The pager system has straightened the path for direct coordination within huge marketing, hospitalizing, and trading localities. Although mobile and tablets have grown an integral part of working infrastructures, paging systems are still progressing.

For preventing a lagging impact on the overall performance rate and approach the callers on time, pager networks are a living requirement nowadays. In the same way, nursing staff has to be immediately available in response to the call clicked by patients from emergency rooms, ICU, or elderly wards.

Dealing with these quick responses, this two-directional technology has lessened the distances from patient rooms to nurse station and provides uninterrupted communication for the long-term.

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Is it difficult to use nursing pagers in public communities?


Nurse Pagers Working Technology

Dealing with nurse pagers and their installation is not a heavy or brain-storming task. Heath organizations and public hospitals are using it on a massive scale. All we need to do is its bed-side installation where one can access the press-button directly, and here you go to start two-sided and swift communication.

However, the technology behind this whole system plays an incredible role, which makes nursing pagers almost remote in action. Including;

1. License-free Radio Frequency

433MHz is a commonly used License-free Radiofrequency or all types of equipment with low power. An optimal pagers’ transmitters and receivers for Wireless nurse calling systems operate on the 433MHz band. It is intended to cover radio transmitters that provide either unidirectional or bidirectional communication and have little capability of causing interference to other radio equipment. Wire-free, easy to install, simple programming, portable are benefits to using wireless paging systems.

2. Remote-control technology

Compared to old wired nurse call systems, it has one big advantage as a remote-control technology. The wireless signal can go through walls as it’s a radio technology, not a flickering signal. 433MHz frequency is quite low power, which means it can hold less information, but is better able to move through walls. Hence, the point-to-point range 433 MHz devices can reach can be quite impressive, which can travel over 200 meters.

3. Swift Alarm

Once after matching the frequencies, the message delivers and appears as a swift alarm or ringing note on nurse pagers to show the calls from patients in the shortest time.

Nursing pagers are one-step forward than standard transmission in mobile messaging commands. In contrast to broadcast frequencies, pagers have high frequencies and therefore are a source for swift interaction between nursing staff and patients.

Responsiveness Caliber of Nurse Pagers

4. People often ask!

Are pagers going to shape a workforce with their working behavior?

How does it all happen, and why do pagers invite hospitals for standing nursing pager setup?

On which reasons should we admit pagers as technical-world-extension? AND why is it mandatory to spread across medical settings?

All these questions throw light on the following figures qualifying pager systems. They include:

Unlimited Bonding with Network


Nurse pagers are quite practiced more frequently in important texting due to their independence. Using 433MHz radio technology to avoid the break-up of the cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, they have got incredible aid-badge in pagers networking.

Operate in COVID-19 Situations


The virus COVID-19 is still developing quite violently over the world, and the healthcare industry is in high demand for effective call-for-aid solutions with fast installation and lower cost. The wireless nurse call system focuses on fast patient care, perfect workflows, and response rates in hospitals and nursing home facilities against COVID-19. Nurse pagers are usually an essential component of a hospital’s emergency calling system. Further, when patients get out of connection during any emergency, nursing pagers assist rashly to aid the conditions.

Are pagers easy to install?

The installment of nurse pagers web throughout the area of medical boundaries (where reaching out to patient’s pinching points are a prior consideration of staff) is incredibly feasible. While executing the whole communication setup in which nursing pagers are playing the central interface for receiving and sending messages, there’s no need for specific drilling and wiring.

The 0% wiring and simple design make nursing pagers truly appreciated among different hospital segments. Those who got enrolled in these pagers can understand the complete management within no time. Only a few clicks and views would lead anyone to operate with nursing pagers; hence, old patients are too satisfied using these pagers whenever required.

How does the Nursing Pager System Aids Extreme Emergency Situations?


Voice messages are mattering for getting critical patient’s calls, particularly in an urgency. The clever and automatic audio nurse call arrangements provide nurses to converse instantly with patients to figure out the medical complexity they are struggling with. Connecting the voice call network with a wireless paging system supports a clear, audio interface while announcing supplementary caregivers of the position.

The quick observation of nursing pager’s professional aid during emergency cases could be evaluated as follows:


→ It offers simple management

The management with pagers becomes much easier when patients’ work will just be limited to pressing a button for calling the help. As covid-19 is a SARS viral disease and causes severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome, so the patients suffering must have fewer movable points for prevailing nurse assistance. Even in higher risk levels of quarantine, nurse pagers could provide accessibility to call for medical assistance.

Competing with such emergency requirements and especially during night calls, nurse pagers working on clinical management with a linked pager or pendent in the patient’s collar is of great worth.

→ Forms rapid connection

Wireless paging schemes helped the medication approach and give a smooth connection between patients and caretakers. Whether it is a therapeutic extremity or the person is wholly painful in accessing respiratory equipment, nurses will obtain rapid, individual information so they can answer respectively.

→ It allows search through history

Nursing pagers have frequency matching capacity, which immediately conveys the relevant faculty caretakers of any patient necessity or urgency via practically activated medical pagers. Histories of all requests are collected in the pager’s databases.

We call: Nursing Pagers are Life Saviors!


Aggregating all the characteristics mentioned above makes nursing pagers an emerging demand of hospital infrastructures. In this crisis time, due to an unstoppable coronavirus outbreak and alongside an increasing heap of patients being admitted to hospitals, pagers are acting as a life savior.

One call action makes it thousands of times more incredible than mobile phone communication. Lastly, the specificity of getting two persons under immediate response turns nursing pagers best for nurses to patients as well as for nurses to other hospital communities.