Get A Girl To Like You With A Text Message

Social networks have become our faithful companions. In them, we talk about our lives, find communities of interest and make new friends. In connection with their constant development, even instructions appear on how to fall in love with a girl by correspondence.

How to make a girl like you over text? Relationships that start over the Internet attract the attention of girls and guys with their simplicity.

There is no need to bother about constantly maintaining appearance, the interests of the second half are already known in advance thanks to subscriptions to communities. Those who are looking for a bride or decide to start an online relationship will need instructions on how to fall in love with a girl by correspondence — 10 tips for a successful start of love.

Is an online romance possible?

online romance

Love at a distance for many is a controversial issue. The inability to see each other live is especially frightening. How to get a girl to like you through text? How to be without physical contact, without constant monitoring of your beloved?

What if the person on the other side of the network turns out to be completely different from who he claims to be? It seems that all the advice on how to make texting women fall in love with you will only lead to an unpleasant experience.

They are usually afraid of the following things:

  • Deception from the second half about appearance;
  • Cheating because lovers do not feel enough connection;
  • Difficulties in communicating by texting a girl (interruptions with the Internet, lack of physical contact).

But these fears are often unfounded. By correspondence, you can find a decent girl, the main thing is to be able to choose good people. Someone helps instinct, and someone applies psychological knowledge. Another thing that will help get a girls attention over text is luck. But you should not rely on her when it comes to such a serious step as making someone fall in love with you.

A huge number of such guys and girls, even married couples, is the main sign that online romances are possible. Even friends of almost any person can confirm this. Most of us have couples in our entourage who have come together by correspondence. So, ideas on how to make a girl fall in love with you are not at all a failed undertaking.

How to win a girl over text?

win a girl over text

Correspondence is, despite the advantages over communication in life (you can step back, think, and answer later), also a complex process. During it, you need to follow certain rules to please a girl. You also need to check your own account.

Among the things that you should pay attention to, you should never forget about:

  • Avatar
  • Relationship status
  • Subscriptions
  • Posts on the wall
  • Friends
  • Photos with past girls

It is enough just to clean the pages of risky photos and materials. Much more attention should be paid to behavior and communication by texting a girl you like.

How to keep a girl interested over text?

keep a girl interested over text

How to make a girl like you over texting quickly and guaranteed? To please a girl, you need not only to have a good appearance but also to emphasize the main advantages of your character.

By correspondence, it should be felt that the owner of the page boasts good intelligence, a sense of humor, and tact. Such guys are most attracted to girls.

It is necessary to emphasize the dignity of the girl. To make a girl want you over text, you need to become her support: to agree with her ideas, to help with your support to implement them. Then the girl will see in the man, not just someone with whom she can communicate pleasantly, but a reliable and suitable couple for a long relationship.

You should briefly summarize everything that get a girl attention in text and use this:

  1. Flattery. You can not overdo it with it, everything should look natural.
  2. Humor. Jokes about favorite things will be especially relevant.
  3. Self-irony. Girls especially appreciate this quality in the opposite sex.

The main rule of how to make a woman want you over text is to let her talk about herself. You even need to push her to it so that she sees that the man is interesting.

Communication rules

man and woman Communication over text

Much attention should be paid not only to behavior but also to the style of correspondence. To make a girl fall for you over text, you need to take into account her style, attitude to grammar and emoticons, level of erudition, and education.

If there is no time for such a study or the lady texting is secretive, you should use the general rules:

  1. No strange diminutives “baby”. And when referring to a girl, you should not use such words at the beginning of a relationship, otherwise, she will feel stupid.
  2. Minimum errors. You can sometimes allow them — let the interlocutor feel that he is communicating with a living person, and not a machine. But obviously, it is not necessary to make stupid inaccuracies in the meaning of the phrase or write the word “window” with ten errors.
  3. A moderate amount of emoticons. We must not forget about them, otherwise, the impression of coldness and detachment will be created, but there is no need to abuse them. A smiley at the end of every 5–7 posts is the perfect formula.

10 tips to talk to a girl over text

When winning the heart of the object of sighing, you need to resort to some tricks. It can be page changes, a special style of correspondence, and other simple tricks. How to get a girl interested in you over text without worrying too much?

The following tips will help:

  1. Periodically disappear from the network. A sharp absence of about an hour or two, and sometimes one night is the best. The girl will not have time to seriously start to worry or think that you have left him. The idea of you as a mysterious and busy person with a busy life will only appear in his head. Such people are attractive.
  2. Mention female friends, but not too often and no more than him. Light jealousy will push the girl to take action.
  3. Try casually mentioning on the page that you have new feelings for someone. The girl will think — is it not for her? — and automatically introduce himself and you as a couple.
  4. Always don’t talk about yourself first, but ask about her. Caring is one of the main traits of girls.
  5. Fill up photo albums with new photos. Let her, having stumbled upon an update in the feed, pay attention to your handsomeness.
  6. Subtly hint that you are free and do not mind starting a relationship. Do it with jokes.
  7. Open something new and pleasant for the girl. If she associates a new favorite movie with you or an interesting hobby, she is much more likely to let you into her life entirely.
  8. Find out from her friends what kind of men she likes and try to match. Just keep the zest, and do not lose your individuality.
  9. Try to come together based on supposedly common interests.
  10. Compliment her appearance and behavior.

These tips, combined with the right behavior and beautiful appearance, will work flawlessly on a girl.


The correct use of the described tips will help to text message to get her attention. A nice girl who suits you will be interested in you and offer to meet you.

If the interlocutor is still cold and does not think about love, then this is simply not your type. It’s not scary: after a constant beautiful page update, fans will appear. And then you may again need ways to understand that a girl is in love with you by correspondence.