request will be immediately declined, and your personal information marked for the fraud alert.

Check if you own the proof of eligibility that will be requested, it could bill or wage slips, having them would help in getting money.

Fill the Form and Pass Identity, Credit, and Fraud Checks


The final step is to fill the form by including your ZIP code, the amount you intend to borrow, and other needed details, as well as following the given instructions. Correctly answering your application form another step to getting your payday loan approved.

Taking shortcuts, skipping questions, and not completing the entire form will have your form unapproved.


The process of loan approval is the foundation that determines the future decision of your lender and should be taken with all seriousness.

If you happen to be stuck with a poor credit score or unsteady employment and income, it might take a longer time to find a lender willing to take the risk of lending you money, and I’ll suggest you try the help of a guarantor.

Guarantor loans are similar to payday loans but with a lower APR than second ones; a guarantor loan increases your chances of approval as your request will be backed by someone who fits the lender’s criteria. The person could be a family member or a trusted friend.

If you meet up all the criteria listed above and follow the steps, you will be a step ahead of getting money and solving that problem. Do not be too quick to fill out the application, digest the terms and conditions, plan diligently and be sure of your decision to borrow.